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Thanksgiving was last week (if you hadn’t noticed), and ONE PIECE wound up getting lost in the holiday shuffle (if you hadn’t noticed). And that feels appropriate, somewhat.

I’m not usually one to shy away from drawing tenuous comparisons in these write-ups, but this time, I’ll leave it to you more clever lunatics to figure out the precise wording of a comparison between filler and stuffing. Even without a properly pithy analogy handy, I’ll still say that the idle pace of this episode made me think of the kind of quaint, bloated lethargy that follows your typical T-Day dinner.

I mean, c’mon, let’s be real - - the Strawhats have been bidding farewell to the fishermen for the past month straight. Lately, the appeal of this show has been more about just hanging out with your old, fictional pals than it’s been about watching any plot advance.

Maybe that sounds a little detached. Well, my commentary on ONE PIECE is probably always going to be as such. Coming into the show in the piecemeal fashion that I have, there’s really going to be no utterances of “Ah-ha!” from me when the callbacks come up for eccentric naval captains and pirate lords with beards of various colors.

Likewise, when I see Luffy and his pals all making a pinky promise to rejoin the mermaid queen someday, I’m less moved by the friendship being reasserted as I am just simply amused by the show setting up another loose end that very probably won’t be addressed again until episode #673 or #773 (taking all the recent, long-due cameos as the show’s M.O.).

One thing I’ll speak from the heart about (instead of the head) is the theme song. Not sure if I’ve said it before, but the “Ich! Ni! Sun-Shine!” chorus is so infectiously grin-inducing. It immediately makes me think of good times at the beach with the friends, and - - as stated just before - - that’s exactly what the hook of this kooky highseas superhero adventure boils down to

.Watch this episode, "Finally Time to Go! Goodbye, Fish-Man Island!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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why not read the manga...the pace of the story is so much better!!

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I dropped One Piece about a year ago because of how stretched out events were. It looks like not much has changed. I don't want to waste my time seeing slow pans and drawn out redundant dialog.

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Hanging out with your old fictional pals is kind of one of the biggest appeals of the show. There are a lot of long running jokes, character quirks and specific character relationships. Some of the long running jokes are actually kind of subtle. Luffy always tries to bite through his chains when he gets captured, and in the most recent arc he's powered up so much over the series that he can just bite straigh through them. They never specifically point it out, he's just always in the background chomping at them.
The anime pacing is notoriously bad though. One Piece stopped doing filler arcs and now they mostly just pad out the episodes which leads to very bad pacing. Manga is significantly better overall. To be honest I wouldn't recommend the anime to anyone.
Personally I see introducing major characters early as a positive rather than a negative. Hinting at characters and their roles early on prevents me from feeling like Oda just shoved in a deus ex machina because he couldn't think up a way out of the current arc. In the next arc they reveal the big bad who is an earlier introduced character. He's been built up a little through infrequent apperances and some other subtle and hidden clues. You kind of get an "Oh damn, they're back?" or "It's him!?" when this kind of thing happens. I think it's more effective than just introducing characters arc by arc and forgetting them.
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Yeah, this was as filler as filler can get. I think it's even past filler. I also felt like the title was breaking the fourth wall, saying "Yeah, we're going to the next story! I know you've been waiting to see what's next!"

At least with One Piece, you know that the show loves to bring old characters and plots back, so if you want closure, you're going to get it...eventually.

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@Lurkero: You're missing out. Oh well. I think One Piece being drawn out is not like DBZ being drawn out.

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i dont know if you have dropped one piece anime or one piece as a series ...this might be the first time i have heard someone completely give up on one piece !!

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It's ironic on your last VP episode you guys were talking about speeding thru bad anime when long running shounen's like OP Nar & well Bleach is done but yeah long running Shounens are really not a good idea to be watched ep by ep and this is why most people prefer the manga of these types of franchises.

After all these years i'm used to it with the long running leave them for a couple of months / a year and just breeze thru the episodes. In reality not alot happens with OP ep by ep and it has been gradually dragging storylines out more and more throughout the years.....HOWEVER and only in OP case, the show still remains entertaining....even at its snail episode pace

At this point i can see you falling off OP Tom and honestly i won't blame ya for it. Week by week it will just seem like nothings happening, this may be a good time to check it out from the beginning and get caught up

You may actually be surprised how good it was from the get fact i would actually like your take on the first few episodes of OP, before you get thrown off by the show's progression as it stands today

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@YotaruVegeta said:

@Lurkero: You're missing out. Oh well. I think One Piece being drawn out is not like DBZ being drawn out.

