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One Piece is an anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda's manga. Following the adventures of Luffy and his mischievous friends out to find One Piece, and in their adventure they will find many enemies and friends that will help them in their journey.


One Piece (1999)
One Piece (1999)

One Piece is a direct anime adaptation of the hit manga series of the same name that was created by the now acclaimed manga artist/author Eiichiro Oda. One Piece is an adventure/comedy series that follows in the path of the series Oda took inspiration in. It is produced by the Toei Animation studio and has aired in Japan on both the Fuji TV and Animax networks. It is mainly targeted toward a younger male audience, but does have cross gender appeal. The first episode originally aired on October 20, 1999.

The success of the anime has also lead to the production of ten feature length movies. The first of which, One Piece: The Movie, was released to theaters on March 4th 2000.

It also created a short run spin off anime specials that took the series cast and put them in a Edo period of Japan setting. It was called One Piece Fuedal Era Special - Boss Luffy. These specials were later incorporated into the regular anime series as filler specials that were mainly showed for holidays.

Originally being distributed to the U.S. by the 4Kids company. They lost the rights and were later acquired by the FUNimation company in 2007. They would later go on to streaming the latest episode out of Japan with subtitles off their official website. The episodes are currently being added to the FUNimation site one hour after they air in Japan.


Throughout the over ten year run of the One Piece anime, the series has had several main directors who have supervised the creation of Eiichiro Oda to TV.

Director List:

  • Kōnosuke Uda (1999–2006)
  • Munehisa Sakai (2006–2008)
  • Hiroaki Miyamoto (2008 -????)


Gold Roger walking to his execution in Lougetown.
Gold Roger walking to his execution in Lougetown.

Twenty-two years ago the greatest pirate ever known was caught by the World Government. His name was Gold Roger. He was returned to the village that bore him so that he could be executed. Though in shackles, he walked down the roads as if he was a conquering hero come home. Before his execution someone in the crowd shouted to know where did he hide his greatest treasure, One Piece. Still smiling Gold Roger gave his final words.

"My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I'll let you have for it! I left all of it at that place"
Gold Roger

The swords of the executioners fells and the greatest pirate of them all died. This was thought to have been a warning to all and extinguish the hopes of all pirates, but it failed. The last words of Gold Roger ignited the excitement of the world, and thus began "The Great Age of Pirates"!

Inspired as a child by the pirate Red-Hair Shanks, the carefree teenager Monkey D. Luffy sets out to find the fabled treasure, and become the Pirate King. On the upside, he has a rubber body, thanks to having eaten a particular fruit that give powers to those who eat it. On the downside, the price he pays for this power is losing the ability to swim for the rest of his life. Over time, Luffy is joined by the swordsman Zoro, thief and would-be cartographer Nami, and a host of other colorful characters who all join Luffy's Straw Hat Pirates crew in the search of the One Piece.


See also: One Piece (anime) characters for all characters in this series.

Straw Hat Pirates

Monkey D. Luffy (モンキー・D・ルフィ Monkī Dī Rufi)
Voiced by: Mayumi Tanaka Bella Hudson (4Kids) Colleen Clinkenbeard (FUNimation)
Role: Pirate Captain
Gender: Male
Monkey D. Luffy is the ever loving captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. As a young boy he accidentally ate the Gum-Gum Fruit that changed his body into rubber. Though Luffy may be pretty simpleminded. He's an honest and straightforward person who would rather die than abandon a friend. His goal is to become the next King of the Pirates. He knew from the start he couldn't do that alone. So, he set sail in search of the best crew he could find.
Roronoa Zoro (ロロノア・ゾロ)
Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai Marc Diraison (4Kids) Christopher R. Sabat (FUNimation)
Role: Pirate, Swordsman
Gender: Male
Roronoa Zoro was once known as the Pirate Hunter before he was recruited to be a pirate by Luffy. He uses three craft made katanas; one in each hand and one in his mouth. One of the more peculiar aspects of Zoro is that he has an absolutely horrible sense of direction and tends to get lost easily. Zoro travels the world in search of Dracule Mihawk, the worlds greatest swordsman, in order to fulfill the promise to his childhood friend, Kuina.
Nami (ナミ)
Voiced by: Akemi Okamura Kerry Williams (4Kids) Luci Christian (FUNimation)
Role: Pirate, Navigator, Thief
Gender: Female
Nami is the navigator and cat burglar of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is also the brains of the groups and handles all their finances. She originally hated all pirates due to the fact her adopted mother was murdered right before eyes and was blackmailed into working for them. That all changed after she met Luffy. Her skills in navigation are second to none in this wild world. Nami's childhood dream was to one day make a map of the world. While at Luffy's side, she plans to map every island in the world and fulfill her dream.
Usopp (ウソップ Usoppu)
Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi Jason Griffith (4Kids) Sonny Strait (FUNimation)
Role: Pirate, Sniper
Gender: Male
Usopp is the sniper for the Straw Hat Pirates and the biggest liar you will ever meet. Though Usopp as always been much more likely to run away from a fight. His gadget making skills have been invaluable to the crew. Inventing is also one of his favorite activities. It was Luffy's friendship with Usopp that earned them their first pirate ship, the Going Merry. Usopp wants to travel the world and become a great warrior that has no fear. A tall order for a man who tries to avoid fights from most he comes across.
Sanji (サンジ)
Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata David Moo (4Kids) Eric Vale (FUNimation)
Role: Pirate, Chef
Gender: Male
Sanji is the chef among the Straw Hat Pirates and a lover of the ladies. No lovely lass is safe from his lecherous stare or courting. Though he often claims eternal devotion for Nami. He does the very same for Robin and any other woman that walks within his line of sight. For his fighting style, he refuses to use his hands at any time, focusing instead on the power of his feet. Sanji was raise by a once infamous pirate named Red-Leg Zeff. Together they opened a restaurant on East Blue, but they both share the same dream: To find the mythical All Blue, the place where the fish from all the seas can be found.
Tony Tony Chopper (トニートニー・チョッパー Tonī Tonī Choppā)
Voiced by: Ikue Ōtani Lisa Ortiz (4Kids) Brina Palencia (FUNimation)
Role: Pirate, Doctor
Gender: Male
Tony Tony Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, but he isn't human. He is in fact a blue-nosed reindeer that ate the Human-Human Devil Fruit. Not only did that give him the power of speech, but it also gave Chopper the ability can also change forms at will. Through his medical expertise, he created what are called Rumble Balls that are a medicine that allows him to combine his forms in battle. Chopper was trained by two of the greatest doctors on Drum Island. His dream is to become a doctor that can cure any sickness.
Nico Robin (ニコ・ロビン Niko Robin)
Voiced by: Yuriko Yamaguchi Veronica Taylor (4Kids) Stephanie Young (FUNimation)
Role: Pirate, Archeologist, Assassin
Gender: Female
Nico Robin is the archeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She ate the Bloom-Bloom Fruit that allows her to bloom any part of her body like a flower. She can grow numerous arms or any part of her body as she wishes. In the beginning, Robin met the Straw Hats as one of their enemies, but through their travels together, she was adopted into the family and fully accepted. Robin's great wish is to uncover the truth of the missing century that can be found on the Rio Poneglyph, a secret that led to the destruction of her home island by the corrupt World Government.
Franky (フランキー Furankī)
Voiced by: Kazuki Yao Patrick Seitz (FUNimation)
Role: Pirate, Shipwright, Dismantler, Scientist
Gender: Male
Franky is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. He was born as Cutty Flam, and trained as a ship builder under the greatest of them all, Tom the Builder. He is a self made cyborg after he suffered severe injuries to his body. Since he did the work himself, only his front half is robotic. His main fuel source is cola. Franky is the designer and builder of the Straw Hats second pirate ship, the Thousand Sunny. He travels with the crew to see this ship reach it's full potential and becomes the true ship of dreams when Luffy becomes the King of the Pirates.
Brook (ブルック Burukku)
Voiced by: Chō Ian Sinclair (FUNimation)
Role: Pirate, Musician, Swordsman
Gender: Male
Brook is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates. He ate a Devil Fruit that gave him the power of resurrection. He is a sword fighter who also uses music to create a psychological effect on his enemies. He was found by the crew floating on a dead ship with no one else and lost in the Florian Triangle. He died once before but, due to his Devil Fruit powers, his soul returned, but in the dense fog couldn't find his body. By the time he found it again, it was just a skeleton. Brook was once a member of the Rumbar Pirates who left behind a friend Luffy had once met before: The giant whale Laboon. Brook is the only survivor of the crew Laboon has been waiting for. Brook joined the crew so he can see Laboon again and fulfill the promise they made to him decades ago.

