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One Piece is a franchise comprised of 20 movies, 3 anime series, 9 manga series
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The Kingdom of Alabasta is a desert island nation in the Grand Line. The king is Cobra Nefertari.

All Blue

The All Blue is thought to be a legendary sea where fish from the North, East, South, and West Blue Seas gather. The dream of Sanji.

Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily is the home of the Kuja warriors where strength is beauty. No men are allowed and the ruler is Boa Hancock.

Ape's Concert

Ape's Concert is another dimension that can only be reached by passing through the Rainbow Mist. It's a ship graveyard.

Arlong Park

Arlong Park was the home base of Arlong the merman pirate. It was ultimately destroyed by Monkey D. Luffy of the Straw Hat Pirates in his fight against Arlong in order to free Nami and the people of the island from his tyrannical rule.


Baltigo is an island the Grand Line that is the home base for the Revolutionary Army.


Baratie is the sea going, mobile restaurant that sails in the East Blue. The owner is Chef Zeff, a former pirate; and the former employer of Sanji.


Baterilla is the land in the South Blue where Portgas D. Rouge lived and gave birth to her son, Ace.


An area where the coast meats the ocean. Consists mostly of sand and water.

Birdie Kingdom

Birdie Kingdom is an island in the South Blue. It's an island where giant birds and primitive humans are in constant battle.

Bowin Islands

Bowin Islands are living islands that are lush, but dangerous fields. The island will actually eat animals that are too fat.

Calm Belt

The Calm Belt is a strip of ocean that runs North and South of the Grand line, and filled with dangerous Sea Kings


A castle is a massive building with towers. Mostly used by royalty and rich people.


aka Graveyard

Cocoyashi Village

Cocoyashi Village is the home village of Bellemere, where she raised Nami and Nojiko. Once under the terror or Arlong, but freed by Luffy.

Dawn Island

Dawn Island is the isnd where Ace and Luffy grew up. Sections are Windmill Village, Mt. Colbo, Grey Terminal, Edge Town, and High Town.


A Desert is a fast stretch of land filled with nothing but sand and very little water. Extremely hot days and incredibly cold nights.

Dragon Ball Universe

The Dragon Ball Universe is where several manga series written by Akira Toriyama take place, including Dragon Ball, Neko Majin Z and Dr. Slump.


Dressrosa is an island in the New World that is base of Donquixote Doflamingo.

Drum Island

Drum Island is a winter island on the Grand Line. Home to many of the greatest doctors on the Grand Line, including Chopper Tony Tony.


Earth is the third planet in the sol system, in the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Most noticed for it's blue appearance due to the massive bodies of water that surround it.

East Blue

The East Blue is a segment of ocean in One Piece. The birth place of Gold Roger, the Pirate King; and Luffy, the man who will be the next Pirate King.

Enies Lobby

Enies Lobby, also known as Judiciary Island, is the base for the World Government and Marines. It is the first stop before Impel Down.

Fish-Man Island

Fish-Man Island is an island in the Grand Line located beneath the Red Line, and is home of Fish-men and Mermaids.

Florian Triangle

The Florian Triangle is a mysterious stretch of the Grand Line. Many ships have been disappearing in these waters for hundreds of years

Foodvalten Island

Foodvalten Island is an island in the New World half of the Grand Line that was under the protection of Whitebeard while he was alive.

Foolshout Island

Foolshout Island is an island in the Grand Line that is the home of Koala and her family.

Frost Moon Village

Frost Moon Village(Shimotsuki Village) is home to the dojo where Zoro trained and met Kuina. Her father Koshiro is the dojo master.

G-1 Marine Base

The G-1 Marine Base is the Marine HQ and is located at the end of the first half of the Grand Line. It was formally known as Marineford, but the name was switched with the original G-1 Base in the New World.

G-2 Marine Base

The G-2 Marine Base is a military base of the Marine Forces that also serves as a prison.

G-8 Marine Base

The G-8 Marine Base is a self containted Marine Base that once in there is no way out unless given permission. Located on the island of Navarone. (Anime Only)

Gloom Island

Gloom Island is an island in the Grand line and part of the Muggy Kingdom. A dark a dreary land filled with castles and other ruins.

Goat Island

Goat Island is an island in the Grand Line where Zenny the Money Lender lives with all his goat friends.

Grand Jipang

Grand Jipang is the setting for the One Piece Jidaigeki Specials. The setting is similar to an Edo Period of Japan.

Grand Line

The Grand Line is the isolated sea, surrounded North and South by the Calm Belt, that spans the entire world of One Piece. It is the test of all who wish to be King of the Pirates.


Greenbit is a forested island thought to be uninhabited that is located north of Dressrosa. The Kingdom of Tontatta is hidden underground.

Holiday Island

Holiday Island is a resort island located somewhere in the Grand Line.

Holy Land Marie Jois

The Holy Land of Marie Jois is the capital to the World Government in One Piece. The only other means of entrance to the Grand Line other then Reverse Mountain.

Hungry-la Island

Hungry-la Island is a location where Toriko and Luffy's group first meet.

Impel Down

Impel Down is the great prison of the Marine forces and World Government. Located in the Calm Belt and surrounded by Sea Kings.

Island of Rare Animals

Island of Rare Animals in an isolated island in the East Blue sea that houses some of the oddest creatures in the world.


The Island nation of Far East Asia, and the setting for the vast majority of Anime and Manga.


Jaya is an island in the seas of the Grand Line. It was once the ancient home of the Shandorian people, however, many years ago over half of the island was cast into the realm of Skypiea that resides in the clouds.

Kansorn Island

Kansorn Island is also known as Little East Blue by it's inhabitants. The majority of it's citizens are from the East Blue and worship the Straw Hat Pirates as heroes.

Karakura Town

A fictional area of Western Tokyo where Ichigo Kurosaki lives.

Lazy Bones Island

Lazy Bones Island is an island in the Grand Line. Also known as the Land of Poverty, Hungeria.

Little Garden

Little Garden is an island on the Grand Line. Filled with dinosaurs and other enormous beasts, it also is inhabited by two giants by the name of Broggy and Dorry as they continue a long-standing feud between each other.


The island of Loguetown is the home to both the beginning and end of a bygone era. It is the very place there the Pirate King Gold Roger was born and where he was ultimately executed by the Marines following his capture.

Longring Longland

Longring Longland is an island in the Grand Line. It is comprised of several larger land masses connected by long strips of land.

Luluka Island

Luluka Island is an island in the Grand Line that is linked to the mysterious Rainbow Mist.

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