ONE PIECE #602 - - Special Review

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Maybe it’s because the notion of a WMD that’s essentially a colossal grape Fruit Gusher absolutely tickles my black heart, but this episode was very likely my favorite out of this whole “Punk Hazard” arc. At many turns, ONE PIECE seems like a demented Saturday morning cartoon, so having Caesar’s evil master plan look like something hatched from a commercial that’d actually run during one of those toons seem perfectly fitting. I mean, we all knew that shit would rot your teeth, sooner or later - - it only follows that it’d bleach you out of existence on the macro scale, wouldn’t it?

(Just to run this train of a thought a little further - - anybody else find it very easy to picture the Straw Hats running into Cap’n Crunch and aiding his war against the Soggies for an arc?)

That’s what this entire episode was focused on, wasn’t it? Our heroes manically fleeing for their lives across the snow as they’re being chased by the products of a giant pop rock experiment.

The only other notable thing that happened here was that mysterious note getting chucked at Chopper’s face and confirming all the hesitant thoughts he was just running through his head. It’s exactly the sort of ‘plot development’ that would’ve happened in second grade, come to think of it, so this episode was just pushing all sorts of buttons that made me think of that very specific time in my childhood.

At this point, I’m less curious about the identity of who was warning Chopper and more hopeful that the next stage of the arc will see the Straw Hats getting back at Caesar by slamming his secret Pog collection down.

Watch this episode, "The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction in History! Shinokuni!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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If I was to connect some dots. Comic Joker does have some similarities between Caesar Clown. I would think that Don Quixote would share more similarities with Nolan's Joker. Not in the mentally unstable, but in the fact he's scary. He's always been so mysterious and manipulative.

Funny enough, the mystery of who threw that note to Chopper still hasn't been explained. There are theories, but I don't think to could have possibly been Law. He was being watched too closely as the cage was falling outside. He would have had to of thrown it past Caesar and Vergo. He also can't use most of his powers without his Room.

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@FoxxFireArt: Ceaser Clown. to me, reminds me most of the 60s Joker from the TV series. He doesn't get his hands dirty as much as the Joker incarnations we are more familiar with. He ties up his adversaries and leaves them to die as he reveals his master plan.

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