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I guess this is the point where ONE PIECE really kicks into gear as a proper shonen

Look, I do so many of these write-ups, I can’t be really sure if I haven’t made this point already, but whatever… bear with me if I’ve said this before. See, being a connoisseur of what I think is a fairly broad selection of entertainment, I am repeatedly amused by how, more often than not, it’s really only arbitrary details that separate stories into different genres and age ratings.

Tone down some of the more colorful silliness here, throw in some more risqué jokes, then film that slightly-modified script, and how different is this from a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie? Amp up the gore, pepper in some nudity, turn the tone dial a few shades soberer, and then you’ve probably got the next ASSASSIN’S CREED game. And so on, and so on…

That’s my “pop culture diplomacy” way of saying that the storytelling really kicks up to an impressive dramatic level in this episode. This isn’t just Luffy skipping to and fro, bunching bad guys (though there is still plenty of that). Nami makes clever, duplicitous moves that quickly land her into complicated moral conundrums, and she then has to make some actual sacrifices to get out of those conundrums with her integrity intact. Zoro likewise finds himself on both ends of some really tight dramatic reversals during his duel with Buggy’s crew. And, while Buggy by not be as sinister a clown as the Joker (even though the voice actor is doing his damnedst Mark Hamill impression), he’s still a villain who demonstrates an ability for and interest in blowing up a whole dock full of innocent people.

Those are all the ingredients of gripping drama -- even if the show’s animation style still makes it look like belong on Nick Jr. times. The details don’t matter.

(Though, speaking of the animation - - this actually pretty high quality work. Did Toei contract the show out to a different studio somewhere in the middle episodes? Why was the animation quality in that era not up to the standards of the show’s earliest and latest episodes?).

Watch this episode, "A Terrifying Mysterious Power! Captain Buggy, the Clown Pirate!” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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There're only so many basic plots that exist (7, 20, 36, and so on depending on who you believe or how specific you want to get) so I can see how changing some things would make One Piece similar to other franchises. 

As for the animation, Toei only have so much budget to allocate to the series. The anime really only exists to promote the manga and the merchandise, DVD/Bluray sales are quite low so they don't seem too focussed on the quality of the anime. They have to keep lots of funds in reserve so when the big moments come up they can make them look good. There are a bunch of different animators and teams working on it too, so it gets inconsistent from week to week.
I guess they could splurge on the early episodes a bit more, I always felt like it was mostly consistent until the jump to HD episodes.
The cost cutting gets a lot more obvious from then on, I think. Lots of still shots, the different animators are really obvious and jarring, and they removed the ending themes, I assume so they didn't have to pay for 2 songs to be used.
Buggy is great. After this episode he's less sinister and more comic relief though. He pops up every so often, and by cosmic good luck and misunderstandings, has become a hugely renowned pirate recently.
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To answer your question, the quality of the animation for One Piece (which was decent for the most part, especially in the early episodes up through Thriller Bark) really leaps forward in the aftermath of the events that take place at Thriller Bark (just before the Strawhats reach the Red Line and Sabaody Archipelago).

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Yeah, Buggy sure is a great character. I started to miss him for awhile when he wasn't present for a good chunk and then came who i'd like to call Buggy 2 (Foxy the Silver Fox) Ahh man both these characters are just so damn fuuny but sinister in their own comedic way. Good Times

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@Donwun: I never really liked Foxy. The only good thing he brought to One Piece was Afro-Luffy.

@No_name_here:This is episode 5, not 6.

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Ya, I came to really like Buggy.......I don't know why. I think maybe it's that his his voice actor makes this character a blast to have around and he seems to put just as much effort into it as any of the main cast(Japanese version that is, to sure about the English version), I also like that they don't over use him.

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Buggys hilarious, the time in the war of the best where he copys shanks words was freakin hilarious lol he's like mr satan.

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Remember that when the anime began, the manga had only been running for about a year. It had yet to become the powerhouse it is today. The first season was probably working with a much tighter budget. They wanted to put their budget more on the action or popular, iconic moments.
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@jj_jackson: That's actually a very good analogy. Buggy is the Hercule Satan of One Piece.

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