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The plan is in motion, and the crew are set to make their move on Dressrosa. However, Doflamingo has something special in his clutches that could endanger this pirate alliance.

The Good

Not sure I want to know how he got that.
Not sure I want to know how he got that.

I have to say that I was pretty shocked that Law and Luffy intend to honor their deal with Doflamingo to hand over Caesar. It does play into Law's plan as a distraction. Caesar's super positive attitude makes me sure that things wont go well for the gaseous scientist when Doflamingo arrives.

Oda is really mixing up the formula in these past few arcs. Not only is this one of the few times the crew has ever headed to an island looking to cause trouble, but they're using strategy to actually try and avoid all out war. Though, I'm under no misconception that things aren't going to go exactly as planned. What fun would that be to read? Doflamingo certainly has an interesting wildcard up his sleeve to get Luffy's attention.

Welcome to the family, Law.
Welcome to the family, Law.

One of the better laughs I got out of this week's chapter was when Law caught himself being drawn into happy-go-lucky atmosphere that is the Straw Hats. One moment he's intensely serious, then he's distracted by lunch orders. Even he's shocked by his own reaction. I'm also loving that Oda is making a runner out of Nico Robin's imagination bubbles.

The Bad

All the reactions to Doflamingo's dropping his name from the warlords wasn't really necessary, but it does give the reader an impression as to just how ingrained he is to the dealings of the world. I was just more interested in learning how the news of these alliances was leaked by this mystery reporter, and how Jewelry Bonney escaped capture.

Verdict 4/5

Well, ONE PIECE has finally reached the 700 chapter mark. This becomes even more impressive when you realize that the entire run ofToriyama's DRAGON BALL ran for a little over 500. It was a fun chapter with some good laughs, and it gives us more direction for what's on the horizon. Looks like the adventure really begins next week.

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Check out the boat that's sailing away from Kidd's secret base. The official scan is meant to be clearer than the fan ones, so you can apparently even see the name on the boat. The shorthand name of the reporter is already a huge clue anyways.
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I just went to check that out. Good catch. It was easy to read on my WSJ subscription. That explains one mystery.
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I do love how detail Oda's backgrounds are (have to double read it to catch everything), on the Thriller Bark ship you can see two people on it (and we all know who they are). Also I think I saw Crocodile to

Ok, when I saw those chairs in Doflamingo's office, this song pop into my head

Traffy is Domon Kasshu :)

I guess Traffy got caught in Luffy's Momentum (also why Traffy don't like bread?)

Love how Luffy was thinking about meat and also Robin's imagination

Glad we found out where Bepo is :)

Buggy is now a Seven Warlord, not that surprising (saw it coming), but it still awesome (not like the Tobi)

I guess Fujitora is an Admiral, can't wait to see his powers and design

Trebol and Diamante are interesting, wondering what their powers are

Hmm, wonder if Luffy will care for Flame Flame Fruit and also who will eat it

This was an awesome chapter can't wait for next weeks

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I hope luffy doesn't care about the fruit, i mean it's not like it will bring his brother back =/ but if any of the crew has to have it, i'd prefer nami or ussopp to have it simply because zoro has no need for it, and i like sanji the way he is, franky would be ridiculous, brooke, robin, luffy and chopper already have fruits.

Good chapter though i really want to know who the 7th warlord is =3

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