One Piece Hits the 500 Mark

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More often an anime series can count itself lucky when it can get a second or third season, that is unless you're based on a Shonen Jump power house such as Eiichiro Oda's One Piece that's produced by Toei Animation. The anime first began airing in Japan on October 20th 1999 and has produced 10 motion pictures within that time. This Saturday on May 29, 2011 One Piece hits quite the land mark of 500 episodes and going. It's reached that level with remarkably few filler episodes or arcs. Much unlike the infamous Naruto three years of straight filler episodes.

To put this number into perspective. If you add up all the Dragon Ball series of animes (DB, DBZ, DBGT) that only adds up to 470 episodes, the original Transformers is 150 episodes, and The Simpsons reached 480 episodes only recently. One Piece still hasn't even hit the time skip and to Fish-Man Island, the literal half-way mark of the Grand Line. Currently, the series is within the middle of the Dawn Island arc, the flashback part of the story where Luffy is remembering how he and Ace first met. If they don't add any fillers after this, it's the final arc before the two year time skip. One Piece could look to go on to be one of the longest anime series ever.

You can watch Episode 500, among many others, on FUNimation's official website on May 28th at 10PM: HERE

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Congests, One Piece!!!
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,170 posts) See mini bio Level 14
F%$& Yeah!
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that's quite a feat.  congrats to Echiiro Oda on that.
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500 eh? The numbers are getting big with One Piece... and to think that its just halway about now. 
And the anime gets fillers as well oh boy. 
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i think detective conan reached 615 episodes ,right?

is there a difference in one piece reaching 500?

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thats awesome! I didn't realize it had reached that yet
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I started watching One Piece sometime back in February and just recently became current with the series skipping any of the edo period fillers, like 5-6 episodes I believe.  I really enjoy it and glad I am current with the manga as well. I don't really remember whats going on with this old pirate too much from the manga. I'll have to go back and read again to make sure I'm not watching filler. But otherwise I'm watching other things for the time being so I can get back to marathoning this great show during my weekends at work. 
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UGH don't remind me, I am only on episode 20! Mind you, I am enjoying it, but still... HOT DAMN that's a lot of episodes! 
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Glad people are enjoying this news. I did screw up a bit on one tiny fact. May 29th is Sunday. I just forgot since by that time it's still Saturday in the U.S.


That's the stunning thing. At 500 and only the half way mark.


Detective Conan is filled with a ton of filler episodes within canon. Also, One Piece hit 500 episodes and the story hasn't reached that half way point. It's hard to imagine just how much longer Detective Conan can keep going to the point of it being the half way mark

It also doesn't help that you can't get the series in the US the way it was intended. You can only get it over localized and the story butchered.

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Looking for  1000 ep ;D
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I look forward to another 500 provided it continues to be as entertaining as it has been through the first dozen years.  It's a personal favorite of mine.  
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Here's to another 500! Yohoho!
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