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Ah c’mon… I know that nobody ever dies in the world of ONE PIECE, but that was a total cop-out. It was such a dramatic, harsh and, dare I say, cool moment. Trafalgar pulls the cruelest slight-of-hand by swapping Smoker’s consciousness with his subordinate’s at the precise moment that he’s about to die? That’s got the panache of a classic Joker- esque practical joke.

You’re so upset about your boss dying? Fine, he’ll get to live on - - through you!” Or something to that effect. == TEASER --

Well,it might as well have been a shell game he was playing with this hearts, because I guess he threw a new one into the exchange faster than you could see it. Maybe I’m just bagging on this because it’s not as fun as the 4X4 switcheroo he pulled off with the Straw Hats, but… still… c’mon…. it’s a cop-out.

Watching this episode right after #2, it’s hard not to smirk bemusedly about how Nami has evolved. Look, I’m not prudish about this stuff, but there’s no skirting around the fact that, in the current show, the most salient aspect of the character is now her bodacious rack. She’s either wearing a teeny-tiny bikini top, or somebody’s ogling her cleavage, or there are a multi-episode sub-plots (such as this one) that are almost entirely focused on her getting felt up by a guy who’s in control of her body.

Again, it’s all harmless and cheeky humor. However, I guess ONE PIECE only gets a pass for this kind of thing because it’s a funny, foreign show. If this happened in an American comic or cartoon, you can only imagine how many offended blogs would be written about it.

(And I would’ve loved to have been around during the timeskip that saw her just leaping through this part of puberty; if only just to hear the reactions from the audience).

Watch this episode, "Meeting Again After Two Years! Luffy and Law!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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If you think that was a cop-out, then wait for the other half of the arc :)

The anime really drag on that scene out

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Yeah, Nami's "artistic character development" after the timeskip is actually my biggest disappointment with the show to date, albeit a minor one. I was always happy OP never had the blatant excessive fanservice 90% of most anime do today but when i saw Nam's new F cups? i said to i guess no anime is safe from the stigma of fan-catering.

It doesn't hurt her character all that much its just more of a distraction and just serves no practical purpose imo as she was rarely one to flaunt her goodies, even to her own advantage. This is something that i have always admired about OP not oversexualizing female characters to help them with silly plot points or gags.

I really wonder why Oda decided to do that to Nami, i actually thought as slim as the character designs are breast sizes were pretty much at their i guess i was wrong

Nico Robin always seemed to pull off the fanservice with a more elegant / mature sense of style....or maybe thats just me

Ultimately it's obvious why this was done i was just surprised Oda made what i feel to be an excessive move on a character that was already pretty....desired?.....and cool

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That wasn't a cop-out. It's actually a set up for something much later. Tashigi just didn't realize Smoker was still alive. If you're altered by Trafalgar Law's powers it doesn't matter what he does to the body. You'll still be alive. It's the same way Tashigi and Kin'emon were still alive after being chopped up. He's a Modification Man.

Before the time skip, Nami was 18. Now. she's 20. Oda doesn't do a lot of fan service in ONE PIECE. Also, the anime tends to over exaggerate many scenes. Though, I will admit that scene was one of my most anticipated of this arc.

Again, it’s all harmless and cheeky humor. However, I guess ONE PIECE only gets a pass for this kind of thing because it’s a funny, foreign show. If this happened in an American comic or cartoon, you can only imagine how many offended blogs would be written about it.

Sort of the Benny Hill effect? It just feels that other cultures aren't as uptight about occasional sexual humor. I don't think comics can get away with moments like this becasue very few comics have much comedy. Marvel, DC, and many other publishers are too overly serious. ONE PIECE has just as many jokes as it does shonen action.

I love that moment when Luffy freaks out thinking Franky is attacking Nami.

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ehh since im here. a lil fun pic

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Nami's old designs were so much better. I still dislike her design in the manga, but the anime makes it 10x worse. Her and Robin's boobs always look so ridiculous and comical.
I kind of prefer Oda not killing characters very much. I hate when authors just kill characters left and right that I don't care about or have had no purpose in the story, just to try and get some emotional reaction. There'd really be no point in Smoker dying here, and I think it'd just feel cheap. It'd be a waste of a character that could go on to do much more.
That said, Pell surviving a bomb to the face is one of the worst things Oda has ever done. That was cheap and ridiculous in the same way I think most deaths end up being.
Oda dislikes killing characters since it kind of ruins the mood, and it means there can't be a party after the arc.
Since he's so reluctant to do so, when Oda actually killed off characters in the present time it made it more impactful than if he'd done in 3-4 times before. Those deaths were pretty damn brutal too.
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i'LL agree with foxx fire there. it wasnt a cop out. Its just more on the fact that you didnt know the guy's power before hand. i suppose anyone would have thought he was dead not knowing many details about law. but yes its part of his powers. Hints the reason why smokers heart was still pumping when he took it out of him. you'll see it wasnt a cop out if you keep watching this arc. smoker isnt the only heart that law plays with(no pun intended).

and yes id say bleach and one piece have alot in common with deaths. id say only past characters died and not current would be sorta correct. except for the death of luffy's bro and white beard which were probably the onlycurrent deaths in one to date. oh and gecko moria.

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@jj_jackson said:

 oh and gecko moria.

Moria didn't die, he vanished before Doflamingo managed to kill him.
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Well, uh, most of what happens in anime isn't going to fly in somewhere like America, where we pretend to hate sexual content.

One Piece is baby stuff in terms of titillating content. Literally kids stuff.

Yeah, Smoker still being alive is so damn weird, even if you try to hand-wave it with supernatural logic. He didn't look like he was in good shape!

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