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Flamingo-man, Flamingo-man. Doing whatever a flamingo can. Wait... what?
Flamingo-man, Flamingo-man. Doing whatever a flamingo can. Wait... what?

Sanji may not have been prepared for what he jumped into when he challenged one of the Seven Warlords. Trafalgar Law may be the only one who can hold back the String-Man to allow the Straw Hats to escape, and that's just how he wants it.

The Good

An unsurprising reveal, but still impressive.
An unsurprising reveal, but still impressive.

Well, I certainly can't say that this power reveal comes as any great surprise. It was my first guess sinceDoflamingo first showed off his powers. However, that doesn't negate the appeal of this power set and its reveal. Rather than just make him some grand, sadistic puppet-master, Oda has shown remarkable ingenuity with the concept of strings.

For as interesting as these offensive attacks are, the power I enjoy the most is how he flies. Who would have thought that he ties strings to clouds and swings about as Spider-Man would through the New Yorkskyline? Though much like with Sanji, I don't think the web-head would stand a ghost of a chance against this Warlord.

The touch that I'm a bit unclear on. Doflamingo's strings have always been unseen in previous demonstrations. Even now we're not being shown the strings that are allowing him to fly. Are these some different techniques, or is Oda only now letting us see what was always there? Either way, it's an appropriate ability for an underworld crime boss. He's very much like the spider at the center of his own web of string.

The Bad

Please, don't let it end here.
Please, don't let it end here.

I would be pretty sad if this turns out to be the end of the Straw Hat/Heart Alliance. This is more than likely a statement for dramatic effect. Without Trafalgar, there is no real reason for the Straw Hats to go after Kaido. I can't see Oda pulling the rug of a clash with one of the Four Emperors out from under the audience.

Verdict 5/5

Once more events are happening so fast and furious that it's hard to really explain all the appeal of this ONE PIECE chapter. From Sanji's heroic sacrifice, Nami's sudden loyalty shift, and Trafalgar's display of power. There is something for nearly everyone to enjoy. What I'm looking forward to is the reveal of what's behind Trafalgar's hatred for Doflamingo. It's just unclear if we'll get that next week.

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I did find it odd, that Law was spending more time on Doflamingo then going after Kaido. Since he could just kill CC and, Doflamingo and Kaido would lose the only person (other then Vegapunk) who can make S.A.D. So, glad Law tell us that he just focusing on Doflamingo. But in the Aftermath, Kaido will be going after the Straw Hats and Doflamingo can just go back to Mariejois for safety. But that probably will cause him his Warlord title and Dressrosa and his place in the black market

I knew Doflamingo's power was the String-String Fruit, I think Doflamingo is using Color Of Armaments Haki to make his Strings more powerful, at the cost of making them visible (That what I got from it)

So glad, Sanji didn't ruin his awesome scene, by turning around and saying "are you ok Nami-swan?" that would be so annoying

I guess Law just want to watch the world burn, I really getting a Dark Knight Joker vibe from him now

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