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Topic started by No_name_here on Oct. 15, 2013. Last post by bigz007 1 year, 5 months ago.
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It's too bad I couldn't join you in one of those Vice Pit Undercover (I currently don't have access to my computer that has my Skype). I could answer all your questions on this series. Guess you could consider me a black belt, fifth dan. I've seen every episode and going to drop some of my vast ONE PIECE knowledge.

ONE PIECE does have a version of privateers. They're call the Seven Warlords. They are seven big league pirates with World Government support. They're allowed to do what they want as long as they don't interferer with the World Government and support the government when ordered. They were formed to balance the power of the Four Emperors, the four most powerful pirates in the world. Luffy's mentor, Shanks, is one of the emperors.

Franky is a self-made cyborg. As a young man (mid-late teens), Franky was trained in building by Tom. Tom was convicted for building Gold Roger's pirate ship. As Tom's body was being taken to Enies Lobby by sea train, Franky foolishly tried standing in the way of the train. He was run over and seriously injured. He washed aboard a ship with some technology. Barely alive, he rebuilt his own body to be a cyborg. Only his front half. He couldn't work on his own back. He has no devil fruit power.

Nico Robin ate the Bloom-Bloom Fruit. This makes her body like a flower. She can "bloom" any part of her body (arms, legs, eyes, ears, ect.) anywhere she can see. That includes on other people. She just more frequently uses her arms.

For Matt, he just needs to read the ONE PIECE anime page on AV. I've written short summaries for the anime arcs that goes all the way up through the most recent arcs. However, I haven't filled out the filler arcs.

For Tom, "We Go" is only the opening theme for the US stream now. The actual opening in the Japanese version in called "Hands Up". I have no idea why we are still using last season's opening. I've never seen this happen before, and I can't find any answers. I can only guess there is some licensing issue with the song.

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Tired to describe ONE PIECE to a friend as " a epic sea / exploration adveture with a almost a fairy tale quality.Whoes story is deeper than its cartoon style animation depcits.Special in its own among shonen anime an the manga.Which out prints any thing from dc an marvel ."

He did end up trying the series an enjoyed the 1st 100 or so episodes like i did.

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One Piece for noobs realy?....... do you know what your saying? I have one thing to say for those who have yet to plunder this particular anime

<<<<<<!!!!!!!!!!~***+++{\ "ONE PIECE MADNESS"/}+++***~!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>








E !

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I can't watch this video atm, but I'm gonna watch it when I get home.

Just a random thought: people who don't like One Piece are the people who didn't watched it yet... just saying...

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