One Piece: Time skip confirmed

Topic started by Jinbeifan1 on Aug. 25, 2010. Last post by sergio 4 years, 4 months ago.
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my fears of a time skip has come to pass.  

as it turns out zoro will be under the tuition of Mihawk while luffy will be under Rayleigh who will teach him Haki. the message that got out was "3D2Y" that was tattooed on luffys shoulder. the other straw hats figured out it meant 3 days and 2 years meaning its time for them to get stronger and so they have two years and three days of training before they can finally set sail to the new world.
i really wanted them to stay as they were but like the Pirate Age, it was time to change,(that accidently rhymed :)) another thing is i hope that Jinbei will join the crew when they reach Fishman what do you guys think of this? will luffy and his crew act the same? will they become a serious character roster like Bleach and not be as funny or will they be the positive and funny Straw Hat Crew we know and love? post your thoughts 
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To tell ya the truth I was very excited when I read that chapter. I mean come on during the war Luffy's relation to Dragon was revealed and you know the Government will be sending vice admirals and admirals after Luffy and his crew becase of this in which case Luffy has to know how to use haki to defend himself or he and his crew are as good as dead. the new world is gonna be more dangerous than anywhere they've been already and if they aren't strong enough and prepared enough they won't make it. No offense but Im not sure why you would have  a problem with them getting stronger when it's obvious they need to be stronger I mean Luffy got his ass kicked so much by everyone he faced basically and he woulda died had it not been for the Wthitebeard pirates and his other allies. Now Luffy won't have them to protect him and when he comes up against an admiral Rayleigh won't always be there to back him up.
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Well its good to have a time skip in some series because they will grow stronger and have greater knowledge
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