Story Arcs

Over the decades the original manga series has been in publication, it has had many story arcs with little in between. These are normally isolated to each of the islands the crew visits and the arcs are normally named after the islands.


Romance Dawn Arc (1-4) Start Here

Romance Dawn - Luffy meets Zoro, The Pirate-Hunter
Romance Dawn - Luffy meets Zoro, The Pirate-Hunter

Monkey D. Luffy, has finally begun his journey as a pirate into the East Blue Sea. His first adventure runs him across the pirate Alvida who's plundering a cruise liner filled with passengers. There he meets a young boy, Coby who's dream is to be a Marine. After defeating freeing him from the clutches of Alvida, they travel together to Shell Town in search of Luffy's next crew member, Pirate-Hunter Zoro. The only problem is that he's being held prisoner by the tyrannical Marine Captain, Axe-hand Morgan. Luffy convinced Zoro to join his crew after retrieving his three katanas. Though Luffy gains a first mate, he loses the first friend he made on his journey so Coby can stay to become a true Marine.

Romance Dawn: The story of Luffy's child hood and his inspirations for being a pirate, and the beginning of his own adventure to find One Piece.

This portion of the story was originally told as the very first chapter of the official manga. It was changed for the anime as a flashback to be shown at Episode 4.

Orange Town Arc (5-8) Start Here

Orange Town Arc - Nami meets Luffy
Orange Town Arc - Nami meets Luffy

On the journey with the beginnings of a crew, but is in desperate need of a Navigator. Luffy is grabbed by a giant bird and crashed into a town being terrorized by the infamous Captain Buggy and his Buggy Pirates. There he runs into an orange-haired thief, Nami, who steals only from pirates and stole a precious map of the Grand Line from Buggy. Luffy wants her as a navigator, and she refuses. She tricks Luffy and turns him over to Buggy, to stop him from chasing her and steal more from him later. The plan changes after Buggy tries to kill Luffy. Though she hates pirates, she'd never want to help take a life. Zoro appears to save them both, but now all of them are hunted by Buggy. After Buggy starts destroying the town to find the three, Luffy takes the fight to Buggy and Zoro handles the rest of his crew. A great surprised is revealed when Buggy recognizes Luffy's straw hat. He was once a fellow pirate of Red-haired Shanks years ago. The rubber boy would win this fight by out witting Buggy and casting him away to the sea, alone. Nami may of refused to be a part of Luffy's pirate crew, she does agree to be partners,... for now.

Syrup Village Arc (9-17) Start Here

Syrup Village Arc - Usopp the Liar
Syrup Village Arc - Usopp the Liar

Luffy has three crew members, but no real pirate ship worthy of sailing the seas as dangerous as the Grand Line. On the next island, Luffy meets a long-nosed liar named Usopp, who is the son of Shank's own crew members. As they are getting to know each other, Usopp leaves to visit the local heiress, Kaya, on the only mansion of Syrup Village to tell her tall tales and make her laugh. Though her mysterious butler, Klahadore, doesn't like Usopp hanging around her because he is the son of a filthy pirate.

Klahadore's motives are put into question after he's seen with an unusually moon-walking hypnotist, Jango; and is revealed to truly be the cruel and brilliant Captain Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates. He's been guarding Kaya all these years just so he could kill her and claim her riches for himself to retire as a pirate. Luffy, Usopp, Nami and Zoro team up to repel the Black Cat Pirates and save Kaya from this villainous plot. In return for saving her, she gives them a ship named the Going Merry, and Usopp joins the crew as their own sniper.

Baratie Arc (20-30) Start Here

Baratie Arc - Luffy picks his chef, Sanji.
Baratie Arc - Luffy picks his chef, Sanji.

Luffy has his fledgling crew, a ship, and now his very own Jolly Roger flag, but he's in the need of a pirate chef to cook nutritious food that can keep his constant hunger in check. When Luffy meets old bounty hunter friends of Zoro, They suggest he looks to the famous floating restaurant Baratie that is staffed by former pirates. The Going Merry is fired on by a Marine Captain, Fullbody; and Luffy accidentally damages Baratie in the fight. To make it up, Luffy Promises to work as a bus boy for the one-legged former pirate, Chef Zeff. There he meets a blond, foul-mouth, woman-lover cook named Sanji. He watches this fine chef feed a hungry pirate who's on the verge of starvation for free. Seeing this act of kindness, Luffy decides to make Sanji his chef, but he has a dream of his own to find the All Blue, a single sea filled with fish from all over the world.

Sanji's earlier act of kindness is betrayed when the pirate, Gin, returns with his captain Don Krieg. A wicked man known across the East Blue Sea for his cruelty. Don Krieg attacks Baratie with the intent to steal it and return to the Grand Line, after running away. In the commotion, Nami has stolen the Going Merry and left the crew alone; and Krieg is followed by the greatest swordman in the world Mihawk Dracule, the very man Zoro has been looking for. Zoro is easily defeated but left alive to fight Mihawk another day. To free himself from years of work as a busboy, Luffy orders his crew to go after Nami while he takes on Don Krieg and all his weapons. Luffy comes out victorious, and Sanji agrees to join his crew as their chef. Now, the two head out to catch up with Nami.

