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I suppose we really can’t expect two “A” episodes in a row, can we? Oh, it proved to be much easier to shake off last episode’s emotional wallop than I expected. And you want to know why?

Because this episode basically gave me a 20-minute-long breather.

Repeatedly, some of you more season fans have expressed the sentiment that the ONE PIECE manga rocks, while the anime sucks. I won’t pretend to have any point of comparison, but if each 20-minute-episode really does correspond to each 20-page-chapter, I can easily picture where the discrepancy comes from.

The conventional wisdom about a page of screenplay translating to a minute of screen time doesn’t really work the same when you’re talking about a single page of a comic. At any ‘increment,’ Oda might elect to use a lot of panels, or only a few; or he might even use a splash, or a double splash. Each decision uses the same amount of space to a cover a different amount of plot (and to likewise depict a different amount of time in the readers’ minds).

In this case, I’ll estimate that Brownbeard’s tearful confession and the betrayal he subsequently suffers would have taken up about around 10 pages. The simpler confrontation (Round 3? Round 4?) between Luffy and Caesar probably took up just as many pages - - and I’m expecting it was composed mainly of larger, tense panels. As such, the ideal version of this installment would probably only be 15 minutes long. However, we all know that it has to be 20 minutes (can’t get any shorter than the already tight running time, no?) so the animation team had to figure out some way to stretch the material.

Thus... we get the sort-of clever portrayal of Luffy’s surprise entrance from two different perspectives.

While I can sympathize with the challenge this team faces, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t ultimately prefer a KAI-style cut that pairs this show down into something tighter. Because“Punk Hazard” seriously needs to wrap up soon.

Watch this episode, "Brownbeard's Bitterness! Luffy's Anger Attack” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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You was close, it take 8 pages and the Luffy part take the rest

Anyway, the reason I like the manga over the anime is that it more faster. I remember the anime use to be two chapters per episode. It gone more faster

I wish they do season breaks

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FILLER MADNESS!!! from One Piece,

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Compared to Naruto and Bleach. It feels like a whole lot more happens in every One Piece chapters, they're often packed with content. So if any Shounen could do the episode length = chapter length thing, One Piece could and usually does (compared to the other Shounens) pull if off. That said I remember each episode usually being somewhere around 1.5 to 2 chapters. So I guess when the creators can't find an good way to create a natural filler arc, they often stoop to this low level strategy. I'd say screw it and take more breaks or something, but there's probably some dumb business reason that I'm not greedy enough to understand.

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This arc is nearing the finale. You now have it where Luffy hares Caesar and wants to crush him. That character arc is complete. Luffy went from indifferent, excited, and to rage. This will be the setting for their final battle. All that's left is to finish up Law's fight with Vergo then Franky's fight in the General Franky.

I really like the Brownbeard moments. When he first appeared earlier in the series. He was little more than a fodder character to get his ass whooped by one of the Eleven Supernovas. Yet, it was surprising to see him here on Punk Hazard. I was honestly surprised that I grew rather fond of him.

Oda took a background character and developed him into a sympathetic character.

Shōnen series aren't likely to kill a child. You'll only ever really see that in seinen.

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Book fans constantly say that the source material is better, with few exceptions. When you have a singular vision creating the world you've been invited into, it is hard for an imitation of it to be as good when a whole bunch of hands are on it.

Still, if this counts as something sucking, then I'm glad to be watching sucky anime.

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