ONE PIECE #620 - - is "Punk Hazard" Over Yet? - - Special Review

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Well, I guess I was only half-right last time. As predicted, Law did pull a “gypsy switch” on Caesar; tricking him into thinking he had Smoker’s heart in his grubby clutches when it was actually somebody else’s all along. I proposed that it was Caesar’s own heart - - which would’ve made his dirty trick rather hilariously self-defeating - - but we find out here that it, in fact, belongs to Monet.

The punch-line ends up being more tragic than darkly humorous… so I still prefer my idea.

The flashback revealing the steps that brought us to this specific twist is also rather mind-bendingly convoluted. It very much seems like Oda came up with this gag late in the game and deemed it so cool that he just had to wedge it into the still-fresh backstory, by any means available. And that seems quite likely for a strip that’s being produced weekly, at 20 pages an installment.

Bear in mind, this is an arc that’s been going on for a solid year but - - according to the programming chart - - it still has an hour of screen time left in its denouement. By the look of one episode title, we’ll probably have an entire segment devoted to samurai poppa and samurai sonny hugging it out. Phew...

Speaking to the positives of padding, Franky’s scuffle with Doflamingo’s goons continues to amuse the hell out of me. Push another bead forward in the “Sub vs. Dub” abacus, but it honestly comes down to the delivery of the voice actors. I obviously don’t get whatever wordplay lies in Buffalo’s little verbal tick, but his sing-song cadence is just so manically stupid, I can’t help but smile. Ditto for Franky’s ever-ascending speech style and his ever-insistent rolling of R’s.

Lastly, while my battle fatigue is getting to a point that I’m just dying for “Punk Hazard” to be done with so I can finally take a break from this show, I’d be lying if I said Doflamingo’s menacing cliffhanger wasn’t hooking me to see what happens next with that boa-ed creep.

Watch this episode, "A Critical Situation! Punk Hazard Explodes! here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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We're sort of in the in between stages of two arcs right now. Even though still technically on Punk Hazard the direction of the plot has changed from defeat Caesar to escape the island. Seeing how Domflamingo comes into the plot sets up the next arc quickly.

I was also sort of expecting you to bash the show for padding this time, and if you did I'd agree with you. the whole plot twist of Caesar killing Monet accidentally was pretty quickly discovered and not made into a super-dramatic situation that took up half the episode, some of while was repeated from last episode.

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Cut anime scene: Monet's missing heart.
Cut anime scene: Monet's missing heart.

It's pretty simple to tell when an arc ends. That's when the crew leaves the island they're on. Looking at the schedule, it seems the Punk Hazard arc will be ending on December 8th or the 15th. Remember that we still don't know which of the Four Emperors Luffy agreed to go after with Law when they formed their alliance.

In the manga, the events of this cart ride were far more streamlined. The anime also cut out a scene from the manga. After her heart is stabbed, Monet lifted her shirt to reveal her missing heart.

Caesar stabbing his own heart would have been funny, but Law needs Caesar alive for what he has planned next.

Monet's heart being stabbed is played as so tragic that I'm a bit hopeful that she will be appearing in the regular story after a while. That's a reason why I can't wait till the Caribou side-story is over. I don't want her story to be continued in that way. Her reappearance in the manga main story line is also interesting.

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well it actually sad to see her like that

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dasyun, dasyun, dasyun!

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One Piece has constantly impressed me with its comedic casting. The voices and performances just work so well.

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