Arlong Park Arc (31-45) Start Here

Arlong Park Arc - Luffy comes to Nami's rescue
Arlong Park Arc - Luffy comes to Nami's rescue

Zoro and Usopp catched up to Nami and find that she's been a member of the pirate crew of the evil Fish-man, Arlong; and has been holding people of Cocoyashi and surrounding villages as hostages on their own home island. Fish-men are incredibly strong and Arlong plans to conquer the seas with Nami's maps. When Luffy finally catches up, Nami finds them and tells them to leave with their ship and never come back, but he refuses to leave without his new friend. They are approached by Nami's elder sister who tells them the story of why Nami became a member of Arlong's crew. Arlong arrived at the island when they were just children and murdered their adopted mother Bellemere, a former Marine, when she couldn't pay Arlong's high taxes. He abducted Nami, after seeing her map making skills; and made a deal with her. He would free the people of her village if she joined his crew, made maps for him, and paid him 100 Million berries.

Nami had been living her life alone and on the run to steal from pirates and gather the money she needed to free her home while suffered the indignity of serving as a pirate of her mother's killer. Just as Nami nearly has enough, Arlong betrays Nami and steals the money from her before he can pay her. When this treachery reaches Luffy, He give Nami his precious straw hat for safe keeping and goes with the rest of his crew to take down Arlong, once and for all. Luffy matches his rubber-body against the insane fish-man strength and razor sharp teeth of Arlong and his crew. He would challenge this villain all for the sake of saving Nami and free her heart and the lives of her home village. Now free to choose her own path, Nami officially joins Luffy as his navigator to finally follow her own dream of creating a map of the whole world.

Little Buggy Arc (Filler-canon 46-47) Start Here

Little Buggy Arc - Muggy makes a new friend
Little Buggy Arc - Muggy makes a new friend

Buggy the Clown is only literally half the man he once was after his defeat at the hands of Monkey D. Luffy. When his fate seems seals as all these giant beasts are out to eat him, he's saved by a lovely young pirate. Now on the search for his crew, he finds them in a trouble that only their captain can save them from. Once reunited with his men and a new ally, who is also after Luffy; Buggy leads his crew to the island where he knows Luffy will have to come to before going to the Grand Line, Lougetown.

The events of this arc are primarily canon, but were not told as part of the main story. The tale of Little Buggy was told in parts that were on the splash page chapter introduction of the manga.

Loguetown Arc (48-53) Start Here

Loguetown Arc - Luffy faces death
Loguetown Arc - Luffy faces death

Loguetown is the land of the beginning and the end for pirates in the East Blue. The island where Gold Roger was born and died. The Straw Hat Crew drop on shore to gather the supplies they'll need for the Grand Line. With Zoro's out looking for some new swords he runs into a young Marine with a familiar face, and Luffy finds the spot where Gold Roger was executed. Buggy and Alvida return to try and kill Luffy, but he is narrowly saved by a freak storm. Now, the Straw hats need to escape the island from the Devil Fruit powered Smoker, but a helping hand of the Revolutionary leader Dragon aides them on their journey.

Warship Island Arc (Filler 54-61) Start Here


Baroque Works: Reverse Mountain Arc (61-63) Start Here

The Straw Hats have finally entered the Grand Line but nearly crash into a giant while in their path. Though after a narrow miss, Luffy aggravated the beast by punching it for damaging his ship. Most of the crew get swallowed with the ship whole with Luffy stuck outside. In the belly of the beast, Zoro and the rest met an odd old doctor named Krocus, and Luffy finds his way inside the whale via a conveniently places hatch. While he roams around, he crashes into a pair of suspicious bandits, named Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9, that are aiming to kill the whale name Laboon.

When they finally leave, Krocus tells the crew how Laboon has been trying to crash through Reverse Mountain to try and find the pirate crew that left him behind 50 years ago. Krocus has stayed and tended to the whale's wounds. Luffy then shocks everyone when he attacks Laboon then calls off the fight. He makes a promise with Laboon that he'd return for him with the promise he'd no longer hurt himself anymore. As things start to settle, Nami discovers that their compass wont work in the Grand Line, and Krocus gives them a special compass called a Log Pose. After a little manipulation, the Straw Hats let Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 ride along on the way to their island, Whiskey Peak.

Baroque Works: Whiskey Peak Arc (64-67) Start Here

Luffy and the crew come to a strange island called Whiskey Peak that celebrates the arrival of pirates. There' is a huge party that is actually a part of a plan to get pirates to lower their guard so this town of bounty hunters can claim their bounties. This doesn't fool either Zoro or Nami. While Zoro fights this village, Nami is looking for things to steal. In the chaos, Luffy wakes up and attacks Zoro for harming these people, and two people called Mr. 3 and Miss Valentine arrive to kill Miss Wednesday, who is actually Princess Vivi of Alabasta.

Igaram, the village leader, convinces Nami to save Vivi from these agents of Baroque Works. She puts Luffy and Zoro on the job once she stops their fighting, and Vivi explains why she secretly joined Baroque Works. She learned that a dark organization was secretly trying to cause a war in her kingdom, and accidentally slips the name of their leader is Crocodile, a member of the Shichibukai. This is overheard by two more agents of Baroque Works, and now the Straw Hats are in the sights of Baroque Works. While they escape the island, Crocodile's partner Miss All-Sunday is aboard the Going Merry. Rather than attacking, this lovely woman seems to try and offer help, which Luffy refuses. She leaves without incident, and the crew head for the next island.

Coby's Dream (Filler-canon 68-69) Start Here

Baroque Works: Little Garden Arc (70-77) Start Here

To get Vivi back to Alabasta the crew has to stop off at an island time forgot. Dinosaurs roam the jungle filled island, and they meet two enormous giants name Broggy and Dorry. These two friends have been dueling one another on this island for the past fifty years for their honor and the ability to go home to Elbaf. The Straw Hats befriend the pair of giants, but the duel of honor is tainted by the influence of Baroque Works. Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek use their powers to tip the duel in the favor of one to throw off the balance, then they separately capture Zoro, Vivi, and Nami in a diabolical trap that will kill them by covering them in wax. With escape impossible, it's up to Luffy, Usopp, and Karoo to save them. After defeating the wax man, Sanji appears with a Log Pose to Alabasta that he claimed from two of Crocodile's agents after talking with him. He had convinced the Baroque Works leader that the Straw hats were dead, and the advantage is now in their hands. Grateful for their help, Broggy and Dorry aid the crew in their escape from Little Garden.

