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Well, as far as earning ‘antipathy points’ for your villain goes, you can’t do much than having the baddie just ignore an assassin while he’s on a phone call. I don’t know if the would-be avenger with the arsenal of ‘finger guns’ was introduced prior to this, or if Oda just pulled her out of the ol’ rabbit hat, but the scene of her thwarted vengeance distills the distinct and contradictory nature of the show nicely. It makes me think of the whole bloodied smiley face visual metaphor from WATCHMEN, actually.

No bones about it, the character and the scene she’s in are patently ridiculous. Like, it’s just free-association absurdity. Yet, there is still an undeniably tragic pathos in her tearful, desperate attempt to avenge her boyfriend. It’s just pushing on a lot different buttons at once - - playing like the sickest black humor gag and the most exaggeratedly-rendered human drama - - and I guess a lack of hesitation about blurring lines is what ultimately defines ONE PIECE.

If I remark on this every episode, from one angle or another, it’s because I’ll never get used to this show’s tone.

Now, some of you have lunatics have been rather insistently teasing me about how Luffy’s eventually going to get madder than we’ve ever seen him after he learns about something horrible that Caesar’s done. Considering how this episode ends with an unusually understated cliffhanger revealing that the dragon is actually the samurai’s mutated son (after we’ve watched that samurai brutally pummel the dragon, no less) I’ll go ahead and point my nose to that as the surest candidate for this forthcoming, unforgivable transgression.

Which probably means that the dragon’s going to die next episode… and that’s is just as tragi-diculous as the scene with ‘gun hand’.

Watch this episode, "A Mastermind Underground! Doflamingo Makes His Move!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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I don't want to say too much, becasue it sort of deflates what will be some interesting events that will be clarified within the next few weeks.

There's a season why Don Quixote is ignoring Baby 5's attacks, and she is a brand new character. When it comes to ONE PIECE, it's best to try and avoid predicting events. This is a world where things aren't always as they appear, and part of the fun is in seeing Oda reveal why things are weird.

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Baby 5 may be a new character, but her powers remind me of a previous character. I think he was part of Baroque Works? I don't get why she needs powers when she has guns, or has guns when she has powers.

So let's get to the shocker of the episode. I kinda called it, but I did not see that exact twist coming. This has to be the tipping point. Ceaser turned a kid into a dragon, the dragon almost died due to a deadly gas, and then his father kills him, totally unaware of the truth. That's so messed up!

EDIT: There's yet another character Baby 5 reminds me of. There's a Fishman character in the Foxy Pirates arc that also has arm blades. This show loves arm blades!

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