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    Budokai 2 was awesome and in my opinion the best one among the three. The only problems about it were that the story mode in it was weird and Frieza and Cell only had their final forms.

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    One Piece Pirate Warriors is a great mix of genre, a great use of the source material, but gameplay is repetitive, like any other Warriors/Musou game, no FUNimation english voicework as it's only Japanese with subtitles, and no stage based on Syrup Village, Loguetown, Skypiea, Davy Back Fight and Thriller Back, which are all pretty important... which Namco and Koei still haven't wrap their heads around to include via DLC. To me, the english voicework and the missing stages are the only thing that keeps this game from being the best One Piece ever made to this day. The game span over the entire anime up to the timeskip... and they managed to skip some parts. That's unforgiveable if you ask me. So yeah, I'm waiting for these features to be implemented via an update.

    I'm afraid that I don't know much about DBZ games, except that there's a recent Kinect game...

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    If you want a better ONE PIECE game. You need to check out ONE PIECE: UNLIMITED ADVENTURE or ONE PIECE: UNLIMITED CRUISE. It has the same sort of combat, but with a lot of exploration. You can also play as all the members of the crew. UNLIMITED ADVENTURE came out to the U.S., but it's as hard as hell to find. UNLIMITED CRUISE only came out in Japan.

    Well, Sam. When you're talking about SUPER MARIO 2, do you mean SUPER MARIO 2 or LOST LEVELS?

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    You can only play as Luffy? That's pretty crappy.

    @FoxxFireArt: Pretty sure he meant Mario 2. He mentioned it being different. Lost Levels is pretty much more Mario 1 but Mario 2 is like a really different game built around different ideas than the Mario games post and prior to.

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    I know, I was making a geek joke that I was pretty sure he'd get. One is the real sequel, but the other was a completely different game recreated to be the US sequel.

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    @sickVisionz: The guy from EGM was incorrect. You can play as all of the Straw Hats, along with Boa, Ace, Jimbei and Whitebeard in Pirate Warriors. However you mainly play as Luffy in the story mode(like 85% of the time) while there's separate modes set up so you can play as the others.

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    Yeah, there are 13 playable characters in Pirate Warriors. The main log is almost entirely Luffy, but you unlock the other characters playing through that mode.
    The game is fun for a while, but gets repetitive very quickly. You can really tell they didn't put much effort into the game. They didn't even bother creating character models for a lot of named characters. The unnamed characters are all just clones., which would be fine in the gameplay portion but seeing 10 of the same dude with only a different coloured shirt standing there in a cutscene is really stupid. Coupled with them missing out a ton of arcs, Skypiea and Thriller Bark being the most noticeable, and the game feels lazy.
    After a while the only thing you can do is replay the same few levels over and over again in hopes that you'll get a coin you don't already have.
    Both Unlimited Cruise games came out in Europe. Pirate Warriors easily has better combat, but the Unlimited games have much more interesting places to go, things to do and a way better levelling system.
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    @FoxxFireArt: I know what you're talkin about. Let's just say I don't want to be in Arino-san's position anytime soon with Lost Levels...

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