Time-Skip in One Piece? Perhaps...

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According to Wikipedia a time skip is...

 a narrative device that is commonly used in the telling of epics or sagas. It allows the storyteller to quickly age characters or develop events without getting bogged down in irrelevant or uninteresting details. Though time is commonly fast-forwarded in small amounts, timeskips usually refer to periods of several years or decades, wherein a pronounced change can be measured against the same characters, such as a child becoming an adult.

For those of you reading the One Piece manga, and are up to speed with the current storyline I have a funny feeling that the One Piece manga will finally get a time skip; and I say finally because it appears to be the cool thing to do with most shonen anime (ie. Naruto, Dragon Ball, Claymore, Satan 666 ect.) Now this is not just a weird feeling that I have, but the mangaka of One Piece Eiichiro Oda has hinted about it in volume 0 and the Strong World movie art book.

Oda: And as far as something that will hold true for both the comic and the anime, this will be Luffy's last adventure as a 17 year-old. So this [movie] is something I want you to burn into your memories.

Interviewer: Whaaat!? You can't leave me with just that!

Oda: Nope, I can't say anything more than that now.

How does pertain to the story? Let’s find out, but be warned, spoilers ahoy!

 Oda stated this was about the halfway point for the manga, so what better time than now to have a time skip. What do you think?
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I guess it would be interesting, but one of the reasons I enjoy One Piece so much is because of the fact that it manages to avoid most of the annoying tropes present in almost every long-running shounen manga. I'm not particularly keen on haki as a super saiyan/bankai kind of concept, and I certainly don't want to see a training arc. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to a time skip though, and assuming the recent events have a huge impact on the way Luffy acts, it would be an interesting way to emphasize the changes in his personality.
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@GodLen said:
" Oda stated this was about the halfway point for the manga, so what better time than now to have a time skip. What do you think? "
So this manga is going to go one for another 500 years?
I'm not to sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing for One Piece fans, but it sounds interesting.
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If there isn't a Time Skip profile on Anime Vice, then there needs to be one.
I keep hearing about a time skip in One Piece, but I just can't buy that. The only purpose for a time skip is to have your hero mature and change in some sudden and drastic way. Goku grew up and matured much more.  Right after that the series became Dragon Ball Z and the story seemed to be more about Gohan. In Naruto, Naruto stopped being such a screw up kid and became a matured hero admired by all. 

Can you ever imagine One Piece not being about Luffy being a fun and lighthearted idiot? Luffy has been 17 for the past ten years now. Isn't it about time he reached a point of a birthday and became 18? That hardly seems drastic.

Also consider that right now Luffy is practically next to where he left. He's at Marineford and he was sent away at Sabondy Archipelago. Luffy was Sent away from Sabondy Archipelago, to Amazon Lilly, left to Impel Down, escaped to Marineford, and is now a stone's throw from where he started. The Thousand Sunny is right there and has had it's coating done for days.
What would really be the point of a drastic time skip? Is Luffy just going to hover at the Red Line? Yes, the crew has been scattered around most of the world. Luffy can't crew the ship himself to go after anyone. I'm not even sure the Thousand Sunny has the ability to cross the Calm Belt. Seems more likely they will find a way to reach him. Also all the crew have a piece of Rayleigh's Vivre Card. They know what direction to take to find him and the Thousand Sunny. Nami has the Vivre Card of Captain Lola's mother.

Robin was last seen with the Revolutionaries. She has a good opportunity to reach Luffy.
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I'm not really up to date with the manga, SWE edition is currently in that horror themed thingamaplace but a time skip? One Piece didn't seem to be the type, than again I thought the same of Naruto :/ 
Man I wish the manga came out faster, now I wanna know.
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@GodLen: I'm going to laugh if it ends on his 18th birthday.
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I think a time skip kind of fits with everything thats going on in One Piece now,
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spoiler tags buddy, spoiler tags.
Will there be a time skip? Probably. Will it be a 10 year type of thing? Eh... I dunno. I would enjoy it, though. I'll never understand why, but I love training arcs.
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Do I want a time skip? Might be better than going through the trouble of drawing the crew meeting up but we'll see.
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What if it's just a prank and all he means is that Luffy's going to have an 18th birthday?
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@lanaswift: i'd expect that from Kubo, not Oda...
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@GodLen: If this was Kubo we'd still be in Enies Lobby.
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@Sigue: and Luffy would suddenly decide there should be no more pirates
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Wait, I always thought One Piece was the manga that never really ever went anywhere. In terms of reaching its final destination, any goals outside an arc... Wouldn't a time skip break this rule?
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I've stopped reading One Piece on a regular basis a long time ago...I still enjoy reading it from time to time, but the way the stories advance...it's just plot-plot-comedy-comedy....leading to a big battle....I did however read the last chapter because I really loved Ace. Maybe a time skip is what it needs to get me interested in the series again... but  I hardly doubt it will.
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