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One Piece is an anime series in the One Piece franchise
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Elizabello II

Elizabello II is the king of Prodence.


Elizabeth is a citizen of Peachy Island of the Kamabakka Kingdom.

Emporio Ivankov

Emporio Ivankov, Ivan, is the "queen" of Kamabakka Kingdom and one of the Revolutionaries. He ate the Horm-Horm Fruit, that gives him control over hormones.


Self proclaimed god of Sky Island, SkyPiea, after he dethroned the previous ruler. He holds the power of the Goro-Goro Fruit.


Enishida is an Amazon of Amazon Lily. She is the attendant to the castle of Boa Hancock.


Esta is a civilian woman of Dressrosa who has forgotten her human lover after he was changed into a toy.

Eustass Kid

Eustass Kid is a pirate captian and holds the highest bounty among the Eleven Supernovas class pirates. He is a Devil Fruit user.


Eyelashes is a camel that befriended the Straw Hat crew and carried the girls through the difficult Alabasta Deserts.


Farul is the white horse of Cavendish, captain of the Beautiful Pirates.


Fillonce is a mermaid from Mermaid Cove in Fish-Man Island.

Fisher Tiger

Fisher Tiger, alias "The Adventurer", was a sea bream fishman, hero of the Fishman Island and the founder of the Sun Pirates.


Flapper is a warrior of the Tontattas People on Greenbit.


Flip is the son of the Mayor of Luluka Island. He heads the Tax Collection Squad.


Fossa is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and serves as the Fifteenth Division Commander.


Captain of the Foxy Pirates, Foxy the Silver Fox, is a Devil Fruit user of the Noro-Noro Fruit that allows him to slow time.


Franky is the cyborg shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. A wild guy who runs on cola and covered in weapons.


Fukaboshi is a shark merman and the eldest of the three sons of the royal Neptune family on Fishman Island.


FukurĂ´ Is a member of the Cipher Pol. 9. He's a round and obnoxious man with a zipper on his mouth to close his big mouth.


Fullbody was at one time a Marine captain and ladies man. Now demoted to a recruit level. A subordinate of Captain Hina and friend to former pirate Jango.


Fuza is the bird ridden by Shura in the Ordeal of String. He doesn't naturally breath fire, but uses a Flame Dial to give the illusion.


Once a pirate and stuck inside of a chest, Gaimon is now the protector and friend to all the wild creatures on the Island of Rare Animals.


Gambia is the chief of staff on the Bartolomeo Pirates.

Gan Fall

Gan Fall is the noble former God, ruler, of Skypiea. He was overthrown by Enel and turned to a mercenary knight of the White Sea.


Gancho is the Chief Tonta leader of the Kingdom of Tontta on Greenbit.


Gardoa is a bounty hunter and an anime-only character in the One Piece series.

Gecko Moria

Gekko Moria is a member of the World Government's Shichibukai. He ate the Kage-Kage Fruit (Shadow-Shadow Fruit). He's to use and manipulate shadows.


Gedatsu is one of Enel's priests and he oversees the Ordeal of Swamp. He is a complete idiot that will often forget to open his mouth to talk.


Genbo is one of the Shandian warriors and ally of the warrior Wiper. He is a rotund, strong fighter.


Genzo is the officer and mayor of Cocoyashi in the East Blue. He is like a father to both Nami and Nojiko.


Gin is the club-wielding loyalist of the pirate Don Krieg.


Giolla is a member of the Trebol Army branch of the Dox Quixote Family.


Girarin is a merman member of the Foxy Pirate crew. Known for the reflective places on his arms. He took part in the Davy Back Fight.


Gladius is a member of the Pica Army branch of the Dox Quixote Family.

Gold Roger

Gol D. Roger was the Pirate King, the man who owned everything. The one man who conquered the Grand Line. His last words ignited the first Great Pirate Era


Gomorrah is a giant King Bull that was saved and adopted by the Franky Family. Gomorrah is normally with his partner Sodom.


Gonbe is the pet rabbit of Chimney who thinks he's a cat.


Gramma is a member of the Tontattas People on Greenbit and Leo's grandmother.

Granny Nyon

Elder Nyon is a former ruler of Amazon Lily. Now advisory to Boa Hancock. She brought the Boa sisters back to Amazon Lily.


Gyaro is a pop eyed goldfish fish-man member of Macro Pirates. He was once a member of the Sun Pirates under Fisher Tiger.


Gyats is the announcer at the Corrida Colosseum tournaments in Dressrosa.


Gyoro is a small zombie that serves Gecko Moria along with Nin and Bao.


Gyro is a pirate captain from the South Blue who was traveling to the New World.


Hack is a fish-man martial arts master of Fish-Man Jiu-Jitsu who competed at Corrida Colosseum.


Hajrudin is a giant warrior who competed at Corrida Colosseum.


Hamburg is a member of the Foxy Pirate crew and sidekick to the captain, Foxy.


Hammond is a daggertooth pike conger fishman and ammeber of the New Fish-Man Pirates.


Hannyabal is the Vice-Warden of the Impel Down prison. His greatest aspiration is to be chief warden and is a bit too open about that.


Haredas is a weather scientist from Weatheria. He taught Nami some of his weather science.


Harisenbon a member of the New Fishman Pirates and commander of the Sea Urchin-Armor Spine Squad.


Harry is a small boy from a village in the East Blue. He was the only one to stand up against Dick the Bandit.

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