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I figured that the body-swapped Straw Hats had actually exchanged their uniquely-stylized eyes to signify who was in whose body but, to be honest, I wasn’t playing close enough attention to the details to know for sure. As such, now that some of them have been restored to normal, it’s a little validating to see that suspicion confirmed. Indeed, it’s even funnier to realize how Franky’s bugged-out, roided-up peepers were on Chopper’s cut lil’ face, or how Nami’s especially doey eyes are now blinking under Sanji’s perverted brows.

Some of you are likely saying, “Well… duh,” over this particular observation, so I’ll take this opportunity to once again liken a lot of ONE PIECE’s plotting to tropes of modern superhero comics. Oda’s collected so many figures into the toy box at this point that I reckon a lot of the appeal lays in the simple, continual rearranging of those toys. That is, you can attract several episodes worth of interest by simply mixing and matching the main heroes’ voices; and you can also make a whole plot point out of a blatant tease like the part where Law’s conversation about the Emperor gets drowned out by the winter winds.

For long-time viewers, the fun lies in all the speculation that clue invites - - all of you debating which toy in the toybox is being talked about. For new viewers, like myself, it’s almost as distracting a tease as the parts where the Bride’s real name is bleeped out in KILL BILL.

Anyway, on a less “pop cultural” note, I’ve got to say that Caesar Clown has grown a lot of more menacing since he’s been revealed as this perverted drug dealer. I don’t care if the real “master plan” is to create an army of giants (even if we have seen how badly that can go in ATTACK ON TITAN) - - he’s a creep with a laugh/tick that’s actually creepier the more he uses it. He’s seriously given off a “John Wayne Gacey in ONE PIECE” vibe, now.

Also, the “trust play” between Luffy and Law had to be one of the most legitimately funny gags in this whole show.

“Hey Law - - are you going to betray me?”


“See? Good enough!”

You can't help but a love a hero who just revels in his own naivete, right?

Watch this episode, "Formed! Luffy and Law's Pirate Alliance!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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I'm on it every Saturday.

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The trust game between Luffy and Law was a great gag. I love that he's just so trusting. He's so innocent that he thinks everyone is as honest as himself. Though, how can you deny that honestly funny gag of Chopper being tied to Law's head. That image as almost taken on a life of it's own.

I would never go so far as to compare ONE PIECE to modern super hero comics. Modern super hero comics do little more than go in endless circles. They change things for the sake of boosting sales. Marvel even admitted they were going to do a death every quarter becasue of the sales increases. Oda's creation sells more than most of Marvel and DC's books combined.

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@FoxxFireArt: That has to be one of the best gags since the timeskip. Law's faces are always priceless.

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I don't think the comparison to Kill Bill is appropriate. For those who haven't read the manga and already know (ME) it could just be someone new, a hated villain, someone who's dead and has somehow come back from the grave, someone who was long exiled, etc. I'm guessing it's Blackbeard because, dude, he's a total dick.

In Kill Bill, who cares what The Bride's name is, really? We just want to know why she was killed and how/if she's going to get her revenge.

@FoxxFireArt: I wouldn't totally compare OP to superhero comics, but there are so many little pieces of what can be found in those comics that feel like they were transplanted into OP, with Oda secret sauce added. He LOVES villainous clowns! Just a coincidence? I think Oda draws inspiration from a lot of stuff, and that's why his designs and characters are so incredibly varied.

I would like you to cite where Marvel said they were killing people just to boost sales.

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