ONE PIECE #619 Gets Away with Breaking the Rules of Good Plotting

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Didn’t… Smoker get his heart back? Sue me, I haven’t been keeping a score card, but I feel like there was a point a few episodes back about Trafalgar Law putting everybody’s ticker back where it belonged. I kind of suspect that the gag being set up here involves Law sneaking Caesar’s own heart of his own chest, and therefore, this creep’s been tricked into turning his last nefarious stab on himself.

That’s a kind of justice that’s a bit… crueler than what you’d expect from this show. But then again, you really can’t ever know what to predict with this show, right? I mean, I never thought I’d be see a worthwhile comparison point to ALIENS here, but the desperate escape through all the closing docks - - - in a facility that’s counting down to self-destruction, no less - - evoked that flick strongly enough that I was helplessly compelled to pull its soundtrack up.

I…I… I’m just constantly baffled by this show.

I’m always a fan of what I call “bonus level endings.” You know, the main conflict’s been resolved. The story has paid its due diligence to all the rules of plotting. And now we’ve got a few extra minutes to just revel in pure, cathartic release. Best example I can think of is CASINO ROYALE.

In this case, it’s Franky’s ridiculous duel with Doflamingo’s minions. There’s just a wonderful excess to it. Caesar’s been defeated. Our heroes are escaping from the crumbling wreckage of Punk Hazard. By all logic, we should be moving on to the next arc. Yet the show’s still going to devote a whole half-episode to this utterly absurd fight between characters who honestly don’t have much bearing on the greater plot.

There’s something sublime about that. And I had one of the biggest laughs ever when Franky throws his boomerang attack out because he feels like he should do something, and he can think of anything better to do. The show defies description… and I’ve learned to enjoy that.

Watch this episode, "Running Wild! Invincible General Franky!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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Hahaha! General.....Boomerang!!!!!

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It was Law that got his heart from Vergo. As you saw earlier in the show, then again in Caesar's flashback, he believes Law handed over Smoker's heart to Caesar after Law defeated him earlier in the series. Caesar even displayed it when he had them all in the cage. Though, that issue gets explained next episode.

I believe you're mistaking Law's mind-body switch with removing the heart. That's a seperate ability. When Tashigi was in Smoker's body, they made a point of showing the missing heart.

I love the fight between Franky and Doflamingo's minions. It makes sense that they really are unaware, because they are both removed from current events. Franky was watching after the ship, and Buffalo and Baby 5 just showed up to pick up Caesar. If they get hold of Caesar, the alliance plan is ruined, and the only one standing in their way is a guy who is completely out of the loop.
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Also... General I'm Okay !

I laughed so hard, I nearly fall off my chair.

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its ok

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interesting analysis.

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Yes! I laughed out loud at all the scenes involving Franky and Doflamingos goons. Really good comedy. Baby 5's sense of romance? The small talk between Baby 5 and Buffalo? The fact that some guy has the ability to turn anything into propellers? Ridiculously funny!

Then you have the serious turn where Monet is going to do what she's going to do, and she's in that pose, taking it all in (and kinda moaning? I dunno) and I felt a tiny bit sad for her. Also, Doflamingo wasn't really cold about it. What he says to Vergo was even more human than I expected from this sort of villain.

When I was done, I just imagined how crazy it would be if One Piece was not a blockbuster show, and Oda could just make this episode the end of everything, and Doflamingo wins. Would there be anyone to oppose him?

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Man I wish this wasn't so long I mean I can just not commit to 600 episodes that would be like years of my life, but you certainly seem to be enjoying it, and anime humor either works wonderfully for me or fails miserably. You should do a vice pit on what makes anime humor work or not work...

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