Baroque Works: Drum Island Arc (78-91) Start Here

Drum Island Arc - Luffy defend Hiriluk's flag
Drum Island Arc - Luffy defend Hiriluk's flag

On the way to Alabasta, Nami has fallen deathly ill. However, the fate of her nation and the lives of over one million people hang on the hopes of Vivi reaching her home to stop the civil war as soon as possible. Vivi makes the decision to reach Alabasta as soon as possible, after finding a doctor for Nami. After a clash with an odd pirate called Wapol, the Straw Hats find an island covered in snow. Luffy must beg the people to allow them ashore to tend to Nami. Unfortunately, the previous king Wapol had abandoned the Drum Kingdom to avoid facing the Blackbeard Pirates and took all the doctors with him. The only doctor left is the crazy witch Kureha at the top of the steep mountains in the castle. Luffy has Nami tied to his back and they trek up with Sanji's help. Wapol returns to reclaim his throne, and attacks the people. Luffy manages to climb the sheer walls of the mountain to deliver the sick Nami and now injured Sanji to the top.

Nami awakes after being treated to find a little talking reindeer named Tony Tony Chopper treating her. He's the assistant to Doctor Kureha. Kureha explains how Chopper has been an outcast his entire life by both his own kind and humans. At first, Luffy chases Chopper around to eat, but then wants him to join his crew after discovering he can talk. Luffy's attempt to get Chopper is interrupted by the appearance of Wapol and his men. Luffy defend the castle with Chopper to show him he has friends, and blasts the greedy king into the sky. Luffy finally manages to convince Chopper to join his as pirate, and Kureha sends off her apprentice by fulfilling the dream of Doctor Hiriluk, Chopper's earlier mentor. To bring the beauty of cherry blossoms to the winter island.

Baroque Works: Alabasta Arc (92-130) Start Here

Alabasta Arc - Straw Hats goodbye to Vivi
Alabasta Arc - Straw Hats goodbye to Vivi

The landing on Alabasta is a hectic one as Smoker is there, but so is Luffy's brother Ace. After a narrow escape, Ace joins along with his brother in his quest for the traitor Blackbeard. Ace leaves after the trail on Alabasta goes cold, and the rest head off to Yuba, the rebel's home base. They find the base empty, but Luffy wants to go after Crocodile. He's tired of Vivi only putting her life on the line and wants her to let them do the same. The crew heads to Rainbase, but are caught in Crocodile's trap, along with Smoker. Crocodile reveals him plan is to tear the nation apart using they loyalty of the people when he set up the civil war from the shadows. Luffy stay behind to fight Crocodile as the rest try to head to the capital to stop the war from starting, but Luffy is soundly defeated and left for dead. He's only saved from the sandy grave by Miss All-Sunday.

The Straw Hats and Vivi fail to stop the war, and they each pair off to fight the officers of Baroque Works to help Vivi. Luffy returns to save the princess from Crocodile, and this time he knows the villain's weakness to water. As Luffy fights Crocodile deep under the city, the Straw Hats try to find the bomb Crocodile has arranged to wipe out the royal guard and the rebels. They are saved when Pell, one of the royal guard commanders, flies the bomb into the sky over the city. Luffy then crushes the plot of Crocodile to find the great weapon Pluton by blasting him into the skies. After some rest in the castle, the crew make a quick escape to avoid being caught by the Navy. They offer Vivi to join them, but she chooses to stay in her kingdom. The pirates and the princess give their goodbyes at the shore while avoiding the Navy assault with the only way they can without incriminating her. Things don't stay calm for long as Nico Robin, Miss All-Sunday, has stowed aboard and wishes to join the crew. Luffy agrees since she's the one who saved him from Crocodile's poison.

Goat Island Arc (Filler 136-138) Start Here

Rainbow Mist Arc (Filler 139-143) Start Here

Jaya Arc (144-152) Start Here

Jaya Arc - Luffy crushes Bellamy
Jaya Arc - Luffy crushes Bellamy

Even out in the middle of the Grand Line, the crew are nearly crushed by a giant ship that falls out of the sky. After salvaging the ship before it sinks, they discover clues to an island in the sky. The clash briefly with some professional savagers, and this leads them to the island of Jaya. When the search the city of Mocktown for clues, they are laughed and and attacked by the pirate Bellamy and his crew. To Nami's surprise, Luffy and Zoro refuse to fight. Despite their fruitless search, Robin returned with a clue about a man named Montblanc Cricket on the other end of town. Cricket has been searching the the legendary city of gold that was found by his ancestor, but was labels a liar to history when he failed to prove it. Cricket offers to help the crew to reach the sky islands by preparing their ship for the knock-up stream. While Luffy and the gang search for a south bird to help find the stream, Cricket and his men are attacked and robbed by Bellamy's men. Luffy chases after him to reclaim Cricket's treasure and proves that he now has a reason to fight. Luffy returns just in time to sail to the knock-up stream, and they're launched into the sky to land in the White Sea.

Skypiea Arc (153-195) Start Here

The crew are attacked by a wild man as soon as they land in the white sea, but they're saved by the knight Gan Fall on his trust Pegasus steed, Pierre. Once they reach the shore of Skypiea, they meet a lovely young girl Conis. What looked to be a vacation for the Straw Hats turns into a war after much of the crew is abducted aboard the Going Merry and taken to Upper Yard, the forbidden realm of God Eneru. Luffy, Sanji and Usopp are the only ones left to rescue them, and they face off with Satori, one of Eneru's priests who can seem to read their minds. By the time the reach the rest of the crew, they had explored on their own. Nami reveals that she's discovered that Upper Yard was once a part of Jaya, and is the home of the city of gold that Cricket's ancestor had found. It had been cast into the sky by the knock-up stream.

The crew's plot to steal the gold and run is complicated as the Shandian warriors, the original inhabitants of Upper Yard, begin their revolt to take back their land. Zoro's lost, Luffy gets swallowed by a giant python, and Usoop and Sanji are nearly killed by the lightning powers of Eneru. Nami meets and Shandian girl named Aisa, and they get swallowed with Gan Fall in the same snake that caught Luffy. The Straw Hats separately fight either Eneru's priests or the Shandian commanders. Nico Robin eventually finds the lost city but all the gold is missing, along with the legendary Golden Belfry Bell. Eneru had taken it and wont allow anyone to foil his plot. Luffy is the only person left to stop the lightening-man, because he's the only person immune to his power. Eneru gets away aboard his flying ship made with the missing gold, and Luffy chases after. Luffy stops Eneru from destroying Skypiea and rings the Belfry bell so Cricket will know his ancestor wasn't a liar. The city was in the sky. After the party to celebrate, Robin finds a Poneglyph that has a message written by Gold Roger on it, and the crew pillage the belly of the python for the treasure Luffy had seen while trapped inside. They say their goodbyes, then head back to the blue sea.

G-8 Base Arc (Filler 196-206) Start Here

Davy Back Fight Arc (207-219) Start Here

Davy Back Fight Arc - Luffy vs. Foxy
Davy Back Fight Arc - Luffy vs. Foxy

The Straw hats are challgened to a series of pirate games call the Davy Back Fight. by the leader of the Foxy Pirates, Foxy. These are three separate games where the crew are the prizes. Nami, Usopp, and Robin lose the water race thanks to the cheating of Foxy's devil fruit powers to slow anything that hits his beams, and they lose Chopper to the Foxy Pirates. Sanji and Zoro are forced to team up in the Groggy fight, and they win thanks to Nami's intervention. With Chopper back, it's up to Luffy to win in a one-on-one grudge match against Foxy on his own ship filled with traps. Luffy wins despite Foxy's cheating, and he takes their mark as his prize since he doesn't want any of Foxy's crew. Luffy does give them a new mark of his own design.

