ONE PIECE #621 Makes Me Smile

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There’s something… manic to the sense of release I’m feeling as I watch this ridiculous bonus round between General Franky and DoFlamingo’s goons. It is the very definition of excess. The main action of the plot’s complete, we already pretty much got the gist of this fight last episode, there's no reason for it to continue, but… I’m just eating up every one of its utterly ridiculous gags.

After however many episodes of underage drug addiction, violent dependency withdrawals and a super-villain with a perverted John Wayne Gacy vibe, it’s a relief to just enjoy something just making fun of itself. (Of course, I’m saying this even when this is all intercut with the really menacing teases of DoFlamingo’s flight). I loved the droll, deadpan face Zoro makes as Usopp and Nami go through all their excessive shot calls and pose-downs. I cracked up as all the boys in the cast were geeking out on Franky’s super-cool mech suit, while all the girls were utterly nonplussed about it. And “General” being used as an adjective for anything was a recipe to get met chuckling.

I also was highly amused by how, because Nami and Usopp haven’t contributed much of anything throughout this whole arc, Oda makes a point to give them something flashy to do before the bell rings. It’s like he’s got some tally he has to fill out for every arc.

And the timing of that gag is doubly-notable, actually, because I watched this episode right after seeing STRONG WORLD (expect a review on that soon), and that flick hinges almost entirely on Nami and her weather powers. Oda plays such a long game that, even when a character’s relegated to an irrelevant scenery-filler for a whole year, he can still slyly smile and say, “Just wait… just wait… you’ll see.”

Watch "Capture Caesar! General Cannon Blasts!” and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode.

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Usopp and Nami get sidelined often. But when they're on it's almost always entertaining. Just by virtue of the fact they are so seldom seen and they're more of the strategical fighters and only fight when they know they can outsmart an enemy. If you're ready for more of that Alice In Wonderland/Peter Pan feel, then the next arc will have plenty for you.

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I chuckled at this moment.
I chuckled at this moment.

Not everything has been cleared up for the Punk Hazard Arc. There is still the matter of what becomes of the kids, and which of the Four Emperors Luffy agreed to go after. The Emperors are not to be scoffed at. They were big enough threat to the Navy and World Government that they formed the Seven Warlords, in addition to their military, just to try and balance the power. Luffy's mentor, Shanks, is among them.

I loved that Nami and Usopp scene in the manga. These two aren't just the most gung-ho of the crew. They're more likely to run from a fight, if they can. It's great to see how Oda lets them have a heroic scene while still keeping them completely in character.

I also laughed so hard when Franky finally realized that Baby 5 and Buffalo were trying to get Caesar this whole time but just didn't see him there. The boys geeking out over the General Franky while their girls are deadpan had become a running gag in the series, and it's a pretty good one.

There is also the matter of the guy on the penguin heading to Punk Hazard. It wasn't clear originally in the manga, because he was just a shadowy figure; but that's Kuzan, formally known as Admiral Aokiji. He is the reason half of Punk Hazard is covered in a perpetual winter. When Luffy tried fighting him in the past, Kuzan defeated him easily.

Are you suuuuure you don't want to also stick around for the coming Dressrosa Arc, Tom? You'll miss out on seeing much of the crew dressed up like ZZ Top. This isn't just for a scene or two. They're disguised like this throughout the arc, so far.

Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed pirate.
Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed pirate.
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someone needs to do an amv to sharp dressed man with scenes form the upcoming arc of one piece stat...

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Love it.

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