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One Piece is an anime series in the One Piece franchise
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Panz Fry

Panz Fry is a giant known as a famous pirate cook and the father of Lily Enstomach.


Pappagu is a talking starfish and pet/master to the mermaid Camie. He's a clothing designer and creator of the Criminal brand of apparel.


Chef Patty is the loud mouth chef and rival to fellow chef Sanji at the famous Baratie Restaurant.


Paulie is a prudish, cigar smoking shipwright who specializes in rope work.


Pearl the Iron Wall is the pirate in the employ of Don Krieg. Wearing iron plates, studded in pearls, forms a nearly unbreakable wall of defense.

Peepley Lulu

Peepley Lulu is a shipwright of the Galley-La Company, Dock One. He has very uncontrollable hair.


Pekoms is a lion member of the Big Mam Pirates.


Pell is one of the commanders of the Alabasta guards and the strongest fighter in Alabasta.


Pellini is a dwarf from the Tontatta Kingdom.


Penguin is a member of the Heart Pirates.


Perona was the Ghost Princess of Thriller Bark. She only likes cute things. She ate the Horo-Horo Fruit. She can create ghosts that can explode to wipe away all positive feelings.


Pica is an officer of the Don Quixote Family that holds the Spades Seat.


Piccolo is a Namekian warrior on Earth and one of the Z-Fighters. Born from the Demon King Piccolo to kill Goku, he would join him as one of his strongest allies.


Pickles is a member of the Foxy Pirates and a member of the special Groggy Monsters for the Davy Back Fights.


Pierre is the large pink bird that ate the Devil Fruit, Uma-Uma Fruit. This allowed him to transform into a very awkward looking Pegasus. He is the partner of Gal Fall.


Piiman is a child of Syrup Village and a member of Usopp's pirate crew. His head has the shape of a bell pepper.


Porche is a loyal member and number one idol of Foxy's Foxy Pirates crew. Loved by all the men, but what she really loves is Chopper.


Porchemy is a member of the Bluejam Pirates.

Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D Ace was the former 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, and adoptive brother of Monkey D. Luffy. Son of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

Professor Clover

Professor Clover the lead scholar of Ohara at the Tree of Knowledge. A friend of Olivia Nico, he was one of Robin's few friends as a child.

Pudding Pudding

Pudding Pudding is a Marine Commodore of the 77th Branch.


Pukau is one of the Pumpkin Pirates who was trapped within Ape's Concert for 50 years. After the escape, he joined the Marines.

Queen Otohime

Queen Otohime is a goldfish mermaid, queen of the Ryugu Kingdom, wife of King Neptune, and mother of Shirahoshi, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, and Manboshi.


Rakuyou is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and serves as the Seventh Division Commander. He fights with a large spiked-ball and chain.


Rampo is a warrior of the Tontattas People on Greenbit.


Ran is a member of the Kuja Pirates out of Amazon Lily.

Rapa Nui Pasqua

Rapa Nui Pasqua is the leader of the Pumpkin Pirates that was trapped in Ape's Concert for 50 years. After the escape, he joined the Marines.


Rasa is a member of the Barbar Pirates.


Rebecca is a gladiator at Corrida Colosseum and the granddaughter of Dressrosa's previous king.

Rice Rice

Rice Rice is a traveling salesman for the Transponder Snail Mail Order company.


Richie is the pet lion of Mohji, and member of the Buggy Pirates


Rika is the daughter of the local tavern owner in Shell Town. She's helped Zoro, and she's friends with Coby and Helmeppo.

Riku Doldo III

Riku Doldo III is the once king of Dressrosa before Doflamingo's take over, and the grandfather of Rebecca.


Rindo is of the the Kuja Pirates based out of Amazon Lily.


Ripper is a Marine stationed at Shell Town. He is the one who accepted Coby into the Marines.


Ririka is the mother of Rika, and owner of the Shell Town Bar

Risky Brothers

The Risky Brothers are two pirate members of Lola's Rolling Pirates. They keep track of Lola's mounting rejection tally.

Risky Brothers (zombie)

Risky Brothers (zombie) are the zombie animals created by Dr. Hogback as part of Perona's zombie servants. They are animated by the shadows of the Risky Brothers from the Rolling Pirates.

Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci is one of the foremen of Dock One as well as a highly skilled Ryokugan user. He ate the Neko Neko no Mi Fruit.


Rockstar is a rookie among the crew of the Red-Haired Pirates.

Rolling Logan

Rolling Logan is a military captain of the Southern Kingdom of Scorchistan.


Rongo is one of the Pumpkin Pirates that was trapped within Ape's Concert for 50 years. After the escape, he joined the Marines.

Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is a sword fighter once known as the Pirate Hunter who joins the Straw Hat Pirates as first-mate and aims to become the world's greatest swordsman to fulfill a childhood promise with his special three-sword style, Santoryu.


Roshio was a pirate captain that had a bounty of 42.000.000 B on him.


Ryuboshi is an oarfish merman and the middle of the three sons of the royal Neptune family on Fishman Island.


A samurai from the Wano Country in the New World who died and was made into a Zombie General by Dr. Hogback. He is the same Ryuuma from Oda's previous one-shot comic, Monsters.


Sabo is one of the brothers of Ace and Luffy from Dawn Island. He grew up to join the Revolutionary Army of Monkey D. Dragon.

Sabo's Mother

Sabo's Mother is a noble from the Goa Kingdom who wanted her son Sabo to marry a princess to increase the family status and wealth.


Sadi-chan is one of the Chief Guards in Impel Down. Commander of the Four Demon Guards.


Sai is a member of the Kano Kingdom Gang.

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