DBZ is still king of drawing things out, but remember that DBZ has under 300 episodes. One Piece is nearing 600 episodes. Many people may have dropped off of DBZ if it went on for that long (as many did when GT started airing). I can also point out Bleach as an example of people dropping off a series to the point that it stops airing.

@xtremekidx said:

i dont know if you have dropped one piece anime or one piece as a series ...this might be the first time i have heard someone completely give up on one piece !!

At a certain point I realized that the show had peaked for me at the CP9 battles. Between CP9 and the War there was nothing that made me excited again. I told myself that if the war didn't create a new peak I would drop the series. After the war I dropped the series, including any interest I had in the manga.

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@Lurkero: The end of the Water 7 arc was actually where I dropped the anime. At what point did you catch up and start watching it weekly?
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@Petiew: I watched One Piece weekly since it began airing in the United States under 4kids. When One Piece dropped off the air after the Arabasta arc I watched it weekly through fansubs and the official subs when those were released. I was never too far behind, but watching One Piece weekly became a chore rather than entertainment and I knew it was time to drop the series.

Dropping One Piece after Water 7 seems like an odd choice because it was still building up at that point. I would have been very disappointed if I stopped watching right before Enies Lobby. If I were to recommend the series to someone now I would say watch from the beginning to the end of Enies lobby and then stop (~350 episodes).

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And this is why I like the Manga more :)

Hope in the future we get a One Piece Kai

Fun fact: The anime usually use one or a half of chapter, for a episode

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You know honestly i prefer the story telling style of one piece anime to the cannon,filler,cannon,filler style of naruto or bleach. I mean you guys honestly dont appreciate not having extremely long fillers and staying on the story for just a little extra time say 2 or 3 episodes of relaxing in comprasion with 1 or 2 seasons of filler? idk what to say about the complaining because it seems preferable to the long lasting filler.

And as for the OP anime being too long. I would have a complaint but they have been offering excellent story telling so its not like the story is bad and just strecthing on. If you dropped OP Before the War at marinford then im afraid you guys dont know what you missed out on.

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@Lurkero: Oh sorry, by the end of Water 7 I meant once they left the island. I remember there was some filler arc with some guy called Puzzle straight after. I stopped watching an episode or two into that.  To be honest I also agree that the manga hasn't been as interesting to me lately either. Fishman Island had been built up for years and it was rather lackluster.
@jj_jackson: The Marineford war was alright, personally I wouldn't say its anywhere near the height of One Piece though.
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One Piece 546 - Shirahoshi's promise with her mother
One Piece 546 - Shirahoshi's promise with her mother

This episode wasn't filler. It explains the workings of traveling the second half of the Grand Line. The pinky-promise is also a callback to the promise Shirahoshi made with her mother when she passed away. Since Oda is creating his own universe. It's to be expected that he needs to find places to give exposition. I always love that after all the action and drama ONE PIECE gives some time to relax and have some laughs.

When I was listening to the Comic Vine podcast last week, I had to laugh when one of the people submitting a questions said they were dropping BATMAN becasue the story arcs were taking too long. What was the length of the COURT OF OWLS story, five to six months? Your average action-shonen manga arc can be over a year. What is it about so much of the US audience that has so little patience? The population of Japan is roughly 127 million, and last year ONE PIECE's new releases sold 38 million units. That's a pretty large segment of the population reading one series and the sales are growing.


ONE PIECE will be having a couple of filler episodes coming. It's several episodes that will tie in the ONE PIECE FILM Z movie, but I wouldn't expect them to last over four episodes. They did the same thing for STRONG WORLD.

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@FoxxFireArt: Yea i know its literally only four episodes of filler i found out the info a day or two ago. I just find it perplexing that people complain or rather give one piece points off because of a few wrap up episodes as apposed to a "alright we did it we beat hordy lets go right now guys" kinda thing. I'd rather have lenghty cannon than bad animation, random story filler.but maybe thats just me. I'am looking forward to this OP filler though im glad it ties in. plus theres the fact that they are introducing cannon characters in a filler which will be the first time we have seen coby since the 2 yr mark. which sparks my interest.

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@Lurkero: One Piece is still going because it's still popular People kinda fell off with GT, and not simply because it went on for too long.

I don't think a lot of people care about seeing the titular treasure. They like the adventure.

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lol oh tom!

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