Memory Island (Filler 220-224) Start Here

Water Seven Arc (226-261) Start Here

The crew meets the powerful Admiral Aokiji, and Luffy fights the ice-man to stop him from killing Robin. Though he defeats Luffy, he's honor bound not to go after his crew since they had a on-on-one duel. After Luffy and Robin are thawed out, they are advised to seek repairs to their ship after a close run in with a sea train. In Water Seven, the crew cash in their treasure and go to the Galley-La Company to get the Going Merry repaired. However, Usopp is robbed of much of their money and beaten by the Franky Family as Luffy and Nami are told the Merry can't be repaired and will never sail again. Even Robin has mysteriously gone missing. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper get revenge for Usopp, but the money is gone. Back at the ship, Usopp refuses to believe the ship can't be repaired. He leaves the Straw Hats and challenges Luffy to a fight for the Merry. Luffy wins and Usopp is left the ship, but the next morning the Straw Hats are accused of attempted murder of Iceburg, the town's beloved mayor. He points to Nico Robin as his attacker.

Everyone is on the run as Luffy tries to discover the truth behind Robin's guilt, and he's attacked by Franky as payback for Luffy's assault on his men. Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Chopper discover the real culprits behind this crime are the Cipher Pol 9, the World Government's most elite killers; and many have been living under cover as part of the Galley-La Company in their hunt for the plans to Pluton. Luffy and Zoro are defeated and thrown from the building, and Nami learns from Iceburg that Robin only aided the CP-9 to saved them. Once they abduct Franky, the true holder of the plans to Pluton; they plan to take Robin to Enies Lobby for her to die. The remaining Straw Hats get a sea train of their own to follow, and they're joined by Galley-La Workers and the Franky Family. On the CP-9 train, Sanji and Usopp, disguised as Sogeking, try to save Robin while the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates try to catch up, but she betrays them to go to Enies Lobby.

Enies Lobby Arc (262-325) Start Here

Enies Lobby Arc - The Straw Hats vs CP-9
Enies Lobby Arc - The Straw Hats vs CP-9

Robin may have abandoned the crew to save their lives when she turned herself into the CP-9, but Luffy doesn't plan to let her go so easily. Luffy goes in alone to the World Government island to face a hoard of Navy as the rest of the crew struggle to catch up. They have invaded the fortress filled with a large army of Navy and World Government agents to save Robin, but she doesn't want to live. She's tired of being hunted by the World Government and betrayed. However, Luffy shows his resolve by ordering Sogeking to burn the World Government flag as a sign. He will declare war on the World Government to save her, and she'll be free to declare her heart's greatest wish.

Robin may finally be ready to be saved, but the entire Straw Hat crew will have to defeat every member of the CP-9 to find the key to the Sea Prism Stone cuffs that hold Robin back from using her powers. All while they have the threat of the Buster Call being sent to Enies Lobby. Even once they have Robin, they have to escape while surrounded by Navy Warships and no ship to escape on. Luffy pushes the very limits of his body to finally defeat Rob Lucci, the World Goverment's most ruthless assassin. Just as things look their darkest for the crew, a friend they thought lost comes to their aid, the Going Merry. Sadly, the ship cracks in half as they are heading back to Water Seven. They are left to give the ship a viking funeral and say goodbye.

Back at Water 7, Luffy has a family reunion with his grandfather Garp and old friends from the past, Coby and Helmeppo. The next island on the course is Fish-Man Island, but they can't reach there without a ship. That's when Franky comes to the rescue. He offers to build them a ship to rival the Pirate King's own vessel to sail the Grand Line. As the crew sets sail, everyone now has a bounty, and Franky is convinced to join the crew as their shipwright on the Thousand Sunny. After their escape from capture once again, the world reacts to the new wanted status of the Straw Hat Pirates who conquered Enies Lobby. Elsewhere, Ace finds Blackbeard, and he learns he wants to capture Luffy. The two have a powerful clash of devil fruit powers, but Ace is defeated.

Ice Hunter Arc (Filler 326-335) Start Here

Thriller Bark Arc (337-381) Start Here

While sailing through the Florian Triangle, the Straw Hats comes across a ghost ship with a living skeleton aboard named Brook. Luffy invites him to join the crew, but they are all captured withing the gates of the floating island Thriller Bark. Brook runs onto the island after the man who stole his shadow, and Nami, Chopper, and Usopp crash ashore while on the Mini Merry. They are attacked by zombies and take shelter in the castle of Dr. Hogback. Inside, Nami is attacked by an invisible man, and they find out Hogback is creating these zombies. Meanwhile, Luffy and the rest come in look of their friends. After being attacked by ghosts and zombies, they are told that the real power behind this island is one of the Seven Warlords, Gecko Moria. He's stilling the shadows of people to give his zombies life. In the chaos of the castle, Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro are captured. Their shadows are put into zombies. Luffy's shadow is put into the monstrous corpse of the giant Oars, and Nami is taken by Absalom to be his bride.

Luffy chases after Moria, Nami has to save herself when Sanji fails, Zoro battles the zombie-samurai Ryuma, and Usopp fights against the ghost princess Perona. When Moria fools Luffy, the rest of the crew fight together against Oars, a giant with the power of Luffy. The real Luffy runs into humans on the island who've been in hiding and stealing shadows from zombies. They use them to boost Luffy's own power to become Nightmare Luffy. He comes to the rescue of his friends, and they join forces to finish Oars together. As dawn is breaking, Luffy struggles to defeat Moria and save his friends. This victory is short lived when Bartholomew Kuma, another Warlord, appears to take Luffy's life. While everyone else is unconscious, Zoro offers himself in Luffy's place. Instead, Kuma uses his powers to repel all the pain from Luffy's body to let Zoro take it all on himself. There is a large party after everyone's shadow is returned, and Brook agrees to join Luffy's crew.

Spa Island Arc (Filler 382-383) Start Here

Sabaody Archipelago Arc (385-405) Start Here

Sabaody Archipelago Arc - The Straw Hat crew face their destruction
Sabaody Archipelago Arc - The Straw Hat crew face their destruction

The crew have reached the half way point of the Grand Line, but the Red Line stands in their path. Upon saving a mermaid named Camie, they discover there may be a way to reach Fish-Man Island, but first have to rescue a Camie's friend who actually has a past the Straw Hats, Hatchan. With Nami's blessing, Luffy fights the Flying Fish Riders and their leader, Duval; but the one he's really after is Sanji, who he said ruined his life. In this battle, a mysterious power awakens inside Luffy.

