One Piece Reference in Gaga/Beyonce Video?

Topic started by gia on March 12, 2010. Last post by jamdown 5 years ago.
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So, a friend linked me to this new music video-- it's known Japanophile Lady Gaga's new tune "Telephone," featuring Beyonce, and the video itself is essentially a sort of hip-hop Thelma and Louise on a ton of crack (and it's probably NSFW).
But I noticed something interesting: there's a bit where Beyonce goes and meets some douchebag in a diner, and he gets up to do...something, and smacks some other girl's butt on his way back. The subtitle that appears when he does this is ワンピース-- "Wanpiisu," which can also be read as, you guessed it: One Piece.

Okay, it could also be referring to a "one piece dress," but no one in the shot is wearing one, so I'm going to suggest a more fun idea: that Lady Gaga is in fact a huge fan of Monkey D. Luffy and crew and threw in a reference.

I don't know if that's actually the case, mind. But it'd make more sense than the video itself... 
UPDATE: Apparently La Gaga may be a Command & Conquer fan, too.
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fact: lady gaga videos never make sense 
 and her being a one piece fan would explain a lot, for one her crazy choice in clothes...
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You know Lady Gaga dressed up in lolita when she visited Japan, right? She even did a Hello Kitty-themed lolita outfit. The EGL lj community was rolling in their graves.
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@allaboutmanga: Yupyup-- if you click the links that are "known Japanophile" at the beginning of the article, the first one is to a YouTube video of an appearance on a Japanese TV show in the Hello Kitty dress, and the second is to our article on a photospread she did that was very anime-influenced :)
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Bon Clay
Bon Clay
Knowing Lady Gaga's style of dress. My guess is that she's actually more fond of Bon Clay.
Well,.....that's one way to prove what you have going on between the legs. Took almost three minutes for any music.
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All i'm seeing is JoJo Bizarre Adventure Part 6
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Interesting? Beyonce looks hot in anything at least. Maybe the next video the run away and hide by cosplaying everywhere they go. That would be cool and weird.
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For some reason I'm not surprised.
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Same here, although the whole telephones everywhere thing also reminded me of part 5. (Hello Boss?)
Post by jamdown (23 posts) See mini bio Level 5

if she does then good bye anime world it's been a fun 6 years
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