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OK, before we get started, I’d ask you ONE PIECE experts to clear a couple things up for me. Since the Straw Hats are rather pointedly divided into those who’ve eaten Devil Fruit and those who haven’t, am I right in assuming that Luffy’s Gum Gum Fruit is a type of Devil Fruit and anybody who eats a Devil Fruit gets powers unique to the type they’ve eaten? And since they make another point about keeping Devil Fruit eaters out of the Shark Submersible, am I also right in inferring that the price of these powers is a vulnerability to salt water, or perhaps something else lurking within the high sea?

I feel like the latter possibility would be really necessary, since Luffy’s seemed otherwise free of vulnerabilities to anything aside from his insatiable appetite…

Of the many (and sometimes dubious) bits of praise I can give to Oda, I’d say he deserves some kudos for making an interesting gimmick/power out of what at first seems like dodgy anatomy. The new bad guy’s extra arm bones kept tripping me out every time there’d be a new angle - - it kept looking like a mistake in drawing. However, once he literally knocked all the wind out of Luffy with his spinning lariat attack (or whatever it was), the switch flipped in my head and the triple-joints started looking a really clever gimmick (albeit a peculiar one).

Having seen these Straw Hats in action for long enough, I can reiterate my choice of Brook as a favorite. Even in a world as out-and-out ludicrous as this, a rock-and-roll skeleton swordsman is just that much more delightfully absurd. Tony Tony Chopper’s a close second, though, so this seems like as good a time as any to request an informal poll from you loyal lunatics.

Who’s your favorite Straw Hat? Go on and share your choices in the talkback, and we’ll get the votes tallied next week.

Watch this episode, "Z's Ambition! a Dark and Powerful Army!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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This new villain Shuzo's arms isn't actually a power. He's from a tribe of humans found in the world called the "longarm tribe". That guy with the long legs from Big Mom's crew. He's from the "longleg tribe". The attacks Shuzo was using is from a martial arts technique that was developed for the Marines to combat devil fruit users. It's call the Six Powers. Sanji's Air Walk technique is based on that, and Luffy's Gear Second is based on these techniques.

As far as the poll. Luffy is just awesome. I find myself cheering during his fights. However, Robin is so mature and sexy. Zoro is so bad-ass at times. I love that line he gave to Hyouzou in their fight, "You couldn't kill my boredom.".

It's a bit weird that the movie these events tie into is being released this weekend, and there are still two more episodes left in this prologue arc. Punk Hazard arc wont begin until January.

Concerning Devil Fruits

There is only one type of devil fruit each and no more. The price of the great power that comes with the devil fruit is that you can't swim at all and they will sink like a hammer. In sea water the devil fruit user will be weakened and drown. There is a type of steel call Sea Prism Stone that has minerals of the sea in it. If put on a devil fruit user, they can't use their powers and are weakened. The World Government and Marines use handcuff and chains made of Sea Stone to hold devil fruit users.

There are three general types of devil fruits. There are Paramecia, which are more organic types. This is the type that Luffy, Robin, and Brook ate. This changes the make up of the body, but they are still solid.

There is the Zoan, which are animal types. These are a bit unique since there are several class or model of animals. ( ie there are several types or models of dog, cat, or other animals.) Chopper ate the Zoan fruit called the Human-Human Fruit. That's why he can talk. Most Zoan have three levels of transformation. Original form, animal form, and a hybrid form. Chopper uses his Rumble Ball drug to create more hybrid forms.

Logia types are the most powerful. These are elemental type devil fruits. The body of the person basically comes a mass of light, fire, ice, or lightning. Physical attacks will pass right through their bodies.

Normally, if a devil fruit user was to try and eat another devil fruit. They would die. Somehow, The pirate Blackbeard discovered a way he can steal the powers of other devil fruits. He currently has his Dark-Dark Fruit powers and stole the Quake-Quake powers from Whitebeard's corpse.

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I'm not sure if oda had anything to do with shuzo since he is a filler character and all. And yes as this guy ^ pointed out devil fruit eaters are incredibly weakened and disadvantaged by the sea.

I know your not familiar with aokiji One of the admirals of the navy and one of the strongest guys in one piece. but he is actually the only one i have seen who has survived being in the water and thats simply because he is a logia ice type and he just freezes the the water on impact.

Zoro would have to be my favorite one piece character.I swear if you took the time to watch the whole one piece you would see just how much bad ass he is. Two of my fav moments is this and zoros famous"absolutley nothing" line

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Even though I no longer watch One Piece, I have to give credit to Oda for coming up with some awkward abilities that wind up being interesting to see. Of course there are the usual elemental powers, but characters like Luffy, Buggy, and Robin can sometimes steal the show..