Hatchan leads the crew to a man who can help them get under the Red Line. A man who can give their ship a special coating that will allow them to travel into the depths of the seas on their ship, but this is a man with an incredible past. He is Silvers Rayleigh, the first mate of the Pirate King Gold Roger. Also on this island are some of the greatest rookie pirates of the new era, the Eleven Supernovas. In their search for Rayleigh, Camie is kidnapped to be auctioned off. Saving her from slavery brings about the wrath of the World Government once more after Luffy strikes one of the royal Celestial Dragons

After learning the true story behind the death of Gold Roger from the man who was there, The crew try going into hiding while they wait for their ship to be coated, but they now face Admiral Kizaru with Sentomaru and the cybornetic copies of Bartholomew Kuma called the Pacifista. Even the assistance of Rayleigh isn't enough when the real Kuma appears and scattered the crew to the far parts of the world.

Amazon Lily Arc (408-417) Start Here

Amazon Lily Arc - Luffy vs. Boa sisters
Amazon Lily Arc - Luffy vs. Boa sisters

Luffy has faced his greatest defeat, been separated from the rest of his crew, and he has no way of knowing where he will land after being sent flying away by Bartholomew Kuma's powers. He crashes on the island of Amazon Lily in the Calm Belt, where no men are allowed. Though he would try to escape, he is captured and faces execution in front of the Kuja Amazons on the orders of the Empress Boa Hancock, a member of the Seven Warlords and captain of the Kuja Pirates. She may be considered the most beautiful woman in the world, but Luffy isn't taken in my the charms of a woman who will use her powers to turn her own loyal subject into stone just because they saved his life after he landed on the island. To win his freedom, he has to fight Boa Hancock's two devil fruit powered sisters.

Luffy's awaking powers would appear once more, and his pure heart would win both the trust and heart of Boa Hancock. While Luffy plans to return to Sabaody Archipelago to reunite with his crew, the news of Ace's capture and scheduled execution finally reaches him. He makes the toughest choice of his life to put his friends aside to try and save his brother's life. He asks Boa Hancock to use her position with the World Government to help him break into the great prison Impel Down to stop the execution before it can start.

Lost Friends Mini Arc Pt.1 (418-421) Start Here

All of the crew have woken up on different islands scattered across the world. Each face different challenges and threats. Franky wakes up on a winter island filled with cyborg animals, Nami is trapped on a sky island, Sanji, discovers he's in his worst possible hell, Chopper find himself between a conflict between savages and giant birds, Usopp is on an island of giant bugs and plants trying to eat him, Robin is is at a prison camp being forced to build a giant bridge, Brook finds himself mistake as the spirit of Satan, and Zoro thanks on the same island as the ghost princess, Perona.

Impel Down Arc (422-452) Start Here

Impel Down Arc - Luffy vs. Magellan
Impel Down Arc - Luffy vs. Magellan

Luffy is able to break into Impel Down by hiding inside of Boa Hancock's robes and tries to remain out of trouble until he runs into Buggy the Clown while working his way down into the prison to find Ace. As he reached each level and fights through the beast guards, Luffy runs into old enemies, such as Mr. 3; and friends, such as Bon Clay. Boa Hancock has her meeting with Ace to pass on that Luffy has come to save him, then she leaves for Marineford. Just as Luffy reaches the fourth level of the prison, he's stopped by Impel Down's warden Magellan, and man of poisons. Luffy loses the battle and is left for dead on the freezing fifth level. He's freed by Bon Clay, and they are both rescued by Emporio Ivankov. Emporio is able to cure Luffy of his various poisons at the cost of years from his life, and he joins Luffy to save Ace when he learns Luffy is the son of his ally Dragon.

Though the reach the sixth level, Ace has already been taken to Marineford. Luffy and his new friends free several allies to help them break out of Impel Down. They include the recently resigned Warlord, Jimbei; Crocodile, and Daz Bones. They fight back through the prison, and Luffy runs into the very man who captured Ace, Blackbeard. After a brief battle, Luffy's convinced to put this fight aside since time is short. This band of prisoners fight through the prison and defeat the prison guards and escape to a Marine ship. Though, Bon Clay had stayed behind once again disguised as Magellan to trick the guards to open the gates for Luffy to be able to get away.

Lost Friends Mini Arc Pt.2 (453-456) Start Here

All of the Straw Hats are trying to find a way off their respected islands and back to Sabaody. Franky tries to get back to his old self without any cola, Nami discovers the scientists of this sky island are researching the weather, Sanji has given into temptation, Chopper is fighting to survive, Usopp learns that the island he's on can literally eat you, Robin wages a revolt with the help of the Revolutionaries, Brook tries to help the island of layabouts through music, and Zoro comes across the other inhabitants of this gloomy islands of death.

Marineford Arc (457-490) Start Here

Marineford Arc - Luffy faces the three admirals
Marineford Arc - Luffy faces the three admirals

The Navy has prepared for Ace's execution by surrounding the island with many of their most powerful commanders and all three admirals. Whitebeard follows suit by arriving with his entire armada. As to world is watching, Fleet-Admiral Sengoku announces to the world that Ace is actually the son of Gold Roger. Amidst the chaos of the war, Luffy and his allies from Impel Down come crashing down from the sky. Luffy faces off against some of the Navy elite and Warlords to reach Ace, and he's given assistance after winning over Whitebeard. The war rages on as Whitebeard and Sengoku see who has the better plan to win, then one of Whitebeard's own stabs him through the chest due to Admiral Akainu's devious influence and lies. Whitebeard only forgives his wayward son and jumps into battle personally.

Luffy battles through pain and exhaustion as he faces off against all three admiral, but he only barely manages to slip by thanks to the help of the Whitebeard Pirates. Boa Hancock even slips him the key to Ace's cuffs. To get to Ace. Luffy first has to go through his grandfather. Once Ace is freed, the pair fight together for the first time in years. Ace unfortunately gets distracted by Akainu's mocking words against Whitebeard, and Akainu leaps in to strike the collapsed Luffy. Ace is force to jump in the path of the attack and is mortally wounded. His final words to Luffy are that he was happy to be alive and sorry that he'd never see Luffy fulfill his dream. Unable to deal with losing his brother before his eyes, Luffy falls catatonic in grief, but Akainu hasn't given up yet on killing him too.

As Jimbei and Ivankov struggles to save Luffy, Whitebeard takes his wrath out on Akainu for murdering his adopted son. Despite the chaotic war, Blackbeard reveals himself as a traitor to the World Government and kills off Whitebeard himself. Before he dies, Whitebeard declares for the world to hear that One Piece does exist. Afterward, Blackbeard somehow massages to steal Whitebeard's incredible power from his corpse for himself. As Coby tries to stop the needless slaughter from continuing, Jimbei escapes with Luffy thanks to the help of Trafalgar Law. Coby is saved from Akainu by the appearance of Shanks. He threatened for his crew to join the fight if both sides continue to try and wipe each other out. Sengoku declares the end of the war, and Shanks takes Whitebeard and Ace's bodies for proper burials.

