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As basic as the gag about Nami flipping out on Sanji is, I suppose there actually is an extra level of humor there since we all saw that him changing the coat on her body was probably the least pervy thing he did while he was in control.

If I went back through the episode numbering, I’d probably find that the body-swapping sub-plot went on for a pretty long time. However, I still got enough of a kick out of it that I felt just a little disappointment when Law finally reversed his 'shambles' spell. The show really could have centered an entire arc around this gimmick alone. (They might still eventually revisit the gag, with different mixing and matching, somewhere further down the line, right?)

ONE PIECE strums different chords in my pop-cultural synesthesia at different times (as I’ve said repeatedly here). Occasionally, it reminds me of the elegantly-imaginative world building of a classic strip like LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND; and that was certainly the case this episode with the many shots lingering on the eerily serene, snowy ruins of Punk Hazard. When a show is as breathless in its plotting, you appreciate the moments it takes to stop and occasionally linger on its own fantasia. We all should ‘smell the roses’ from time to time, no?

Weirdly enough, I think this is the first time I’ve seen Brook use his very-Negative Man astral projection trick. I did a little outside snooping about it (having never got the proper introduction to the guy), and didn't realize until now... that his powers come from a Devil Fruit? Would one of you more learned fans give me the 411 on ol’ bonesy here? Those fruits really are the catch-all cause of power in this world, aren’t they?

Watch this episode, "Get to Building R! the Pirate Alliance's Great Advance!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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I love that moment when Sanji is happy it was his body that got injured and not Nami. His behavior with women can get annoying, but times like that make me proud of him.

You've seen Brook's astral projection at least once before, but it was sort of in the background of that filler arc with the Neo-Navy that aired before Punk Hazard. That's pretty much a new trick of his. You can be pretty sure if that someone has some wild power in this world that it comes from some Devil Fruit.

Alrighty, I'm going to drop some of my ONE PIECE knowledge. (Though, Brook's wiki page on the site is pretty well filled.) Roughly about 50 years ago, Brook was a pirate in the Rumbar Pirates. They were a crew who all loved music. At some point in his life, he ate the Revive-Revive devil fruit (Yomi Yomi no Mi). It was an odd devil fruit that while he was alive had no effect but made it so he couldn't swim.

Brook became captain of the crew after the original captain died of illness. While sailing through the foggy seas of the Folrian Triangle, the crew was attacked by an unknown enemy that used poisoned weapons. Everyone was infected. They gathered together to sing one last song together as they all died one after the other. Because of Brook's devil fruit, his soul returned from the land of the dead, but he couldn't find his ship and body in the foggy seas. By the time he did, his body was a skeleton. Unable to navigate the ship, Brook drifted along the Florian Triangle for 50 years alone.

It was during the two year time skip that Brook realized the source of his devil fruit powers. He remains alive due tot he power of his soul.

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Wait, Tom, you didn't at least consider that to be the case? You have Dr. Tony Tony Chopper, who ate a Devil Fruit that game him human characteristics, so why wouldn't the Devil Fruit be responsible for a man who is dead, and yet alive?

The rules are consistent in OP: either you train to become powerful or you become powerful through a Devil Fruit.

I also missed the original intro to Brook, but he explained a bit of his history an arc or two ago.

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@YotaruVegeta said:

The rules are consistent in OP: either you train to become powerful or you become powerful through a Devil Fruit.

It's normally both, having a fruit doesn't make someone super powerful. Luffy was really weak as a kid until he became creative and learned how to use his fruit. Kalifa from CP9 was probably weaker when she used her fruit since she had no idea what to do. Guys like Foxy were weak because they didn't train with their fruit and learn how to use it properly. Even logias have to train so they can become intangiable at all times, Smoker wasn't able to do it in Alabasta.

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I think you got a piece of that brook story wrong my friend wasn't it gecko moria who took brook's crews shadows?? so they couldn't leave the florian triangle??? which is the point of the thriller bark arc when luffy helped brook get his shadow back along with their own shadows of course otherwise they all would be stuck on thriller bark. I think it went like that but its been a while but im a 100 percent sure brook couldn't leave because of his shadow being taken.

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