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So… the joke is supposed to be that this ‘Vergo’ has an actual mutton chop hanging in front of his ear, right?

I’d ask if this was a character Oda came up with while rushing out of the office late on a Friday, but we all know that the notion of ‘office hours’ is wholly irrelevant to this guy. Instead, I might ask if Oda might as well be fail-proof in the eyes of his audience at this point. He can just pull anything out of his butt and expect it to be eaten right up on the strength of this staggering body of work behind him.

I’m sorry, but Vergo looks stupid. Not comical, not silly, not ridiculous - - stupid. Especially when the opening quarter of this episode casts him in moody shadows and accompanies him with ominous music to put him over as this heel that Law’s so terrified of. That barely worked with Buggy and it… just… doesn’t work here at all.

The episode was fun, otherwise. More of an intermediary step as we get further through this arc - - but that’s fine. Seeing our samurai finally reassemble himself actually managed some catharsis, and that’s honestly a little surprising given how he hasn’t ever that endearing this whole time. Hell, even when Sanji/Nami calls him out for being an ass (in more ways than one - - ay-oh!), you’re still holding out for the guy to get a little redemption after the countless humiliations he’s been through.

What amuses me the most, though, is how Smiley and his ‘Slimers’ feel like bad guys that’ve hopped straight out of a Super-Nintendo platformer. Especially the way that Smiley keeps spitting out these little critters, and how they keep smooshing together every time the Straw Hats slice into them. I was half-expecting Brook to hop over and collect a hundred rings for an extra life.

Watch this episode, "A Samurai Who Can Cut Fire! Foxfire Kin'emon!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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That isn't stuck to the ear of the character. Oda isn't the type of creator that plays a scene completely straight. A shadowy and intimidating figure looming over another is a bit too cliche for him. There needs to be a gag somewhere. He adds a twist and a quirk. Vergo's is that he has food on his face. Only rather than a crumb, it's a whole piece of hamburger. It doesn't stay there long.

You should have seen the discussions that spawned from his introduction in the manga. Poeple were speculating up and down about what that is on his face, becasue in the manga version it wasn't so clear. Some suspected that maybe he's a devil fruit user that part of his power is things sticking to him. In the end, all the overly complicated theories of fans were wrong, and Oda had tricked a large portion of the audience into debating and disecting what was essentially a "you got something on your face" joke.

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LOL! Vergo may look stupid, but he is powerful. He is not like Buggy

I really do like Oda giving his villains silly gags

I might ask if Oda might as well be fail-proof in the eyes of his audience at this point.

Oda isn't perfect and Vergo isn't that stupid next to the ones that came before him "cough Wanze cough"

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What are you talking about?, Vergo is awesome xD, yeah he looks stupid, but in my case those kind of things don't annoy me anymore, maybe it's because I am already used to Oda's ridiculous/strange/stupid/interesting/ugly characters designs after hundreds of episodes.

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yep its just a gag. I think the gag is vergo forgets things or doesn't notice out right noticeable things that he should?? the whole hamburger being on the side of his face without noticing was not too weird for me seeing as oda has introduced waayyyy higher levels of weirder characters than vergo.

Vergo is pretty bad ass seriously I read the manga id have to say he reminds me of the terminator lol.

you want out right stupid?? how about an owl man enemy with a jet pack on his back that makes lame jokes and is taken seriously? (fairy tale)

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I'm glad people know this character, because I sure as hell don't. I was thinking that this guy has meat permanently stuck to his face, like some freak gum-gum related accident. I'm glad that he constantly doesn't have that on his face.

That's what I get for skipping hundreds of episodes! We almost never get to see what the villains get to eat, so I guess it's good that there is some representation. Wait, is the food on his face a representation of what he actually eats?


Speaking of people with dumb things on their head,

Takkou Ishimori, you will be missed!

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You can always check the main ONE PIECE page on Anime Vice. I've written condensed summaries of all the current canon arcs on that page. That should get you up to speed on all the big events that led up to now.

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@YotaruVegeta: Vergo is a new character, this is the first time he's been introduced in the anime. It's just that most of us read the manga too, so we've already seen this stuff.

Post by YotaruVegeta (652 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Petiew: Ohhhh!

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