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Straight up - - ONE PIECE has to be one of the most baffling pop culture phenoms I’ve ever laid eyes upon. I’m never going to get over how straight -bizarre it is to see some of wackiest and silliest characters busting heads like real ass-kickers in what is, by all appearances, a fairly complex mythos. Every time I do a write-up on this show, I have to draw a comparison to some otherwise innocuous Western franchise to illustrate just how many genre wires this show is crossing in my brain, but I'll hold off this time. I think you’ve got the idea.

And, more importantly, I think I’ve finally got the idea. After skipping however many hours of programming, I’m at last submitting to ONE PIECE in all of its most sublime bizarreness. There truly isn’t anything like ONE PIECE, anywhere else in the world, and that’s something that isn’t to be undervalued.

So, while I'm valuing this show, I’ll say that this is a properly rockin’ and ridiculous conclusion to what seems like a properly epic story arc. We see each member of the Straw Hats squaring off against their own personal foes - - each one utterly unique from the next - - and the comeuppance the good guys deal out on the bad guys is every bit as satisfying as it’d be in a “serious” show.

While Luffy’s gear-shifting during that tilted ship deck brawl was pretty cool, I got the biggest jollies out of the skeleton rocker’s blink-and-you’ll-really-miss death stroke. The “delayed reaction death” gag has gotten to be a pretty common trope - - especially in samurai shows - - but it’s not too often that you see the perpetrator acting so aware and nonchalant about it.

I feel like I'm cheating, here - - jumping past so many episodes of build-up to enjoy all the pay-off. But hey, this is a show about piracy anyway, right? I'm sure Luffy knows just how good cheating feels.

Watch this episode, "Coming to an End! the Final Decisive Battle Against Hordy!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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For just the variety of character creation I would put One Piece over scores of anime. The show keeps it very fresh. While a DC or Marvel has to sweat to come up with super powers, it feels like no problem for this series.

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OP and adventure time are the only 2 shows/comics that make elastic/stretchy powers cool

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Yeah, you have a pretty good idea about the appeal of ONE PIECE. The characters are so wacky and unique, but the world and story is just so well realized.

Sure, you jumped ahead to what is a great closing to the story arc, but it's valid. The great thing about this series is how it's pretty good at referencing past events and episodes start with summaries of what's been going on.

The next two episodes are really great and worth catching as this arc is closing up. This would actually be a great time to start watching, becasue the crew is about ready to enter the New World, the second half of the Grand Line.

I’m never going to get over how straight -bizarre it is to see some of wackiest and silliest characters busting heads like real ass-kickers in what is, by all appearances, a fairly complex mythos.

Yeah, you have no idea how complex the mythos of this series has been. Just to cite a few examples. The character Jimbei was only vaguely referenced in Volume 9 of ONE PIECE. The character didn't actually appear until Volume 54, and in Volume 63 you learn he was inadvertently responsible for some of the events in Volume 9.

In Volume 17, Ace, Luffy's older brother, gave Luffy a blank piece of paper but didn't tell him what it was for. Luffy had Nami sew it into the brim of his hat so he wouldn't lose it, and we don't learn it's use until Volume 50. It then plays a major role in the story all through to Volume 59.

These are just two examples. There's a story behind the sword Zoro holds in his mouth, and Nami's tattoo has a touching meaning. I've seen every episode and read every chapter. I don't think you absolutely need to start from Volume 1 to enjoy this series. It just helps you understand a lot of the series depth.

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I'm happy to say i was watching this series way before it got its (negative?) title as one of the big three and i can tell you from years of watching countless shows One Piece has truly set itself apart from the rest with a story that actually warrants the amount of episodes it has.

Don't see going back to watching it from the beginning as waiting for things to get has always been a very high quality anime from the beginning and i plan to introduce someone on this site who is promoting this series in the best possible light

Glad you gave it a real's worth your time!!

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@FoxxFireArt said:

history lesson

Just curious as I think I may have missed it. When Zoro got that cursed sword does he still have it or did it get destroyed during the "sky city" arc. I wasn't too sure what the deal with that was. I believe it's called Sandai Kitetsu. Didn't seem so cursed after it was identified by Tashigi. It has kind of been in the back of my mind forever because I remember the sword had a purple aura or something maybe this video kind of refreshed my memory. This is as detailed as I've ever seen it presented, now it doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore.

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It was the Yubashiri, the sword the shop owner gives Zoro after that scene, that was destroyed by Captain Shu at Enies Lobby. He got the Shuusui in Thriller Bark to replace it after defeating Ryuuma. He still has the Sandai Kitetsu, and the Wado Ichimonji. He had some issues controlling it at first, but he improved.

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@snakedr321: No Fantastic Four? A little older than both.

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One piece is fantastic

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@YotaruVegeta: yeah he Mr. F was first and an important character, but I never liked stretchy powered people until OP

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