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A year after the hit of the One Piece Strong World movie, Toei Animation has chosen to jump into the crowded field with some brand new 3D movies. There are two films that will be showing as a double-billing in a special feature to be called Jump Heroes Film and released in Japan on March 19, 2011. The two movies are titled One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase & Toriko 3D: Kaimaku Gourmet Adventure!!. Though both will be featured in stereoscopic 3D, One Piece is actually doing something brand new for the eleventh movie of the franchise. This one will be done using entirely computer generated graphics with a cell-shaded look.
The music for both films is being produced by the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and it's because they recently streamed the first teaser trailer for these movies off their official youtube page. We get a pretty good look of what to expect. Check it out and enjoy.  

Now, using what Japanese I know, I'll try and help you out. Not much is really said about the plot of the One Piece movie. There is talk about the Marines, and it appears Luffy has either lost his straw hat or it's been taken. The last line Luffy says is, "Give back my hat!".  I'm unfamiliar with the Toriko series, but it appears to be what you would get if you mixed Fist of the North Star withYakitake Japan. For this movie the titular character Toriko is after some special ingredients called the "Juicy Beasts", "Seafood Trees", and the "Brandy Springs".
Something about the idea of Luffy in 3D doesn't seem that odd when you consider how much of his powers are about stretching and coming at you. Also, the cell-shading graphics don't seem too bad. It looks pretty beautiful in scenes. I would much rather see movies done in this manner than trying to do live action movies.
So, any thoughts on Luffy in this new style of movie and in 3D? Also, am I the only one that thinks Luffy looks like Spider-man in that last bit as he's swinging around at the end?

Source:   ANN

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please stop making 3d movies
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Oh god...soon as I saw a 3D One Piece my stomach turned...and its hurting really bad...need..to leave.
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While I normally almost always agree with the sentiment against 3D movies. I do have to say that something about One Piece in 3D feels appealing.
The way they made this as a CG movie actually follows along with an idea I've had for a while. For Hollywood to stop trying to make live-action anime movies and start using cell-shaded CG. That way, anyone can do the voices and it wont look like crap.
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Please stop 3D movies.
I getting sick of them, really I always get sick seeing them
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I gotta say when I read this I thought the idea of a cell-shaded 3D One Piece would look AWESOME.  And I am sure when watching it in 3D it will live up to the hype.  But after seeing the trailer on Youtube it looks like it belong more in a game rather than a movie. 
Dont get me wrong it looks very interesting, but I would rather see a good traditional animated anime movie.  But I am sure this is one of those steps that Japanese movie animation has to take before their CG media is perfected. 
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Aren't you being rather judgmental from just a single teaser trailer?
I think this is the first time this sort of technique has been used for an anime movie. It's not as if this is some canon movie, such as Strong World.
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I love One Piece, but damn this looks like those bad porn animations in the header image and the trailer doesn't look that great either. 
The animations were never the strong side of OP.
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I totally didnt mean to sound judgmental.  Just commenting that the style looks more like animation in many games based on anime series, which I have liked in the anime games I have played.  I did say it looks interesting and I am sure to watch it when it comes to us.  Just because I perfer traditional animation doesnt mean I am implying that this looks bad. 
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I hear where you are coming from. 
Though, look at it this way. Just imagine if this sort of style takes off. Perhaps, Hollywood would stop trying to make really bad live-action cast movies. Instead, we could get these CG movies where they just hire voice actors to do the roles. It wouldn't matter what the actor looked like, and people seem to love these kind of movies in theaters.
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i wonder if the designers of the cover art even knew that they both are throwing their fist at the camera... that or its yet another anime trope that is over used
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I agree.  I go back to my original post where I said this is a [great] step for the Japanese movie industry to really move into more CG formated movies and tv.  And doing so only means they will get better and better.  Look at the Hollywood movie industry.  CG movies are almost always a sure hit.  And I think when the Japanese audience fully embraces the format we will see more and more of it. One Piece is the biggest manga/anime series in Japan and that will definitly get CG exposure.
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3D is big in Japan too?
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I'm not sure how big it is in Japan. These animes might just be a test case. You will notice they are being shown as a double feature and there is no real word on how long each will end up being.
One Piece seems to be the perfect test.
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yeah anime 3D ermmm no...
Post by godeater (2,041 posts) See mini bio Level 11

yeah anime 3D ermmm no...
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