In terms of my favorite Straw Hat it's Luffy if the choice is based purely off of action and Robin if it's based off of personality. Robin's power is pretty strong in context, but it's not as flashy as some of Luffy's attacks.

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Zoro is badass, I like it a lot but my favorite Straw Hat is Franky, that crazy cyborg that wears a speedo, I like how his body is full of weapons and stuff that sometimes come from the most unexpected places, I also like him because of the awesome vehicles that he created for the crew that transform into the General Franky.

In my opinion he is the fourth strongest Straw Hat after the monster trio. His battle against Fukurou was very funny and I loved how he owned that giant General Zombie in the Thriller Bark Arc.

Tom I hope you continue watching One Piece, the next arc is really entertaining (even if the animation is bad I think almost everyone will enjoy it).

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That Zoro moment is awesome, but it's hard to beat when Luffy finally decked that Celestial Dragon bastard. I'm surprised his head was still attached.


The new attack Luffy pulled out this week is a step above what he's done before.

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I love the part when Zoro look like he was flying, oh anime :)

I do hope the anime don't mess up VA Momonga

My favorite Straw Hat is a tie between Roronoa Zoro and Franky, Zoro for his awesomeness and Franky for his strangeness

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Zoro. I’m a samurai guy.

All the Straw Hat Pirates are great, regardless. I wouldn’t be watching the show otherwise.

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Sanji, the guy has class... well most of the time.

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Tie between Franky and Robin for me. You can't beat a badass soda-powered cyborg. Unless you're a sexy lady who can multiply her body parts of course.

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Usopp is my favourite. Everyone seems to overlook him though and even in the official popularity polls he often gets beaten out by non-Strawhats.
He's the most human character in what's basically a group of monsters. Luffy is a powerhouse, trained by a legendary marine with the King's disposition. Usopp is just a kid with a slingshot. When they marched on Arlong park you knew that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji were going to destroy their opponents. Usopp didn't really have a chance but after remembering what they did to Nami he manned up and took out Chew. Lots of people probably hate him because of Water 7 but that arc just made me like him more.
  Still one of my favourite moments. Usopp has a ton of them.
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zoro for the win baby,followed by sanji and franky ofcourse!!

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@Petiew: Though Usopp is not my go-to for the Win!, I would back him in any other discussion. Beyond his keen marksmanship and ingenious spontaneity for gadgetry (resourcefulness), Usopp has a LOT of heart, and would go so far as to say that he has as much heart as Luffy. His role in the Water 7 arc was indeed rough, but it helped his maturation and growth into the adept “Warrior of the Sea” he has become.

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@RoninAutomaton: Yeah you hit the nail on the head, that's what really appeals to me about Usopp. On a physical level Usopp is comparitively weak to everyone else. But he makes up for it with his resourcefulness. Although he didn't get very far he showed it off well in the fight against Luffy. 
Like you said Usopp has as much heart as even Luffy. He knows he doesn't have the same strength or even odds to survive as Luffy and Zoro but he'll still fight. (Eventually anyway) That's probably why I think he's such a good character.
I agree with your first comment that every character is likeable, and I'm a fan of Zoro too.
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It’s Sanji for me

He’s just a cool laid back, lady lovin kinda guy and he is so damn FUNNY.

He has always been one of the backbone characters for the entire series and he is probably the character I would like to be if I could be any of em (No devil fruit powers for me tbh).

He is not the strongest of the cru and I’ll admit his one hot foot feels kinda lame at times but he and luffy ALWAYS put the biggest smile on my face.

Wish I could find a better video to capture his swag but this one is not bad.

Oh and we also did a Podcast Special On One Piece…talking about it for HOURS lol

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Zoro and Luffy are all time favorites of mine, as to a lot of people. They are more... unique characters than any in the series. Hell they are unique to pretty much any character. Sure Luffy is almost purely based off of Goku, but there are very slight but noticable differences in them. Zoro's just a bad ass so that speaks for itself xD

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Not one mention of Al Pacachino? Best name in probably all of One Piece! It had me rolling when I heard it!

My favorite OP character? Damn, that's hard. I think I love them all so much that the vote is split! I'm going to land my finger on...Nami! Why?

1. Nami is the (sometimes) straight woman to all her goofball crewmates.

2. She seems to have a secret power to grow breasts out of nowhere (maybe she's just a late bloomer).

3. Like a lot of female characters in One Piece, she's not just there to be a pretty face. She's not only the most useful crew member, but also one of the most intelligent (I would say Franky and Robin are the other of the top 3).

4. She's OG. Much respect.

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