Virtuous Queen Episode Seven: Lost and Generic AfterScript

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Ever notice something about the main three Shoehen series? 

Yes, they have massive story problems, and use all types of bullcrap to get you to watch the show.

But I have a strange feeling about this. 

It seems from the symbology to the concepts of these series, their not really meant for our generation nor the one coming after - but for a generation after them.

This has happened many times before in Western Literay works. Edgar Alien Poe in his last work and other such comments stated his work would be more popular in future years after his death and that he has gone beyond the "human experience". There is Cezane who never was popular in his life time, but he influenced Picasso. 

So Naruto, One Piece and Bleach may be in the same boat. I don't think at this time with the business the way it is that these three series can find any sort of Pokemon -esce success. I don't even believe that Naruto or Bleach has enough western concepts to survive the upcoming massive societal changes - that there maybe a case that Naruto would just continue to be a fad based on too small of an audience to make that much money for Viz. And I know Viz's people are here, the Lawyers who couldn't make it on Fox News (how sad, or maybe not so sad that an alcoholic messed up dude can have a TV show while you with all your work and schooling cant even get on late night fox news). Your series was never destined for success. One Piece was but the Fans Ruined it for everyone and if anybody with the fucking balls wants to have a war with me about that issue then they can bring it on, any day, any time any fucking where.

But besides that - These franchises would have to wait a few more years (more like 12 -15) before they can be accepted as is. I say it because that all three series have symbols and symbology that flies over the head of western audiences. It took a while for Sailor Moon to be accepted, but thats because of the Power Rangers and it took not too long for Pokemon to be accepted. Dragon Ball Z was accepted because it was accepted in the western world's slums and ghettos (which uses asiatic motifs) first and then grew from there. But it took years for DBZ, same for Sailor Moon and the same for Pokemon.

It will be the same for these three shows, but it will be much longer. It may not be even them but another show that will take the lead and they will follow after words.

But the environment right now isn't conducive for massive success.

So I'm sorry folks. You fans are at the outside looking in. Your the ones in the bubble. Everybody else's bubble has popped, but you keep inflating it with hot air and bad jokes and horrible tact. Maybe when your bubble pops and you deal with your issues maybe then the show will be successful.

But by then, a new fanbase will form and they might be more respective to those that understand that even though the animation is different and has to be different , the fans are the same and fight the same fight.

Thats all it ever should have been.

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