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I certainly hope Robin has a safe word.
I certainly hope Robin has a safe word.

Nico Robin is captured, bound, and searched by the little people of the Tontatta Kingdom. This leaves Trafalgar Law to face Don Quixote's wrath alone.

The Good

Lost Zoro is a gag that never stops being funny.
Lost Zoro is a gag that never stops being funny.

We can't offer any honorary bonus points for guessing what literally tale this chapter draws inspiration from. This entire opening is filled with GULLIVER'S TRAVELS comparisons.

It wasn't until my second reading that I realized how just about every panel Robin appears is in set toward showing off a different angle to her sizable bosom. It made me ponder on how ONE PIECE has had many more 'mature' shots since the time skip. We could possibly compare it to the HARRY POTTER effect. By that I mean how the material has aged with the audience over the years. If the audience of ONE PIECEwas in their early to mid teens in '97, then those same readers could be around thirty today. Doesn't that put things into perspective?

Given how Law's master plan has started to fall apart at the seams, I think it's fair to call this the end of Act 1 of the Dressrosa arc. Act 2 is where things normally start to fall apart for the heroes. It all came down to one masterful move from Doflamingo over Law, his former protege. The papers only reported that Doflamingo's resigned from the Warlords. It never actually happened. The Straw Hats never figured that the World Government could have the print media in their pocket to leak a false story. It all now makes sense why Dressrosa wasn't falling apart like many other locations. Law got played, and he's about to pay for it. Doflamingo is moments away from Greenbit, and odds are good that he's still steaming mad.

The Bad

This was just uncomfortable for so many reasons.
This was just uncomfortable for so many reasons.

The most awkward moment of the chapter easily has to be the scene between Rebecca and Toy Soldier. It's obviously playing to a deeper emotional drama between these two, but the intensity of it just comes out of the blue. It brought back memories of when a buddy and his girl friend suddenly got in a rather heated and personal argument with me present. I just tried to stay as quiet as humanly possible, look away, and slowly inch out of the room. That's how I felt reading this.

Verdict 4/5

Bonus points for the thrilling twist here at the end of this week's ONE PIECE. I didn't see that coming. Things have been going far too well for the crew, and they're falling apart in a most magnificent way all at once. Oda sure wasn't kidding when he said things were about to heat up just as he fell ill. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen to Law. I also enjoyed Robin being given the focus for a while. More often she's standing in the back as she chuckles in reaction to the crew's antics.

It turns out that ONE PIECE is going on yet another break after the more recent two week hiatus. However, I believe this one is a scheduled break that was coming anyway. I just hope Mrs. Oda straps her hubby to the bed the way Robin was this chapter to make him take this time to rest.

About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt

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The little people are interesting, wonder if they will play a bigger part down the road

The toys are humans, they probably been turn into toys by a devil fruit power

I think Doflamingo made a deal with the World Government, that allow him to step down from being a Warlord for a day. In exchange for all the wanted pirates in the colosseum

Can't wait for the next chapter

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Heh Mrs. Oda strapping her husband to a bed....that sounds like a good(bad?) hentai plot...

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Dude, you have a dirty mind

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Tsunade was on her back for a few pages of the newest Naruto too. My inner pervert was happy this week.

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@Destinyheroknight: well I do watch anime so.....

But yes I have a dirty mind *shrug* sorry...I guess....?

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