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I hate ‘plothole spotters’ as much as you do, but it’s impossible not to step back for a moment and chuckle at the silliness of how this episode’s big twist hinges on the Strawhats being dim enough to need reminding about their own powers. Seriously, Franky’s been chained up this whole time, and he doesn’t think to use his heat vision until Law brings it up.

After that, it’s just… ZAPP! And everybody’s free from Caesar’s clutches in a matter of seconds.

Then again, maybe that’s the most sensible plot development of all. All you need to do is watch a few episodes of reality TV to see how human stupidity has no limits. It’s maybe more unrealistic to expect characters to be making logical decisions in most situations they find themselves in. (I feel like any guy who dresses like Franky probably has to be missing a few screws, anyway).

Once more, the show has a lot of villains bumping without making any reintroductions. I don’t have much to say because I don’t much have much context here, and that’s all right - - I know this is a long-running serial, and it bogs things down to constantly be dolling out exposition. However, this right here is a solid piece of evidence to demonstrate that any otaku who point fingers at superhero comics for being impenetrable due to continuity are pots calling kettles black.

Actually, I do want to note that I’m pretty tickled over how Killer’s design is basically Guy Manuel de Homem Christo with a MAD MASK make-over. There’s some chart floating around which breaks down all the celebrities that Oda modeled various ONE PIECE characters after. I can totally see how Franky is basically a super-heroic version of Ace Ventura, but getting from a Daft Punk DJ to a psycho pirate seems like a more zig-zaggy line of inspiration.

Watch this episode, "Launching the Counter Attack! Luffy and Law's Great Escape!here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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I think you are getting you criticisms mixed up, Tom.

The continuity in American comics is criticized by me because in order to follow it one has to buy multiple comic series in to follow one story and then after reading those stories the publisher will go and do a soft reset that changes some things, but not all things, and the reader spends the next few years having to catch up with what's changed - once again having to buy multiple series to stay current.

Sure, One Piece has a long continuity, but it also has a CONSISTENT continuity.

And if you look back at some episodes the characters frequently hold back their abilities or forget they have them. Oda's writing isn't perfect.

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Franky was asleep during much of his time in that cell. To use his powerful laser beam, he needs both of his hands free. What he used was a fireball he shoots from his mouth. It's not heat vision. They couldn't have made an earlier move, becasue Caesar and Vergo were watching them. Caesar could have just stopped them by removing the air again if they made any move. Franky knew that. Law doesn't want them to realize they've escaped yet. That's why he asked Franky to make a fire as a smokescreen.

I've never said that superhero comics are impenetrable. The fact they reboot every five or so years is what makes them less appealing. They're so concerned about capturing new readers that they're willing to toss the long time readers under the bus. Publishers claim they want people to be invested in what they call continuity. DC dropped decades of history for their New 52 reboot in the name of new readers and cleaning up continuity, and they screwed that up a few months later by now saying that everything only happened within a five year period. Someone explain to me how Batman could have gone through three "Boy Wonders" in five years and they are all now grown men, some who are nearly Bruce's age? Not to mention how Batman could have met Talia within said five years and have a kid with her that's 10 (or early teens).

I'm a fan of Mystique. I remember reading MANIFEST DESTINY. The way it ended for her made it seem as if there would be this huge change for her direction. She told Iceman that she would appear before him again before she jumped in the river. She disappeared from all comics for years. I anticipated her return, and see how she lived up on her promise. She didn't appear again until Matt Fraction's X-MEN UTOPIA. Not so much as a comment toward what she did then. All of that anticipation led to nothing.

Skypiea / Dressrosa Connection
Skypiea / Dressrosa Connection

Oda has blown me away once again with his continuity even this week. Currently, Usopp and Robin are 'captured' by a tribe of little people. They have a statue of Montblanc Noland in their village. 400 years ago, he aided their people and became a hero to them. Noland first appeared in ONE PIECE during a flashback segment during the Skypiea Arc, which was published in 2002-2003. During one part of the flashback, Noland is telling people back home about his adventures in the Grand Line. One of which is about an island of little people. That was just a single comment from ten years ago, and now we're seeing the connection.

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Braking out of jail in front of two guards with guns, isn't a good idea. I can see what would happen if Franky did that from the beginning, Caesar will take Franky air away and Vergo would crush Law's heart and they will be worse off (since the enemy know what they can do)

Caesar is the dumb one here, since he know Franky is a cyborg base on the Pacifista model :)

When I read Caesar, I always give him the Doctor Evil voice

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The reason you talk about the issues with continuity here and long running are why i don't watch this show as well as don't read superhero of the beginning attractions of anime to me was that it told stories with a beginning middle and end...of course that was back in the 90's when much of the long running never ending shoen stuff was not brought over. Honestly if I wasn't into anime all ready I am not sure if what is shown now would get me interested...

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of course that was back in the 90's when much of the long running never ending shoen stuff was not brought over.

The long running shonen shows was still coming out in the 90's over here. Also a lot of anime now a days only go up to 12 or 25 episodes, in the 90's the episodes can go up to 50 normally

  • DBZ
  • Pokemon
  • Digimon
  • Ranma 1/2
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Robotech

(I probably can name more)

one of the beginning attractions of anime to me was that it told stories with a beginning middle and end

Superhero comics does have a beginning middle and end stories (like Superman: Secret Identity or Watchman)

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Hmm didn't know those were out in the 90's I thought pokemon didn't come out in the US until later. I certainly didn't see it until later. *shrug* and yes comics can have shorter stories I just didn't know about them until the watchman movie came out...I buy them now I own watchman and most of Gamian's comics.

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It came out the same time as the game (in 1998), but it wasn't on kids WB until 1999 (can't believe I know all that without using a Wiki). Yes, all those show come out in the 90's (Robotech come out in the 80's, but they was still showing it in the 90's)

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Ah ok 1999 so almost not the 90's ;)

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It was 1998, it just wasn't known until 1999

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heh...if it didn't show on the wb until 1999 it wasn't shown in the US until 1999...which is what we are talking about here :)

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It did show up on WB in 1998 very early in the morning (before any kids was up), in 1999 it move up to the Kids WB block and that where it became popular

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Yeah, the whole Franky thing is dumb. I didn't know he could do that, but regardless, he could've done that sooner. On the other hand, maybe that's not enough to fight against Ceasar. He is made of gas. Also, they were all chained up, so they weren't free to fight at 100% even if they could escape the cage.

This episode did solidify the fact for me that Trafalgar Law is nothing to screw with. I really feel like he could take on several Devil Fruit users by himself, all at once. His power is so damn cool.

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tom done pissed off the nerds haha.

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