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The part where Luffy, Franky and Robin speed down from the sky as some sort of composite human/rubber blockbuster missile provoked in me one of the stranger mixtures of surprise, humor, excitement and… mild disgust that I’ve experienced whilst watching anime. It’s a crowd-pleasing moment, to be sure. It makes you want to pump your fist for the Straw Hats’ inexhaustible boldness, and then laugh out loud over Law’s sneaky plan getting so loudly botched… but it’s also kind of a plainly revolting sight to see Luffy’s face contorted like that.

Well, we all know that crossing wires, mixing signals and pushing different buttons at once has been ONE PIECE’s bag since day one. You just never, ever get used to it.

All right, all right… I’ll lay off trying to understand ONE PIECE’s place in pop culture this time and just enjoy the show for what is.

My other favorite part this episode was when Brook’s little mini-crew stepped on the samurai’s frozen face a whole bunch of times before realizing he was there. There’s nothing funnier than pride taking a fall, and it’s been endlessly amusing to see this arrogant, old fashioned noble warrior get taken down a peg, over and over. His body’s been maimed, his face has been rearranged like a Janga puzzles, he’s had to take orders from a woman… and I’ll bet there are just oodles more indignities to come.

Third favorite moment was Law carrying around Chopper in a cute little nap-sack. Honestly, is that a kind of fan service? The show goes as much out of its way to show lil’ Tony in adorable, pet-like scenarios as to show Nami’s dangerous curves. They’re maybe twice as funny, and three times as cute, since we all know he can Hulk out into a savage, muscular beast at any moment. It’s just what GREMLINS would be like if Gizmo could freely switch back and forth from his Mogwai form.

Ahhhh… and I love Gizmo. I used to have a Gizmo plushie. Squee! I want you all to man up and be honest, now - - how many of you have a Chopper plushie in your posssesion?

Watch this episode, "Capture M! the Pirate Alliance's Operation Launches!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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There are some who believe that Chopper exists to be merchandise. She's a very toy-centric character. Someone I know went to Japan not that long ago. Not only was he surprised at how much ONE PIECE merchandise there is everywhere you go. He was also shocked that he saw a guy in a business suit with a Chopper case for his smartphone on the train.

It can be fun just to see how Law reacts to Luffy's actions. He makes for a great straight man. He seriously underestimated Luffy's actions. He's not the guy you give the subtle mission to. He will always run in head first unless you very specifically tell him why he shouldn't. He tried to be sneaky in Impel Down. It just didn't work out that well, becasue he was on his own.

You could probably compare some of ONE PIECE's characters to GREMLINS 2. Some of the powers of the devil fruit sort of line up with all those genetically altered gremlins.

I'm really looking forward to the next episode. That should have a great moment between Luffy and Smoker. It's his reaction to Smoker in Tashigi's body.

My favorite Brook group moment was their images of yetis. Saji will always think pretty girl, and Zoro will always imagine a swordsman.

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This episode was really funny. If I really look at it, barely anything actually happened. The chess pieces were just moved closer to one another. Still, this episode held my attention better than a lot of shows where "nothing" happened.

Really Tom, you were a bit gnarled at Luffy's face? I was more creeped out by Robin's wings. It was super cool, but think about it: her wings were made by what I've always assumed are perfectly real-feeling and looking human hands. Eww, gross. Could you imagine if someone drew that in detail? That would be something out of a horror film!

Yeah, the samurai having to swallow his pride is so great. I love when you get to feel a bit for the Straw Hat hengers-on as they continue through an arc. Even this samurai guy, who we probably wont see after his time here, is interesting because of his plight and his obsolete philosophy.

Another funny thing in this ep was Sanji-Nami talking about how delicate Nami's body is, but he's still gotta smoke! That's one hell of a habit.

I could totally see Chopper in a bag being sold as merchandise. Absolutely. I'd buy a figure with Trafalgar carrying him around.

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