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Hah… there’s a pointed character-through-action moment right there, huh? Caesar goes on this hysterical, megalomaniacal rant about how he’s going to unleash his diabolic scientific genius on the world, and we viewers are preparing for the usual fade-to-black with a swell of ominous music. But then, squeezed into the very last seconds of running time, there’s Luffy jumping in for an ever-so-direct bear hug, like a dog humping this super-villain’s leg.

Actually, likening Luffy to a canine is apt in more ways than one. I see his unstoppable single-mindedness in this episode and I can’t help but think of the Joker’s little aside about being a “dog chasing cars” in THE DARK KNIGHT. We all know Luffy doesn’t have any lucid plans guiding his actions - - the search for the One Piece is just a vague pretext, as we’ve repeatedly establish. He just acts repeatedly on his compulsion to adventure and do-gooding. That's all there is to him.

Now, I appreciate that forceful nature colliding with Caesar because I’ve been given however many episodes this season to see him for the rat bastard, sack-of-shit he is. It’s a cathartic moment, seeing this ‘master’ get even just a little of the comeuppance that’s coming to him. Conversely, I get the sense that long-time viewers would be getting a similar rush out of the fight with Smoker, but I just don’t feel anything for it. I’m sure there was some previous arc that established bitter feelings between the two and subsequently left that bitterness unresolved, but… as you know… I just wasn’t around for it.

I’d like to call on your more learned ONE PIECE veterans, though. We’re about three episodes away from the 600 episode, now, of course. Is this show one to make much of a hoodoo about anniversaries like that? Should I just expect that Episode #600 will be a super-sized, spectacular conclusion to this “Punk Hazard” arc… or will it just be another regular episode?

Watch this episode, "On the Verge of Annihilation! a Deadly Monster Comes Flying In!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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That guy looks like a weird anime cross up Orochimaru, Curse Seal 3 Sasuke, and the Joker from the Batman cartoon.

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Like most animes that follow the manga, the number of the episode never really has any correlation to a significant event since they differ from chapter number they relate to. Also the arc is far from 3 episodes till done. Luffy's first encounter with the main enemy rarely is a stage-setter for their final conflict/battle (as is typical fair for One Piece Arcs). No doubt however, this is the point where I feel like the arc picks up in action and "getting on with it" in general.

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I've been waiting for this arc in animated form anyway, because reading the comic/manga there were so many head scratching moments, and I damn near face palmed every time I saw a flippin diagram indicating where the hell everyone was at every 3 pages.

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You think the arc will end at episode 600?? Dude, this is only the mid way point of the arc. I wouldn't expect this arc will be as long as Fish-Man Island. Right now, Luffy only wants to capture Caesar for the heck of it. By the end of this arc, Luffy will hate Caesar Clown, and the reaction is appropriately intense. Luffy always pulls out the big guns for villains he hates.

ONE PIECE also isn't a series that puts a lot of emphasis on landmark numbers. Episode 500 was just and average episode.

Smoker and Luffy's issues date way back to Loguetown (Ep. 53). Luffy is the first pirate to ever escape him, and he's been chasing after him ever since. It's a hard thing to follow someone in the Grand Line. More so when Luffy doesn't exactly follow any real pattern. They clashed again in Alabasta, but Luffy ordered Zoro to save Smoker's life when they were both drowning in one of Sir Crocodile's traps. It always pissed Smoker off that the Navy command gave Smoker all the credit for Crocodile's defeat when it was Luffy who did it. The government didn't want word getting out that pirates were the heroes.

Smoker and Luffy clashed again during the war on Marineford. This time, Luffy was saved by Boa Hancock. Luffy has never won a battle against Smoker. He's always had to be saved by someone or run away. Now, Luffy stands a fighting chance with armament haki. That's how he was able to grab Tashigi, in Smoker's body; and Caesar Clown.

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No. Unlike comic books, an episode in multiples of 100 does not get a special episode. I know a podcast that picked a milestone episode of anime like that, and nothing special is going on.

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