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I wonder who gets the sudoku?
I wonder who gets the sudoku?

Kuzan saves Smoker from the misplaced rage of Doflamingo, and the Straw Hats and Law wait for the response of the flamboyantwarlord before moving into Dressrosa for stage two of the plan.

The Good

Who's side is Kuzan truly on?
Who's side is Kuzan truly on?

News print must be pretty envious of the ONE PIECE world. Few places in the real world are so dependent on regular print media for the distribution of big news. Perhaps projection transponder snailsare not yet readily available. It appears that Doflamingo took Law's offer that would give him back Caesarand avoid a fight with Kaido, but Traffy seems to have trick up his feathered-collar. I can't image Luffy or anyone would actually be willing to just hand the mad scientist over.

I have to wonder how news of all the various pirate alliances came out to the public. There's no way of telling for Eustass' group, but we know that the Straw Hats didn't advertise. I can only image that was Doflamingo taking action to rob Law of his seat among warlords.

Well, color me impressed that Don Quixote had the guts to challenge Kuzan for as long as he did. Kuzan seems to bring some hope that Smoker may not be out of the plot for too long. Something big seems to be on the horizon, and the Marines could get involved. You wont ever hear me objecting to more Tashigi. Will we be seeing a massive battle next with various factions clashing in the weeks ahead? Either way, I want to know the name of his adorable penguin buddy.

The Bad

Children are just evil.
Children are just evil.

Not one to shy away from a bit of fan service. I didn't mind the bath scene with Robin, but Oda isn't one to use it so frequently or blatantly. The last arc ended with one of these. It almost feel as if Oda has had this lecherous kid joke in his back pocket for years, and he finally had an opportunity to put it in the series. The joke just doesn't seem to fit.

How is it that Kin'emon slashes his blades at Zoro without a second thought, but we've yet to see any closure on the conflict that happened between the samurai and Law just prior to the Punk Hazard events? They've noticed each other by now. Shouldn't he have more rage toward the man who was keeping him from his son and sliced him into a living puzzle?

Verdict 3/5

Even the crew doesn't know what's happening next.
Even the crew doesn't know what's happening next.

There just seems to be a theme running with the Shonen Trilogy this week. They tease things to come but never close the deal in any scene. I'd enjoy going into more detail for this chapter, but not a great deal happened this week. The majority of this chapter was filled with gags to draw out the idea of waiting for Don Quixote's response to Law's ultimatum. Not that I'm saying the jokes weren't mostly funny. It's just a bit disappointing to wait a week for a set up chapter to the impending arc. What twist do you think Law has planned for next week?

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My guess it happen off panel to keep the story going (the anime probably will make a scene for it), but it is kind of odd that Oda didn't address it

I enjoy this chapter, it give us more info of the world and have some funny scenes (I love the Momonosuke part)

Wonder if Kuzan join Dragon

Doflamingo much be so mad

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Is SJ doing some online reader subscription thing now? You seem to be going by actual magazine dates, rather than the early leaked online releases you were reviewing a month or two back. (Since 700 is already out)
To be fair, Oda is one to use fanservice blatantly. Nami and Vivi had their clothes burnt off in Little Garden, and Alabasta ended with a bathing scene. These kinds of things have always been in One Piece.
Inventive power. Classy and refined personality and outfit. Long black hair in a ponytail. 30 year old Christmas cake (Ara ara~)  Straightman with an overactive imagination. Robin is clearly the best character Oda! Why is only Nami allowed to fight?
Details on how stuff is getting leaked out is teased at next isue. Just a couple panels, but people already have a good theory on what it's about!
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SHONEN JUMP in America now has an official WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP subscription online. It's now on same day release as Japan (Though, that also includes the 13 hour time difference). One payment gets me a year subscription.

What you find online from pirated sources are released before they are in Japanese news stands. I often always wondered why it always took a week for the Japanese SHONEN JUMP website to have the same SJ cover that I found online. Also, the SJ covers have release dates printed on them in some fine print. I had always wondered why the dates said the following week.

If I was to take a guess. These magazines are published and distributed a week before release. Some retailer must be scanning these pages and putting them online. I'm using my official subscription to review these series. Not only do they give me great quality images to use in my reviews that don't have watermarks all over them. I don't think it's appropriate to be publishing a review for a chapter before it's even officially released in Japan.

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@FoxxFireArt: Yeah, I was already aware of the time difference between the two versions (and a rough idea of why) but I didn't know there was a digital subscription service for SJ. So thanks for clarifying.
The pictures look a bit blurry and blown out though, but it could just be the site increasing the size or something. The better fan scanlations don't have watermarks though.
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