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My write-up for the last episode might’ve been misunderstood a little. I definitely am won over to ONE PIECE’s breed of gleeful insanity, and I so enjoy the experience of just vacationing in the New World for 30 minutes every Wednesday that it’s really become something I look forward to every week.

However, there is a whole spectrum of ways to enjoy an anime. Some are great for provoking discussion and analysis, and others are great to just sit back and enjoy without over-thinking. It’s the former that’s really best suited for this column, though. To use a recent example, there have been some episodes of PSYCHO-PASS which I haven’t been overwhelmingly entertained by (whose cop show structuring has been boring at times, actually), but they’ve always provided plenty to talk about.

Doing these write-ups for new ONE PIECE have felt somewhat akin to reviewing a trip through a roller-coaster ride or a pick-up basketball game I played with some friends. Certainly, I enjoy both experiences, but the act of trying to break them down and evaluate them like I’d do for any other review is at best, difficult to find the words for, and, at worst, a rather frumpy exercise.

We talk about the ROCK/SUCK Meter sometimes on the Vice Pit, and saying anything qualitative between those two extremes when discussing a given ONE PIECE episode feels silly. Nami making the conscientious decision to go back and protect the giant kids? ROCK. Brook’s snow man-making session and subsequent duel with a disembodied torso? ROCK. The absurdity of the banana boat Usopp conjures to travel to the opposite end of Punk Hazard? ROCK

Despite what I said last time, I'm hanging in with the show. But hopefully you understand me, here. What more is there to say, really?

Watch this episode, "Save the Children! the Straw Hats Start to Fight!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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I'm sure there's stuff to talk about, you just have to look at it differently, or try writing about different things. I kind of felt the same way when you tried out Space Brothers. There are anime blogs that can discuss slice of life anime and say something interesting about an episode. I don't see why you can't do that Tom. I mean go ahead watch and write about whichever anime you want, it's just frustrating to always hear you going, "WELL, there was almost nothing to talk about."

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I've been waiting for this scene since I read it.
I've been waiting for this scene since I read it.

I'm happy to see this review up. ONE PIECE is a wild journey. Oda always throws you a new world with every island. It often times doesn't make any sense, but slowly he'll start to explain how things work. You will get that with these weird centaurs, and those are going to get stranger.. This episode had one of my most anticipated moments of this arc. I love that scene when Nami puts her foot down and demands they save the children.

Who knew Robin had such an adorable imagination?
Who knew Robin had such an adorable imagination?

It's good to know you're going to still follow the series even if you don't review them in articles, Tom. I've updated the AV database. If there is a character you want to know more about. I've made sure their wiki profile is filled out. Just type in the name, and you should find what you need.

This arc is definitely something to experience. It's going to get really weird soon. Even I'm not sure yet how I'm going to handle is since I update the episode database. You'll understand when that happens. Just wait till you see the new Warlord in action. That's going to be an awesome fight, and it shouldn't be too long from now.

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I get it. To just say "that was cool" isn't worth creating an article. Still, In my mind you could find a bit to talk about here. Like what the hell is going on with these kids? Why are they in this facility? You could also take guesses on who the identity of the samurai is; the guy mentioned in the original call for help. Is it the mysterious Boss, or is it the puzzle piece samurai?

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