Dawn Island Arc (491-516) Start Here

Dawn Island Arc - Luffy's secret message to the crew
Dawn Island Arc - Luffy's secret message to the crew

After he wakes, Luffy is driven mad with grief over the death of Ace. He goes on a rampage on Amazon Lily with no concern for his own injuries. Jimbei tries to stop Luffy to make him face the grim reality. Luffy then starts to remember when he first met Ace back on Dawn Island and how he became brothers with Ace and Sabo. They had so much fun and adventure until Sabo scarified his own freedom to save his friends from the wrath of the Bluejam Pirates. Luffy now believes his dream to become the pirate king is out of his reach, becasue he's too weak. It's Jimbei once again who has to make Luffy stop focusing on what is lost but on what he still has. His crew.

Though Luffy wants to reunite with his friends right away, Silvers Rayleigh reminds Luffy that he's not ready for the New World. He does have a plan on how to deliver a message to his scattered crew. They travel to Marineford and Luffy rings the bell to morn Ace, but it was also to get his picture in the papers showing the markings on his arm. Just as the Straw Hats are scrambling to return to Sabaody after they learn of the death of Ace. Each see Luffy's message and make plans for their reunion in two years. Rayleigh takes Luffy to a harsh island on the Calm Belt to educate Luffy on the power of Haki and intend to train him in the use of all of them. Luffy's dream is put on hold so he can prepare for the journey ahead.


Fish-Man Island Arc (517-574) Start Here

Fish-Man Island Arc - Luffy has returned
Fish-Man Island Arc - Luffy has returned

The Straw Hats reunited on Sabaody Archipelago after the promised two years. In their absence, a bend of fake Straw Hats posed as the real ones and were on Sabaody while looking to grow their crew. This brought the attention of the Marines to the island. The real Luffy having just arrived got caught up in the battle, but was more than a match this time for Sentomaru's PX-Cyborgs. Once aboard the Thousand Sunny, they headed finally to Fish-Man Island. The crew were separated just outside of the island after getting caught in the currents. They eventually gathered together again and were invited to the Ryugu Palace by the king. While there, Luffy met the princess Shirahoshi and convinced her to follow her out of the protection of the castle, and the rest of the crew were blamed for the disappearance of the many of the local mermaids. In the chaos, the New Fish-Man Pirates staged a coup on the kingdom, capturing the king and several of the Straw Hats with the help of a power enhancing drug.

At the Coral Forest, Jimbei met with Luffy, Nami, and several of the crew and explained how he was responsible for Arlong's rampage in the East Blue. He proceeded to tell them the story of the hero Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime. While Queen Otohime wanted fish-men and humans to live together to understand one another. Fisher Tiger attacked to free the slaves of the Celestial Dragons and made many of them members of his crew. Fisher Tiger would eventually die soon after returning a young girl to her home island. Not just from the injuries he suffered, but from refusing the blood of humans to save his own life. He revealed that at one time during his journey he had been a slave of the Celestial Dragons. Though Queen Otohime was gathering support for her cause, she was murdered before her plan could take effect. As Jimbei's tale came to an end, Hordy Jones announced he was planning on killing King Neptune and the princes.

A huge battle is fought between the forces of the Straw Hats and the ten-thousand strong army of the New Fish-Man Pirates. The fate of Fish-Man Island was at stake, and the Straw Hats showed the outcome of their two years training. Luffy took on Hordy Jones and fought to keep Shirahoshi safe from this villain, who reveals himself to be the true killer of Queen Otohime. Even in the water, Luffy comes out as victorious and injured against the shark fish-man, but his ally Vander Decken had tossed the gigantic ship Noah at the island. It looked to destroy everyone, but the will of Shirahoshi summoned the Sea Kings to stop it in time. Jimbei offers his own blood to save Luffy, and he asks him to join his crew. The celebrations are ended when members of the Big Mam Pirates come about the destruction of their candy factory on the island during the coup, and Luffy takes on the blame to protect the island. They say goodbye to the people of Fish-Man Island, and Jimbei promises to join them later.

Punk Hazard Island (579-625) Start Here

Punk Hazard Arc - A Pirate Alliance is formed
Punk Hazard Arc - A Pirate Alliance is formed

The Straw Hats are drawn off course by a distress signal they intercepted. What they find is an island called Punk Hazard that covered in fire as half the crew goes ashore. The first creature they run into is a gigantic dragon, then a talking pair of human legs was found attached to it. Meanwhile, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, and Franky are abducted at taken to the other end side of that island, that's covered in ice; and locked in a cell with the living severed-head of a samurai looking for his son. Upon breaking out of their prison, they find giant children. They escape with the kids outside, but run into Vice-Admiral Smoker, Tashigi, and Trafalgar Law, now a member of the Warlords. Before they can get away, Law uses his powers to switch the minds of the Straw Hats then does the same to Smoker and Tashigi. When the crew reunites with Luffy and the others, Chopper discovers that children have been fed an addictive drug by Caesar Clown, and they're now suffering from withdrawal. When Nami, who's mind is now in Franky's body, is abducted by the Yeti Cool Brothers, he's surprised when his rescue is aided by Trafalgar Law. He has come to form an alliance with the Straw Hats to attack one of the Four Emperors, and Luffy agrees.

Law reverses the effects of his powers on everyone except Nami, since Sanji is away with Zoro and Brook trying to find the rest of Kin'emon's body. The first part of the plan is to abduct Caesar and Law sneaks Chopper into the facility to find a crew for the children's addiction. However, Luffy, his crew, Smoker, and Tashigi are all defeated by the Gas-Gas powers of Caesar. Elsewhere, Trafalgar is captured by Vergo, a spy for Don Quixote Doflamingo in the Navy. As a show for his brokers, Caesar releases his latest weapon of mass destruction, a deadly gas produced from Smiley. After everyone scrambles to safety in the facility, the Straw Hats, Law, and the Navy, put in their right minds, go on the counter attack. Caesar escapes Luffy with the help of Monet, but Luffy saves himself by breaking the floor and falling into the depths of the facility. It's down there that he meets a talking little dragon called Momonosuke, Kin'emon's son. While Luffy is trapped down below, Chopper is trying to save Mocha, who's running to keep the drug from her crazed friends; Law and Smoker clash with Vergo, the armament haki master; and Zoro and Tashigi join forces against the snow-woman, harpy Monet.

