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Looks like Nami’s dangerous curves weren’t actually a… * AHEM *… development the show only got around to after the timeskip.

Seeing Zoro fight Buggy’s pet acrobat is validating, in a way. I’ll take the fact that “Cabaji” opts to fight whilst on a unicycle as shonen’s way of justifying the analogy I worked out during my last YU YU HAKUSHO write-ups…

Basically, I see the creation process behind most shonen shows as being more-or-less akin to a guitarist attempting to nail a solo whilst riding a unicycle. He’s willfully invited a situation where he’s bound to mess up a few notes, or fall to the pavement, or worse. If he does manage to pull it off without a hitch, there’s no factor except luck separating him from every other guitarist who’s stumbled in trying the same thing (maaaaaaaaybe natural talent involved, too, but I’d argue that’s a kind of luck, still).

Yeah, that’s my way of seeing the make-it-up-as-you-go-along plotting of most of these shows. At the end of the day, the quality of any given episode in any given show seems like it’s on a sort of roulette wheel where “Rock” or “Suck” are just the black and red. It either works or it doesn’t, and if ONE PIECE winds up looking so much better than another show, it’s because Oda luckily kept rolling black.

Of course, I’d say he’s been rolling red for these past two episodes. While this wasn’t as… nauseating as the episode with the poodle, it’s still far off from the one that was plotted tightly enough as to feel like a proper swashbuckler. Things got better once Luffy bounced the Buggy ball back and Buggy found that his straw hat’s a greater weakness than his aversion to sea water, but all the stuff with unicycle felt awwwwwwwwfully long. Long enough that my mind none-too-coincidentally drifted to my little ruminations about the nature of shonen.

ONE PIECE is going to start rolling black again next episode, right? Right?

Watch this episode, "Epic Showdown! Swordsman Zoro Vs. Acrobat Cabaji!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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Nami's figure is something that they developed over time which seemed to always be playing catchup to Robin's......then the time sink happened and save Usopp and Luffy, I'm not a fan of the new designs. It's like Oda went outside and saw "what the young people were into".

As for One Piece as a my opinion, it doesn't get good till Arlong, not to say before that isn't 'good', just not deserving if its popularity(great comedic relief throughout though). When you get to Arlong you start to see all of that build up begin to pay off and afterward you get a glimpse of just how grand the story can go.

One Piece seems to encompass a lot of that, you shrug through a lot of 'okay' moments with some off key, though hilariously enjoyable, ones, because you know the pay off is going to be worth it, and, for the most part, it always is. I've come to this come conclusion after re-watching the series up till the beginning of the impel down arc. Which I feel, save for Luffy's back story arc, is were the series slowly starts to take a nose dive(luckily Buggys there to save the day lol).

The real draw, I've found, is the crew. No mater how bad the episode, plot, sub-characters are, just being around with the crew is what makes it shine. The G-8 filler arc(not created by Oda btw), really shows this off and hopefully the arc following Fishman Island(probably the worst arc imo) gets One Piece back to its roots. The Crew Dynamic. No more solo endeavors, Luffy can only hold a show his own for so long

A bit of a tangent, sorry.

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One Piece has the same problem as every other long running battle shonen anime, in that the pacing is messed up because they need to keep some space between the anime and the manga.

A fight like this only takes a couple of minutes to read in the manga but here it's used to fill up a full 20 minute episode. It was a problem even at the beginning of the series, and it's much worse now.

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One Piece is on a very slow burn in these early episodes. As Luffy gets his crew together the story starts to snowball and becomes more like the show your watching now at the tail end. As Top8cat mentioned (and your buddy Sam may also atest to this as well) once you get to Arlong park arc round the 30 episode mark the series drastically becomes more engaging.

Thats not to say it's a chore to watch until's just gathering steam

It's like i mentioned before alot of the newer anime series (partiularly long / short shounen) come out guns-a-blazing but soon run into walls, plotholes and just can't keep things consistent

One Piece is basically the slow proverbial turtle that has been winning the anime race for quite some time now

I was also glad to hear it's soon to be on Toonami where it can make waves with the next generation in a more respectable translation by funimation. Cool Promo Vid

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It may be slow pace-wise now, but don't worry, Tom. One Piece really starts picking up steam when the Straw Hats get involved in a series of events at Loguetown and then head for the Grand Line over the Reverse Mountain. Until that point of the story, the show (as stated by Donwun) is on a slow burn until the Arlong Park arc, and starts gaining momentum up until the Straw Hats reach the Grand Line.

From that point onwards, the series really gets going pace-wise as the Straw Hats encounter new enemies, make new friends, travel to new places, get caught up in all sort of danger and issues, and recruit new crew members as they make their long trip towards the Red Line and the New World.

(tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, since I do not wish to ruin anything for you)

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Buggy is my favorite villain to poke fun at. For Nami, I like her the way she is in the beginning of One Piece. The hour glass shape for most gals in One Piece (in the future) doesn't look appealing to me.

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