ONE PIECE #623 Tells Me That "Punk Hazard" is Done, At Last!

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It’s time to say goodbye? Leaving Punk Hazard? Oh, I simply couldn’t think of a more cathartic title.

Don’t get wrong - - the visit to this island has been an enjoyable one, for the most part - - but Tommy needs a break from the Straw Hats. Think of me as the weird, new, morally-ambiguous stranger who joined our heroes to help battle their latest foe, only to mysteriously part ways with them once the dust settled. I might not be back for the next arc, or the one after that, but there’s a good chance I’ll return in some shocking and totally unexpected fashion down the line.

It was amusing to see the pirates’ feud with the marines resume so arbitrarily as soon as the banquet was done (they were all but turning to the camera to wink about the “illusion of change” trick the show plays). And Law spinning the tables around on DoFlamingo was a fist-pumping moment, for sure (though I did think the punishment he inflicted on the underlings was almost unsettlingly macabre).

Beyond that, I don’t know if there’s anything left to be said. ONE PIECE has a way of using two or three episodes to make a point that could’ve been expressed in just one, and Punk Hazard’s final installments are no exception. We really said all of our goodbyes last time - - these are just the overlong hugs that need to be pried apart by the members of the party who’re keeping their eyes on the clock.

Look for my fuller thoughts on this arc in a new Vice Pit episode at the end of the week. There’s just too much to get into here. This will be the last fresh-off-the-stream ONE PIECE episode I’ll be writing up for a while, but stay tuned. As soon as I get done with the first arc of HUNTER X HUNTER, I’ll be using this space to play catch-up on the newest installments of Gon’s adventures. You heard it here, first!

Watch, "It's Time to Say Goodbye! Leaving Punk Hazard! and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode.

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Punk Hazard basically has one more episode in the arc -- I believe. Smoker and a small garrison of his troops are waiting to be picked up, and Doflamingo hasn't given up on his destination. He's also incredibly angry. There are still a few events left to happen on Punk Hazard.

What Law did to Baby 5 and Buffalo was grim. When I saw their disembodied heads in the manga, I almost thought I was reading BLACK LAGOON.

This actually gives a good example of how far the manga is ahead of the anime. These chapters were originally published in mid to late January. Although, this may change a bit for the coming arc. The manga has had a lot of breaks this year due to Oda's hospital stay.

It would be great if Sam could cover the next arc. So far, the Dressrosa Arc is like if the Royal Rumble wasn't performed by actors. As if you're watching a wrestling epic where all the backstage events are real. Even the names of the characters about to be introduced sound as if they're wrestler names, ala Bobby Funk and Cavendish.
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Whether it's this episode or the next, it's hard to say when the next arc begins. If you're following where the Strawhats are going then yes, the arc is done. If you're going by if the events that occur on Punk Hazzard are totally over then you have till next episode. All in all I enjoyed an outsider's take on this manic crazy series. Certainly most of the stawhat's character development happened a while ago and most of the behavior were catch phrases, recurring personality-based jokes, and fan-service. And plot wise there was a lot the guess about the nature of the world being thrown into the thick of it after some 500+ of world building that continues to remain relevant.

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I think you would start to realize why most people watch long running shounen in blocks now

Uhm... so you're gonna skip all the core hxh arc's to the latest episodes to break from OP?

I really don't get that move....not like you owe anyone an explanation but it just seems really weird to me...unless it's about just talking about latest episodes of something current....but still thats like skipping to the middle of a book you were just starting to get into

lol.....dunno what to say about that each his own i guess

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I think another episode to just say goodbye was too much. They stretch this whole thing out. I thought the ultimatum scene at the end was very interesting. Did I mention how much I dig One Piece's Flinstones-style technology? Oh, and the newspaper industry is still going strong in this universe!

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