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What? You were expecting Dostoevsky? 
It's the story of a rag-tag team of odd ball personalities. Their Leader is an adventure seeker who grins in the face of danger. He hates backing down from a fight, especially when the cause is just. With him is "The Muscle": a gruff personality who doesn't tolerate fools and their jibber jabber. Joining them is "The Squirrely Guy". He tends to get on people's nerves with his antics and elaborate lies, but his unique skill makes him a valuable member of the team in a pinch. Next is "The Playboy". An unabashed skirt chaser and smooth talker who would rather use his brains than his fists. Then there's "The Ladies". Although they sometimes end up playing damsel in distress, they've got skills enough to keep up with the boys.
Our Heroes travel about in their sweet ride, keeping one step ahead of the authorities and helping people who are in trouble. Adventure and valuable life lessons are had by all. Recommended for anyone who can't resist a cast of lovable dorks. Not recommended for anyone who hates big dumb fun.
If I had any video editing skills I would assemble an AMV to better illustrate my point. The few minutes I spent messing around with Tubedubber will have to suffice
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Only one thing to say about this "This Then That", which is "HELL to the YEA'S!"
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Zoro as Mr.T
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Oh man. I love this feature Amanda.
You know, the A-Piece just feels like a really, really good one. Then again, I'm know only what people have told me of both.
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@John_Martone: I've had a lot of fun doing This Then That, but I have only one idea left. Maybe two but the second one is a huge stretch so I probably won't do it. I guess I need to watch more anime!
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Nice  comparison :) you should get next prize IMO
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This is a great little feature you have here. It's a great, funny comparison I wouldn't have thought up on my own, but it makes sense.
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@Sigue: Thanks! I'm really glad people have enjoyed This Then That.
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Amazing, I never thought of it that way but it works out SO WELL
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@GodLen: You're Mr. T, okay? Get to work on that mohawk!
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