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You may be large, Caesar; but Luffy's is much bigger.
You may be large, Caesar; but Luffy's is much bigger.

As Caesar Clown absorbs the shinokuni poisonous gas filling the island and now the entire facility. Luffy prepares to deliver the final devastating blow to this mad scientist.

The Good

Oh yeah, make yourself a larger target. Smart move, genius.
Oh yeah, make yourself a larger target. Smart move, genius.

The transformation of a villain is pretty much the staple of your average shonen series. Frieza had a ridiculous number of them, and Luffy has faced this a few times with his antagonists. Eneru and Rob Lucci have done it before, but this gigantic metamorphosis reminds me a lot of what Gecko Moria did after absorbing all those shadows. For every action your hero needs an equally impressive reaction. I can't wait to see Luffy finally deflate this giant gas bag. I'm betting this attack is going to be the Elephant Bazooka.

The emotion and drama Oda builds in this chapter is borderline inspiring as Usopp gives his speech as to why the crew follows Luffy, and he even mixes in some nice laughs with Zoro running ahead of everyone else while carrying Tashigi.

The Bad

Can't really find anything worth mentioning. Yeah, the cliffhanger of Luffy's attack is a tad frustrating, but you know the payoff is going to be epic.

Verdict 5/5

I'll never get tired of this.
I'll never get tired of this.

The arc originally had me a bit confused, becasue Oda seemed to have broken the chain of events that he's best known for. There haven't been any extended, multi-chapter battles between each of the crew, and no lengthy flashbacks. Things have been kept pretty tight, and while I was a tad underwhelmed at first. I later found this pace refreshing. How can you blame the creator for wanting to change the formula on you now and again? I can't wait till next week.

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Man, Law mess up Vergo pretty badly

CC's centaur henchman are really dumb, but I do feel sorry for them

CC remind of Wapol, they both are jerks, they not really fighters and they get owned by Luffy

But CC is one of my favorite One Piece villains now

Also Usopp's speech was amazing (Chad better take some notes LOL!)

I don't think it a Elephant Bazooka, since he didn't blow up his hands (only his elbows)

I really surprise you didn't talk about the new Color Cover, it was pretty awesome

Film Z Marines Pasts
Film Z Marines Pasts
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@Destinyheroknight: he did blow up his hands, you didnt see that? and why do I feel like Oda is about to make Luffy a mountain buster like he did with Law? :D

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He only blow up his elbows

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@Destinyheroknight: I'm pretty sure his hands blew up too since they are the last thing to blow up you gotta pay attention to that picture he is blowing into his thumbs like always. its just a manga thing..you gotta think luffy doesnt have any elbow attacks.. i'm about 98 percent sure that, thats gonna be the elephant bazooka since he hasnt used it yet in the manga.

if this attack doesnt finish cesar off im afraid they are gonna stretch it out( no pun intended). I actually did enjoy this switch from the usually routine. little to no flash backs. you would think he would have shown laws past since it was hinted at but i guess not. I liked this arc it was..hmm fufilling??nice to see law,smoker and tashigi again.

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I still don't know, it feel like a new attack to me (but I could be wrong)

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man,it is really awesome to see the arc end like this,sure we still hunger for a good fight for the crew but the focus being shifted on the story is not a bad way to go to,just hope we can get some spectacular fights pretty soon...

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i'm loving this arc and all, but aren't you guys going to say anything about this week's Naruto chapter? the putty army fighting against Madara and Obito was awesome

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I really am curious to see where this goes after this arc? This still have all those giant kids to get back to their families, will Law be with them, who are they going to go after. Btw where the hell is not only Law's Crew but his submarine.

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I'm wondering how this arc will change Smoker and Tashigi's relationship with the Straw Hats. They now see they aren't some villains and were looking to help these kids and stop Caesar and Vergo.

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@FoxxFireArt: I'm gonna take a guess and say they will still want to capture them its their duty as marines. But i believe smokers and tashigis personal feelings will be more effected by this whole encounter more than they already are. Its probably gonna be DUTY VS FEELINGS. Of all the Rivals smoker and tashigi would probably be the closes to understanding the straw hats motives through each encounter theyve had together and i feel like that connection will pay off in the future maybe for both sides.

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