It's official: I can't wait to get One Piece: Gigant Battle

Topic started by JasonBog on Aug. 21, 2010. Last post by Kurohige 4 years, 6 months ago.
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A while ago I wrote a little article on Jump Ultimate Stars for being one of the rare anime-based video games that don't suck for being a brilliant Super Smash Bros. clone while also being a heavenly piece of Shonen Jump fanservice. Near the end I wrote that although there has yet been a new sequel since, developer Ganbarion has been crafting this style of game but instead solely focuses on the One Piece property. It's a great idea (though it's especially great for me since I love me some One Piece), but even still I've been putting off on pre-ordering it since I didn't want the disappointment of Battle Stadium D.O.N to ever happen again. But after seeing this super-duper long trailer... 
  ...yeah I'm pretty darn psyched about it, and anyone else who loves One Piece and also loves the Nintendo DS should also be counting down the days till it's release in just three weeks. I can still be disappointed, but man does Luffy pulling off some Gear Third moves look so incredibly fluid from this video! So, yeah, One Piece: Gigant Battle is pre-order-able in my book.
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The only thing that runs a close second as something that pisses my off of the censorship of mangas from VIZ. It's all the wild DS games that never make it to the US market. This looks pretty cool. This almost makes we wonder what this game would be like if they really tried for a Super Smash Bros. clone and put it on the Wii. Though, I'm still wishing they would bring Unlimited Cruise to the US. That game as a 3D full roaming Thousand Sunny to explore, and you can select costume changes from the past canon story arcs, such as Robin's super-sexy Thriller Bark outfit,

Looks as if they are spoiling some of the animation from the very arc of the anime that is airing now.
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Oh man looks great!
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I am so playing as Blackbeard,Doflamingo,Magelon,and Akainu, but I really hope that ALL of CP9 will be in this game as well if so I will ad Jyabura to my list.
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