One piece Durability misconception, Weaponry and Haki

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There are a lot of people Ive run into that believe One Piece chars cant tank bullets.Most of them have only watched Marineford on youtube or something.Which often gives them no context at all.

Let me start off by saying that OP chars are not vulnerable to bullets.Thats completely clear to anyone who pays attention to the series.One clear example is WB, people often say fodder hurt him even though only Squard, VA's and BB pirates hurt him.Fodder were scared by his mere presence and their bullets and bazzokas didnt do anything to half-dead WB.

Now is when context comes into play.Even if you want to argue that he indeed got injured, here is a scan of Base Hody (or maybe he did take a pill, cant remember that much from FI arc)shrugging of bullets like its nothing.

I hope I dont need to emphasize the gap between Hody and WB.

If there still are naysayers there, here is a scan of DD casually continuing to talk on a Den Den Mushi after he got hit by a point blank Bazooa.Keep in mind Baby 5 is no fodder and her Bazooka is probably vastly superior to marine fodder Bazookas.

The very same DD that craps his pants at the mere mention of WB's old peer.

Another thing I wanted to say is that OP weaponry is not as weak as 15 century weapons.OP cannons are so advanced that glassing an Island with cannons is not a waste of time or effort.There are guns in OP who can break a tip of a mountain with a bullet.And Im sure as hell there were no guns that can shoot a target when the Island they are shooting from is not visible

This is the effect of a couple warships glassing an Island .This way above anything the 15 century has to offer or anything 400,500 years in advance really.

This shot breaks a tip of a mountain.

Here Van Auger shoots from an unseen Island.

The third thing I wanted to convey, is how much Haki amps projectlles.The women at Boas Island who had fodder Haki could make arrows completely outclass bullets.Fodder Haki made arrows>>>>Bullets.

Imagine what Master Haki users could turn bullets into? Bulles not arrows.Masters not fodder.And what BB pirates who are current top tiers could turn bullets into?

All in all, OP characters are not vulnerable to bullets like people say IMO.Unless you want to argue that DD or Hodys durability>WB (Which is asanine) only VA's and BB pirates hurt WB.Yes, all hundred of cannons and bullets were from VA's with haki.Even then, what hurt WB the most was Akainu, Kizaru and sickness(old age as well).

Anyone disagrees?

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Good job, I'll put it on the Facts and Feats thread.

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