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I talk a little about this in the Vice Pit episode that’s going up later today, but I’ve got to say that the interview Foxxfireart forwarded to me has inescapably underlined my enjoyment of this episode with some somberness.

Basically, Oda claims that he works 21 hours every day - - going to bed at 2AM and waking at 5AM - - to make ONE PIECE at the pace that’s made it the #1 phenom that is. I’ve seen reports on the kind of inhuman schedules that mangaka keep up, certainly, but I’ve also seen blurbs about Oda making upwards of $20 million a year off of ONE PIECE. I really assumed that the guy would be able to delegate enough duties to assistants by that point and make the job a lot easier for himself.

No matter how different the work ethic is in Japan, I find it fundamentally impossible to believe that any human being could be cartooning at all times like that. However, since I haven’t researched this too deeply, I’m not ready to call BS on any claims he might be exaggerating. So, taking at face value this guy’s stated wish to get some time to go outside, anywhere, as an indication that he’s actually trapped in this lifestyle, I can't help but see all this frolicking pirate fun as the product of something very unhealthy.

(I mean, how many years is this guy probably taking off his life with that kind of sleep deprivation? How pointless is all that ONE PIECE royalty if he can’t even get outside?)

As much as I’d like to center this on how charming the “micromacro” borrower girl is, or on how fun the freaky and fantastical weather in the New World is, or on how Luffy’s ridiculously touristy t-shirt made me snicker… I’m honestly more interested in getting to bottom of this, because it’s seriously bursting my beach ball here. Any of you more learned lunatics care to reassure me about this?

Watch this episode, "Z's Ambition! Lily the Little Giant!!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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i have actually read the same thing on more than one site!and to be honest i find it to be true as the guy is obsessed with one piece!

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Oda really loves One Piece. I remember reading that even on his breaks he still works on it just so he can get ahead on his workload.
His wife has got it covered though. There've been more breaks over the past few years
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It's incredible (incredibly frightening) to see that kind of dedication. Oda must have life figured out to maintain that ridiculous lifestyle. Or maybe it's just a well guarded mangaka secret.

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Oda doesn't necessarily have to be drawing or writing to be making One Piece. Since One Piece basically seems like his life it probably mean that he is thinking about One Piece for most of his time awake.

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I'm sad, I really want to talk about the new filler. Also Oda need to put One Piece on hiatus (I can live without it for two or three months) and take a break. Yoshihiro share some of your hiatus with Oda LOL!

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It's a bit hard to tell if that was the truth about that work schedule. Oda is a bit known for hyperbole. I don't know if you've ever seen the ONE PIECE manga, Tom; but he also answers questions from the readership in every volume. It's called the SBS Question Corner. I don't think any other manga creator does that.

A ONE PIECE store was recently opened in a Japanese mall. It's one store dedicated to ONE PIECE merchandise. Has there ever been an entire store dedicated to a single comic series?

The series did have a one month hiatus after Ch. 597. He had originally asked his editor for a three week break, but he was given four.

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I'd be more concerned for people who have to work ungodly hours on someone else's work for less money than they deserve. By now, Oda isn't just some whipping boy. One of the One Piece movies made millions at the box office, didn't it? Like, a year ago?

Anyway, I liked the tiny tiny fruit character. It would be cool if she was a new crew member. Her power is pretty standard. The explanation of what she does with her powers are almost nearly out of the Hank Pym handbook. Adding that she was originally a giant is a nice touch. Also, that she's not afraid to burst out of someone's stomach. Not something a Marvel or DC hero would be up to. Ultimate Marvel, maybe.

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