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If I had a connection to VIZ I would, but even that is no reason why I can't voice my opinion on a matter whenever I wish.
Speaking as the person writing Japanese Lessons on Anime Vice. I can tell you that Riza and Lisa is different and easy to tell apart to anyone with any translation training. That is no excuse for a "professional" publisher who has paid translators and editors. Even if the translator got it wrong, their editor should of caught it. This is the official publisher that can't even keep the name straight.
This was the whole they dug for themselves when they started censoring. It's their problem if their idea is to just keep digging.
It's pathetic that the "official" version isn't as authentic as the fan translated version. It should be the other way around, but it's not.
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I didn't expect ONE PIECE to be this controversial. Ha...
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FMA and One Piece sure are two different shows lol
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@kashif1:  life is only very little about fun most of it is about work and struggle, and yes I insulted brave and the bold.  It is terrible.  Batman is the DARK night not the LIGHT night.
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@FoxxFireArt:  They would say there is a reason for censorship when they will not make any money of the property otherwise and they have been proven to be right.  The censored version made them money the other did not.  There is not excuse for stealing ever and that is what piracy is.  (Yes I have read le mis.  I am not a romantic)
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That is an asinine excuse for censorship. How could VIZ of not made many money off the uncensored version when they never published it uncensored? VIZ had this problem once before. They were originally censoring Dragon Ball. The fans pushed back and they were forced to publish both censored and uncensored. The uncensored sold more.
No one is scanlating the Detective Conan series using the names used in VIZ. They are the only publisher translating the series with the character's real names. No one is publishing it officially in the US with those names. They want to complain about scanlations, but not do anything to counter them for authenticity.
Censorship has never made anything better. By the act of censoring something. You make it inferior. Their translation work is spotty, their editors are border line incompetent. They put out the worst possible version of a story. They are a poor quality publisher.
You can look at what FUNimation did with One Piece. Though the TV airing called Eneru "King Eneru". The only DVD version they released said God in both sub and dudded formats.
This was the same kind of excuse that people used to make for 4Kids. For the longest time the only way you could get the real story was through fansubs. Everyone hated 4Kids version, but that didn't stop them. All their changes would of had to of been approved by the copyright holders. Eventually, due to some financial issue. They lost the license and FUNimation bought it. If it wasn't for this issue, 4Kids would still be releasing that abomination. It was never worth supporting.
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not watching anything if it's spoiler related. I've been watching one piece for a bit now just got to episode 50 or so. It's engaging enough that I want to see what happens next. I know they do the whole cliche flashback thing but they actually have meaning and I've actually enjoyed them. My favorite so far was the backstory of Roronoa Zoro (could they make his name any harder to say.
I don't want to read the comments either as I don't wan't to know what happens. I have about 450 more episodes to go almost until I'm current, even if there was filler I wouldn't know because I don't read the manga. I don't read the manga because it's story's current so by the time I catch up with the anime, I should be current enough to read the manga. 
It's a shame sites like one manga no longer have scanlations otherwise I would've just read one piece from the beginning over there. Would've been a lot faster. 
One thing I really REALLY like about this show is the music, big bands, orchestra, it gets you real hy[ed up. Not stupid ass Jpop and bitches with cat hears like ever other anime I've been watching. 
Music in anime is like a big thing to me, if it's engaging it makes the story that much more better. Even if the animation is corny looking and what not I still can get into it given the right elements. 
The Japanese version of the show has a lot of slang meaning in it where I can see VIZ fucking that up. But you have to take into account the mangaka writing/drawing one piece probably speaks Japanese with that meaningful slang into it and has incorporated it into their writing. The meaning of that is lost with translation but I didn't enjoy an english version of the show any less than the japanese version. 
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@zaldar said:
" @kashif1:  life is only very little about fun most of it is about work and struggle, and yes I insulted brave and the bold.  It is terrible.  Batman is the DARK night not the LIGHT night. "
I'm not really in the mood for an internet argument but i'll say this, One Piece has alot more dept than you might think, and Brave and the Bold is the embodiment of what got us all into comics as kids.  They are both fun show, but they are both made with love by some very intelligent people
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@FoxxFireArt:  How is trying to make money an asinie excuse for anything?  Do you really think the people who bring this stuff over are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts?  They are companies and like anyone else they are trying to make money.  They saw a show that would be great to market to ten year olds (which really this is the intellectual level the show is on) except it showed things most parents in the US wouldn't want their ten year olds to see.  So they changed it (which is really more what they did than censoring) to make it sell more.  A logical interpretation.  The data I have seen has not shown that the uncensored dragon ball has sold more than the uncensored in its multiple itterations.  However getting correct data for this stuff is nearly impossible.  Sailor Moon is another example great show for children in America if you change it a bit due to the different cultures.  They did, it made them tons of money and brought many girls into anime.
Maybe it is because I don't see these things as Great Art.  (I mean come on these are on the level artisticly of american comics this isn't Michelangelo's David here) but the authenticity argument doesn't do much for me.  Even if it did however it would not be an excuse for stealing.  Which is what piracy is, and is a large reason the anime industry is in the bad financial shape it is in.
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@kashif1:  understandable not being in the mood for an internet argument (though I promise we wouldn't get to nazai's ;).  I haven't seen very much of one peice at all so I can't really comment on its depth but everything I have seen it didn't look deep at all.  I tend to stay away from shows with 200 episodes after my experience with bleach and inuyasha.  I was never into comics as a kid and what got me into graphic novels was watchman and The Dark Night.  So the new batman movies are the ones I like not the old.  I came to anime through books and came looking for adult thought provoking stories. 
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@Tom_Pinchuk said:
" I didn't expect ONE PIECE to be this controversial. Ha... "
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