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Type F blood, huh? Sure, why not?

At the last Vice Pit taping, we brought up how the character bios for STREET FIGHTER 2 used to get so detailed with stats that they’d actually specify the world champions’ blood types. 20 years later and we still don’t know how or why blood types were relevant to the game-play. At least, in this instance, the type’s there to set up how our noble human (or sort-of human?) Luffy can only be saved by one of the Fish Men. A small gesture, to be sure (seriously, donate to the Red Cross, everybody), but one that carries great symbolism with it!

Unjust segregation laws have been repealed! A long tradition of animosity is one step closer to dissolution! The Staw Hats may have a whole island of new recruits to join their crew! The good times are just going to keep coming!

Last time, Username_Undefined pointed out to me that this pantheon of Sea Kings were actually introduced way, way, way back in the first intro for this series. It’s seems like they were just incidental background characters who have now been incorporated into the story after several hundred episodes.

My exposure to this show is far from complete, of course, but my head’s still spinning about how this franchise must have some pretty eagle-eyed assistants on staff who suggested such a far-apart connection. I’m continually in disbelief over how this Picaresque adventure story steadily wove together a fairly complex mythology, and it does feel very fitting that the universe of ONE PIECE would have its own Quintessence equivalent. Again, if this setting is like some crazy bum at Venice Beach drew a map of the universe in markers.... then it follows that its gods would be wacky giant fishes.

One question to all the seasoned, veteran fans of this show, though - - is Luffy still looking for the One Piece? That’s the treasure alluded to in the preamble, correct? If so, then my straw hat’s off to you for having some absolutely Herculean patience there; putting up with ten years of teasing over a sub-plot.

Or does the One Piece really not matter? Is it really just about the journey, and not the destination?

Watch this episode, "To the Future! The Path to the Sun!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Luffy wants to be the King of the Pirates. The previous/first one was Gol D. Roger/Gold Roger, and One Piece is his treasure hoard. It's to my understanding everything that he had acquired before his execution. Thought it's not required, I think the world has an unwritten code that says that the only way to become the Pirate King is to find One Piece. The lore says that Roger left One Piece on the island of Raftel, which, because of the way you have to enter the Grand Line, you have to circle the globe to get to. The Strawhats have traveled half-way there.

In regards to the Sea King bit, you're probably right. Though I can't remember, I think they made an appearance before now; maybe when the Strawhats drifted into the Calm Belt? Even so, Oda is known for bringing back innocuous, throwaway pieces like this

EDIT: Here's all the Strawhat's blood types, just for fun. Oda seems to just rename blood types; Luffy basically has type B blood. It's Sanji who has an extremely rare blood type.

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I think the actual "one piece" is just a means to an end in order to spur forth the call to adventure. What it is or if it even exists has never been reveled or hinted at (or at least to my knowledge). I feel the main narrative draw is that each character of the crew has there own unique ambition and each arc gets many of them one step closer to their goal and we thusly see a moderately-paced gradual growth of character development that builds up towards their next much taller hurdle (in the next arc).

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It's more about the journey. The lingering questions do you really think the one piece exist? And to be honest it's no different then naruto saying he wants to be homage. U wait while seeing the journey unfold.
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In the beginning of the arc, it's explained that they're going through fishman waters because it's a good route on the way to find the One Piece.

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@jj_jackson: You have autocorrect on?

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Blood Types are a really big thing in Japan. If you ever look at promotional character material for anime or read through game manuals you'll more often than not see blood type listed. I believe it's because the Japanese feel you can infer a lot about someone and their personality based on their bloodtype. Though I might be remembering wrong.
Not sure how much they touched upon it in the episode, but the blood transfusion is a really big point.
One Piece is on an island at the end of the Grand Line so Luffy needs to traverse the whole thing before he can find it. Like you said it's all about the adventure. Gol. D. Roger's first Mate was introduced a while back and Luffy freaked out when Usopp almost got him to say if One Piece even existed.
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One Piece can only be found on the last island on the path of the Grand Line, Raftel. That's where Gold Roger left his unknown treasure. To claim the title of Pirate King, you must claim his treasure on the only island that he was able to reach. Luffy's crew is now only entering the second half of the Grand Line, also known as the New World. Everyone knows basically where it is. The problem is getting there.

One Piece isn't the sub plot. It's the ultimate goal. The thing you find that is unique about manga from comics is that the heroes in comics start off as the hero they sought out to be. Superman is the ultimate hero, and Batman is the ultimate detective. Manga uses protagonists that set out for a goal of what they want to become. Luffy to be the Pirate King, Naruto to be the Hokage, Elric Brothers wanted to get their bodies back, ect. You could make the argument that manga are basically extended origin stories, and we watch as they overcome obstacles to their dreams. We always know what they're working toward. The series normally end when a hero reaches their goal. We know what Batmans goal in life is, it's the clean up Gotham; but can anyone tell me what Superman is trying to accomplish in his life?

Blood Types have a unique significances in Japanese culture. They are believed to have an influence on a person's personality. They are even used in women's magazines to gauge a couple's compatibility. Sort of akin to the way people believe zodiac signs reflect on your personality.

Oda did with blood types what he did with currency. The money still works like Yen, but he called it "Berries". He just renamed blood types.

If you're impressed with the appearance of the Sea Kings. You haven't even spotted Pandaman yet.


The Straw Hats did accidentally sail into the Calm Belt after leaving Loguetown. The Calm Belt is a string of seas bordering the Grand Line that is the breeding grounds for the Sea Kings.

@YotaruVegeta said:

In the beginning of the arc, it's explained that they're going through fishman waters because it's a good route on the way to find the One Piece.

It's not just a good route. It's the only option you have short of crossing over the Red Line, through Marie Jois to the other side, and get a new ship. It's pretty much the only option for pirates.


Actually, Rayleigh, Gold Roger's first mate, offered to tell Luffy the truth about One Piece, but Luffy flatly refused.

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The whole point of being a pirate is exploring the sea's and the journey. I'm sure it's already been beaten to a bloody pulp that it's the goal but you get so wrapped up in the journey and the colorful world that it becomes something that sits on the back of your mind.

Sea Kings have been relevant since issue one where luffy punches one in the face to leave his little island to start his journey. I guess I'm missing the context of their relevancy.

After seeing some pictures of Oda he seems like someone really into math/arithmetic a very methodical and meticulous person who draws as a hobby. So the fact that he's able to keep everything in line while filling in plot holes if any is pretty damned impressive.

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Luffy is still looking for One Piece, but seems to also be looking for Shanks too. However, of all the pirate crews there are in the series, the Straw Hats are actually the least "piratey".

  • They don't plunder other ships for riches.
  • They don't attack coastlines.
  • They don't have a base of operations.

They look more like explorers than pirates. Yes, they did attack marine ships and other pirate ships, but they rarely initiate the assault... unless they captured one of their crew members in the first place.

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Jinbei: "Luffy... TAKE MY F-ING BLOOD!!"

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