Law defeats Vergo, after getting his heart back; and slices the entire facility in half, allowing the poison gas to fill lab. Once Luffy breaks free with Momonosuke, he makes his way for Caesar Clown. With the villains true colors revealed, Luffy unleashes a powerful attack to finally put him down for good. The crew gathers together to escape, and Franky is outside, in the General Franky, battling with two of Don Quixote's assassins, Baby 5 and Buffalo, who are trying to rescue Caesar. They try running away with Caesar, but they're stopped by the combined efforts of Usopp and Nami. After a celebration, Tashigi takes the children to be treated, the Straw Hats leave with Law, Kin'emon and Momonosuke; and Smoker stays behind to wait for pick up. Aboard the Thousand Sunny, Law contacts Don Quixote Doflamingo with his terms for the return of Caesar. They are that he must resign from the Warlords, but that would make him hunted by the Navy. Although, without Caesar and his ability to make SMILE, the artificial Devil Fruit, he'll be destroyed by Kaido, one of the Four Emperors. An enraged Don Quixote lands on Punk Hazard and nearly kills Smoker to learn where Law and Straw Hats have fled, but he's stopped by Kuzan, the former Navy Admiral.

Breed Arc (626-628) Start Here

Dressrosa Arc (629- ) Start Here

Theme Music

Over the course of the years that One Piece has been running on TV. There have been many varieties in songs for both the opening and closing of the episodes. On a few occasions the Voice Acting staff of One Piece has sung opening and closing songs for the series. They are credited as "The Straw Hat Pirates".

Opening Themes

OP01"We Are"Hiroshi Kitadani001-047
OP03"Toward the Light (Hikari E)"Babystars116-168
OP04"BON VOYAGE!"Bon-Bon Blanco169-206
OP05"Map of the Heart" (Kokoro no Chizu)BOYSTYLE207-263
OP06"Brand New World"D-51264-278
OP07"We Are!"The Straw Hat Pirates279-283
OP08"Crazy Rainbow"Tackey and Tsubasa284-325
OP09"Jungle P"5050326-372
OP10"We Are!"TVXQ373-394
OP11"Share the World"TVXQ395-425
OP12"Search the Wind (Kaze o Sagashi)"Yaguchi Mari and Straw Hat426-458
OP13"One Day"THE ROOTLESS459-491
OP14"Fight Together"Namie Amuro493-516
OP15"We Go!" (ウィーゴー!)Hiroshi Kitadani517-590
OP16"Hands Up"Kota Shinzato591-627
OP 17"Wake Up"AAA628-???

Ending Themes

ED01"memories"Maki Otsuki001-030
ED02"RUN! RUN! RUN!"Maki Otsuki031-063
ED03"I'm Right Here!" (Watashi ga Iru Yo)TOMATO CUBE064-073
ED04"That's a fact!" (Shōchi no suke)Suitei Shojo074-081
ED06"fish"The Kaleidoscope095-106
ED07"GLORY: Because You're Here" (GLORY -Kimi ga Iru Kara-)Takako Uehara107-118
ED08"Shining ray"Janne de Arc119-132
ED09"Free will"Ruppina133-155
ED11"A to Z"ZZ169-181
ED12"Moon and Sun" (Tsuki to Taiyō)Shela182-195
ED13"Dreamship"Aiko Ikuta196-206
ED14"Future Voyage" (Mirai Kōkai)Tackey and Tsubasa207-230
ED15"Eternal Pose"Asia Engineer231-245
ED16"Dear friends"TRIPLANE246-255
ED17"Because Tomorrow Will Come" (Asu wa Kuru Kara)TVXQ256-263
ED18"Adventure World"Delicatessen264-278

Special Ending

A special ending was used for certain select anime special TV Specials.

"Family" by The Straw Hat Pirates (TV Specials 2, 3, and 4)


Series Censorship

Though One Piece is a smash success in Japan. It has suffered a tenuous reputation in the U.S. market. This is due to the first release of the anime to the U.S. being from the 4Kids company for the TV program called Fox Box, a run of programs intended for young audiences. The rights for One Piece were bought along with the licensing rights to several other anime without ever screening the content before hand. In order to make the series appropriate for younger audiences. It was severely edited and censored. Entire canon story arcs were completely removed, and some scenes were edited to alter the meaning. These heavily edited versions of One Piece were later aired on Cartoon Network in the Toonami run. The anime lasted up till the end of the Alabasta Arc and was canceled. The series reappeared erratically on Cartoon Network, but was soon dropped. 4Kids held tight control over the licensing of the series and refused to allow other publishers to distribute an uncut version of the animes on VHS/DVD.

Due to the increase in online video sharing sites and high speed internet access being so wide spread. It wasn't long until the original Japanese version of the anime was spreading across the internet where fan groups, called fansubs, were taking the original series and translating them into several different languages. For many years, this was the only way for fans across the world to see the anime how it was intended.

4Kids would eventually lose the licensing rights to One Piece due to undisclosed financial issues, and in April 2007 the FUNimation company announced they had acquired the rights to One Piece and would be redubbing the series from the beginning. In September of 2007, these redone episodes were again aired on Cartoon Network and picked up where the original 4Kids airing had left off. It ran through a series of filler episodes, through to the end of the Skypiea Arc, but as before. It was again canceled on March 27 2008. The fansub groups continued to pirate the series online so that people could keep up with the latest episode.

A surprise announcement was made in May 2009 that FUNimation, Toei Animation, Shueisha, and Fuji TV would be releasing a simulcast online through FUNimation's own website. The episode would have English subtitles and would be posted online one hour after the episodes aired in Japan. The series was scheduled to begin streaming on May 30, 2009 with One Piece Episode 403, but there was a security leak of the episode. In responce, FUNimation delayed this offer until August 29, 2009 and truly began simulcast with One Piece Episode 415. Though pirating of the anime continued, many websites offering pirated fansub versions of the anime removed it from their catalogs and directed users to the FUNimation website.

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
17 - 685
Great Advance! Luffy Army vs. Pica!
17 - 684
Gathering into a Powerful Front! Luffy and a Group of Brutal Warriors
17 - 683
With a Rumbling of the Ground - The God of Destruction, Giant Pica Descends
17 - 682
Breaking through Enemy Lines - Luffy and Zoro Launch the Counter-Attack
17 - 681
The 500 Million Man – The Target is Usoland!
17 - 680
The Devil's Trap – A Dressrosa Extermination Plan
17 - 679
Dashing onto the Scene - The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo!
17 - 678
The Fire Fist Strikes! The Power of the Mera Mera no Mi Returns
17 - 677
The Legend is Back! Kyros' All-out Blow
17 - 676
The Operation Failed! Hero Usoland Dies!?
17 - 675
A Fateful Encounter – Kyros and King Riku
17 - 674
Liar Usoland on the Run!
17 - 673
The Rupture Human – Gladius’ Big Explosion!
17 - 672
The Last Light – The Secret of Our Captain!
17 - 671
Defeat Sugar - The Dwarf Soldiers Charge In!
17 - 670
Dragon Claw Explosion! Lucy's Threatening Blow!
17 - 669
The Castle Moves! Elite Officer Pica Emerges
17 - 668
The Final Round Starts! Diamante the Hero Shows Up!
17 - 667
The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo!
17 - 666
The End of the Match?! A Surprising Result of Block D!

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