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No, Mocha, Don't Do It!!
No, Mocha, Don't Do It!!

While Robin and Nami try and hold off the children chasing Mocha. This innocent child takes a drastic measure that will put her life at risk. All to keep her promise to Chopper and save her friends.

The Good

Like Doogie Howser, Chopper is a medical prodigy with no interest in women.
Like Doogie Howser, Chopper is a medical prodigy with no interest in women.

Fresh off of last week's high of Zoro and Tashigi. This chapter starts off with even more bushido adorableness to close out that story. I was so happy to finally see Tashigi geek out over Zoro'sShuusui.

Oda breaks my heart again this chapter.
Oda breaks my heart again this chapter.

This chapter was ripe with heart breaking drama. I really didn't see it coming that Mocha would just scarf down the entire batch of the poisonous candy to keep it from her friends. It was a stupid act, but still rational enough a move for a child her age. While I'm frustrated with her actions. I applaud her devotion and bravery. Despite Mocha being the real star of the chapter named after her. Chopper was a stand out player. We all tend to forget that he's only seventeen years-old and a medical genius. The dedication and responsibility he puts onto himself is admirable.

I'm happy to see Sanji and his idiocy come to the rescue and be effective. If only it had been a bit sooner. There are some good laughs out of the scenes of him ordering around the equally bizarre G-5 Unit. I'm confident that Chopper will save Mocha, but I was borderline in tears as she told Chopper that she kept their promise.

The Bad

Sanji, where were you and these guys three minutes ago?
Sanji, where were you and these guys three minutes ago?

In a few scenes, the art got a bit too goofy - - even for Oda. In panels that I think he meant to express Chopper's panic and rage bordered on a Looney Toons level of exaggeration. Those feel fine for comedy, but take me out of the scene in drama.

This chapter was almost kind of jarring. I can't really think of the last time Oda has put a child into so much pain and peril - - that wasn't Luffy. It borders on manipulative to use this kind of drama to pull the heartstrings of the audience. Though, I still struggle to find a way for a different outcome. Crushing the candy wouldn't get rid of it, hiding it was too risky with the kids this crazy, and Chopper being immobilized from using Monster Point explains why he couldn't run after her faster. The only thing I felt wasn't well explained was how several of these ten-foot children got past Chopper, Nami, and Robin without them noticing.

I'm really conflicted now. I honestly don't know who I want to beat the crap out of Caesar more. Luffy seems to be the natural choice and will make it hurt more, but it would feel more satisfying if it was Chopper getting closure on all this rage he's built up this chapter.

Verdict 5/5

Luffy has fought a dragon, feasted on it's flesh, and wears their young around his neck. Chuck Norris, who?
Luffy has fought a dragon, feasted on it's flesh, and wears their young around his neck. Chuck Norris, who?

This was a really hard chapter to rate this week. Part of me really wanted to give this a 5, becasue it pulls at my heartstrings. However, seeing Mocha suffering so graphically makes me uncomfortable. That is still admitting that I was moved on an emotional level by the events. If I gave a ".5" to a review this would be a 4.5. Using a child like this in a story feels cheap, but Oda did the work of putting everything in place to explain it all pretty rationally - - which is a hard thing to do in this sort of situation. There was more good to bad to push it more toward a 5, but just barely.

The absolute worst part of this week's chapter. ONE PIECE is on break next week.

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Zoro and Tashigi act like a old merry couple

Man, for random red shirts, the G-5 are really growing on me.

The Mocha part did touch me to, but I confuse about the candy now. Is the candy making them into giants or is it something else?

I love Luffy's calm rage

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I'll be honest, I got lost in the current One Piece arc about 15 chapters ago. I'll I got is that Strawhat Pirates are on an island helping some samurai's head with some giant kids and a mad scientist is causing trouble and Law is a shichibukai and that Donquixote is doing some illegal stuff under the World Governments' noses.

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Then you've been missing some incredible moments. Last chapter was awesome if you love Zoro, and he and Tashigi had some great moments. One of the more surprising things about this arc is there hasn't been any real extended flashback section.

This arc may be a major turning point for Smoker and Tashigi. They're all working together with Trafalgar Law to save the kids and defeat Caesar Clown.


The G-5 has been one of the biggest surprises of this arc.

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What nobody is going to comment on the fact that at the end Luffy just walks out of the garbage bin with the child dragon around his neck looking like a beast on the hunt for Ceasar.

I keep hearing that there is not enough villains in this arc, I agree with with that, but technically does the drugged up children count as a villain(s)

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