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The deadly gas has made it's annoying return, and the crew are separated in their own battles against the forces of Caesar Clown. All while Luffy is deep in the garbage pit of the facility and makes a brand new dragon friend. Providing he doesn't eat him first.

The Good

Run, kid. Luffy's tasted dragon meat once already.
Run, kid. Luffy's tasted dragon meat once already.

I was way off that the dragon that was beaten up previously was Kinemon's son, Momonosuke. In the more recent chapter, we not only learn how Momonosuke became a dragon, but it also explains where all the other dragons came from. Seems Dr. Vegapunk was trying to create an artificial Dragon-Dragon Devil Fruit. These also appear to be failures since the people became irrational, violent beasts. Momonosuke was probably spared becasue he ate the latest model.....or was it a real one.

Eiichiro Oda has never been shy about the nods he gives to pop culture in his creation, and the same for his love of the works of Akira Toriyama. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Momonosuke's dragon design was a direct reference to Shenlong.

An interesting thing you often notice about Luffy is that he's such a happy and easy going guy. He very often never knows the full story about just how bad the people are he's fighting. During flashbacks, he often falls asleep while a tragic back-story is being told. Every now and again, Luffy will get just a glimpse of the depth of villainy he's up against, and he'll go into a rage of power. We've seen this with Arlong, Eneru, Saint Charlos, and Hody Jones. Now that Luffy knows that Caesar is setting the children up to die, he's coming after that mad scientist with a vengeance this time.

The Bad

Monet, you know I love ya', but you're crossing a line here.
Monet, you know I love ya', but you're crossing a line here.

I don't know how I can properly express how frustrating it is that the Shinokuni gas has returned as a x-factor. This is probably the second time the cast has made some dramatic escape through a slowly sealing gate to escape the poison. Yet, it keeps leaking back in. It feels as if the gas is being used a fill in villain. It completely undermines that awesome sacrifice those red-shirt Marines performed to save Tashigi a few chapters back.

I haven't been shy about my adoration for the enigmatic Monet, but seeing her so ruthlessly attack by favorite femme fatale, Nico Robin, from behind was rather jarring. I shouldn't be too shocked since she's a member ofDoflamingo's crew. I'm just surprised to discover she's also a sword fighter. Where was she hiding those things?? Zoro has shown he can use Observation Haki, but does he also have the Armament Haki he'll need to effectively fight a powerful Logia user?

Verdict 4/5

Look out, Caesar. Luffy's now coming after that gaseous ass.
Look out, Caesar. Luffy's now coming after that gaseous ass.

The previous two chapters have been a lot of fun, and I haven't found myself at all frustrated with the pacing. With the fights underway in most cases. I just hope we start getting more than panel flashes of each brawl. Now that a fire has been put under Luffy, the action is about ready to go into high gear for the Punk Hazard arc. It's nice to see how he's not spending eight chapters looking for a way out.

As the bouts are starting up, is there a match you're looking forward to the most?

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1. Law & smoker vs vergo. 2. I'm gonna say luffy vs caesar and Zoro vs Monet is a tie. hmm I don't recal Zoro fighting too many female enemies so that's interesting. The gas is kind of annoying I won't lie. The only interesting part I wanna see is how they will deal with the gas. The reason why I picked law and smoker fight is because it seems brutal and personal lol. You know I never thought I'd say this because I love one piece but it's starting to bother me that luffa always has to have several fights with the main villian before the final fight.
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The Color Page Is Awesome
The Color Page Is Awesome

The poison gas doesn't bug me, but if you don't like it blame it on CC, since he is the one who making holes for the gas.

I 100% sure that Oda is making a direct reference to Shenron, since he is a fan of Dragon Ball

Monet is a swordswoman!? That surprise me, but the swords look more like Ice Picks then swords

Also I call it :)

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I thought Monet was using her talons on her when i first read it, that would make more sense her flying around at high speed slashing at people as she uses her snow-snow fruit to blend into a blizzard, but after closer inspection it does seem that she is holding something.

Law needs to get up and get back into the fight against Vergo.

@Destinyheroknight: lol I love how Zoro bag has "Whiskey or Beer" on it and Luffy's has "Trick or Meat"

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As I think about it, I wonder if Monet's swords are just ice picks she made of snow with her powers. Though, how often has Nami just suddenly pulled her Clima-Tact from thin air?


Having your protagonist have several fights with a villain is just part of creating drama. You have the villain come out on top in the first match. That builds them up as a threat to the protagonist, then you have the next bout where the hero then overcomes the challenge. Otherwise, you're having your hero steamrolling a villain. At that point, he's then Superman, and that gets boring fast.

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Well, she is a Logia user, she could have it in her body or just pick it up on the way to the Biscuits Room.

For Nami, she just can break the law of physics LOL!

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