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It’s honestly a little sobering to realize how long it’s actually been since the last banquet episode. You know, the twenty-straight minutes of partying and feasting that tied off the “Fishman” arc. I’d like to think that a lot has happened in real life since then, but I can only imagine how much more might’ve happened in the show if it were paced a wee more swiftly.

Honestly, while the reunion between the samurai pop and the samurai squirt is touching - - the moment where lil’ Mono is finally allowed to end his growling fast being the emotional high point - - I can’t help but think about how their sub-plot would likely be one of the first things to go if this mega arc ever got a hard-nose re-edit. Their moment was, of course, enabled by very GHOSTBUSTERS-like reveal that Caesar’s poisonous gas only just encrusts its victims in plaque. And, if you take a step back, that’s rather amusing because it means that not one person, except for Monet, actually died in this whole conflict (and I know she’s coming back later from Foxx’s manga reviews).

Oda even does a bit of slight-of-hand to reveal that all the addle children are going to leave this island, drug free and in responsible, caring hands. Even while it’s a harsh reflex to have, my kneejerk reaction is still to feel like this was a bit of cop out for such an otherwise-uncompromising tragedy. However, that reaction’s only fleeting, because Oda doesn’t cheat. The notion of Law separating these kids from their habit (on the microscopic level, most likely) plays b his own rules rather cleverly.

Now, as nice as all this was… are we done yet? Finally?Watch, "A Touching Reunion! Momonosuke and Kin'emon!” and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode.

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monet is still dead she never comes back. you must have miss read. i read the manga she was on ly in a flash back

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Monet has only reappeared recently in the manga during a flashbacks. Those were events from ten years ago, before she got the bird wings. Though, it's 'highly' unlikely she's actually dead. Named characters don't die so easily in this series.

Most ONE PIECE arcs end with a party, but there is still a few more episodes left. Maybe two more.

The trick to Caesar's gas was to seal its victims so they can't run away. It would eventually kill if the victim isn't freed after a certain point.
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I didn't know Monet was going back, so thanks for the spoilarz.

I like a banquet episode waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than a beach or festival episode.

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