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Lest ONE PIECE ever get too precious, the show goes out of its way to have a scene where Luffy socks the crap out of his milksop, would-be sidekick.

It’s a relief, to be honest. I was concerned this show was going to seem… I don’t know… like THE BUSY WORLD OF RICHARD SCARY for the next 30 episodes. Of course, this sort of wire-crossing happens enough, you’ve got to wonder if the show’s staff consciously tries to push different buttons at once. They’ve made a kids cartoon (rendered in delicate water colors at times, no less) that happens to include crucifixions and brutal beatings.

Thinking about it, I guess this sort of tension might be another secret of the show’s success. Just as Luffy stretches and re-shapes to fit a given situation, so too does deliberately undercut its own sweetness (lest it get saccharine) and deliberately undercut its conflict (lest it get melodramatic) - - and every opposite effort, as well. To put it lightly, it’s a difficult show to categorize.

On another note, having seen every kind of catch-all power catalyst in a given show - - from the X-MEN’s mutations to DARKER THAN BLACK’s “incident” to TIGER & BUNNY’s meteor crash - - I’ve got to say that ONE PIECE’s devil fruits has to be the most whimsical. I wonder how Luffy found the Gum Gum, and who else has eaten that particular fruit, and how rare they are… and then I’m sure that those very questions end up fueling dozens of latter storylines.

Indeed, I’m sure that Oda’s approach to all this epic storytelling, anyway. When Luffy says he’ll see his pink-haired pal again someday, I’m sure even Oda doesn’t have a clear idea of how that’d eventually shake out. He's got his map drawn (and the expository description of the Grand Line finally cleared up a lot of things for me) and he's got his action figures, but he has no immediate plan for how they're going to work together. If it ever seems like there's been a long-term plan, it's because he's as skilled an improvisation artist as Luffy shows himself to be in this episode.

Watch this episode, "Morgan versus Luffy! Who’s the Mysterious Pretty Girl?” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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You'll see part of Luffy's childhood in the next episode. It's the first chapter of the manga, but they switched it up in the anime to get into some action quicker.
There's only 1 kind of each devil fruit at any given time, and the first person to eat a bite gets the power. They regenerate eventually once the user dies.
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I'm convinced at this point that if a character survives and arc, they will return in a future arc.I'm trying to think about all the OP that's been reviewed here, and if you've already learned the fate of this bespectacled sidekick.

@Petiew: I didn't know those rules. Maybe you've read the book, or it was explained in many of the TV arcs I skipped over. When someone explains how they got their powers, if just feels like there's giant trees all over, and someone just happens upon one that fell off there and eats it. They seem plentiful.

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Devil Fruit cycle
Devil Fruit cycle

It's funny you should question the issue of the variety of devil fruits in today's article. There was a graph in the latest chapter of ONE PIECE that was released yesterday. The basic rule of the devil fruit is that only one of each kind existing in the world at once. That fruit will not reappear until the current holder of that power dies.

You're going to learn how Luffy got the Gum-Gum fruit in the next episode. Though, it slightly alters some of the canon of the original manga. In the manga version, how Luffy got the devil fruit was the very first chapter of the series. It was changed to a flashback story in the anime.

Just this year, Toei released a ONE PIECE special called EPISODE OF LUFFY - ADVENTURE ON HAND ISLAND. This special followed the canon of the manga version almost to the letter. Too bad it only came out in Japan.

Luffy and Coby meet again at the end of the Enies Lobby Arc, and they even clash during the Marineford Arc.

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@YotaruVegeta: Devil fruits are gradually explained bit by bit in lots of different arcs. If you're skipping over stuff it's really easy to miss. Some stuff is first, or only clarified, in the SBS which are Question and Answer sections by Oda in full volumes.
This is a pretty good writeup if you want to know stuff.
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@FoxxFireArt said:

Just this year, Toei released a ONE PIECE special called EPISODE OF LUFFY - ADVENTURE ON HAND ISLAND. This special followed the canon of the manga version almost to the letter. Too bad it only came out in Japan.

You can actually watch this special episode on Watchop under the movies tab. Other than it having 2 revisions of moments in the early series (1 which you've already seen and one you're about to), there's nothing all too important about it.

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@zeemod155: I assume he meant legally. Tom can't really be reviewing, or admitting to watching, fansubs and rips.
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Actually tom. if you stick with these older episodes the question of how he got his devil fruit will be answered pretty soon.

To be honest you can probably try to find as many loose ends or plot holes as you think you can.but oda does an above average job of answering ALL of the viewers questions in time.

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I have to say watching you put the pieces (pun lol) of this show together from both ends just shows how much of a genius Oda has been with the creation of this show. I mean, I think it’s obvious Oda didn’t have everything planned out from the very beginning which makes things even more surprising down the line when you see these characters re-introduced in a way that feels completely natural and beneficial to the story. Something other shounen or just anime titles in general should take from.

The construction of this show is not 100% perfect but it is almost in a league of its own in terms of consistency

Also I don’t want to assume too much seeing this blog turn from a Special Review to W&L but that puts a smile on my face

Btw I just noticed the Hulu version of the first season is the Funi dub and the WE ARE Opening sounds a helluva lot worst in English dub – I don’t think the English version of WE ARE is something that would grow on me and as Foxx said last week the funi opening Dubs albeit better than 4Kids is still….bad…yeah, they are not okay or average…just bad. I do commend and recognize their attempt to keep it lyrically in sync with the originals but I think they maybe should have gone the original route or just do an instrumental short version or i dunno

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@Donwun: Fun fact: "We Are!" or a variant of it has been the 1st, 7th, and 10th openings and was the opening of the 1st movie and was played to close out the episode before the time skip. One Piece got a lot of mileage out of that song.

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Zoro ready to go
Zoro ready to go

alright that,s it! I'v had it!, enough with all of my madness talk I can,t take it anymore, I have done my best to avoid this mega ton, nautical, sea monster of epic insanity, but that's it I'm convinced, I have decided to give this show another go, besides pirates are kinda cool,

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So if there are rules to the Devil Fruit, then someone can use that to their advantage, theoretically. They would need some means to rediscover the new fruit, like some kind of Flinstone-esque tech that One Piece always has, but if they did, someone could amass a Devil Fruit army. I always wondered why it was called devil fruit. It didn't seem so devilish, until now.

This is why Oda's so dang awesome!

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@YotaruVegeta: I feel that they're called Devil Fruit because of the "Deal-with-the-Devil" that comes with them. Think about it: you eat the fruit and gain some crazy superhuman ability, but you can never swim again in a world that's at least 90% water. Characters have stated that downside is the reason they don't want a DF. The power isn't worth the cost.

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