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I have been really trying my damnedest to read and catch up on One Piece, especially after I heard about the time skip.  Man, I love time skips!  I was reading it a while back but got bored with the Alabasta Arc.  I kinda felt the individual arcs just more or less played out the same way.  But I have really been into since I started back and it is nice to see Oda really developing as a mangaka over the years.   I am on the Impel Down Arc, Luffy has gathered his little prisoner crew on the Sixth floor and about to head back up after Ace.  Its getting good. 
BTW: The Shabondy Archopeligo has been my favorite part so far and I cant wait to read more about these "rookies:.
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I always liked One Piece, but when I got to the Water 7 arc and the following Enies Lobby, I really felt it had truly become something great.  And I haven't really been disappointed with it since.
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Only thing I've been disappointed in has been VIZ Media's censorship of the One Piece series. Sure, it's not as intense as they censor other series, but they are just not a company worth supporting. Some of the changes they make to manga is utterly disgusting.
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