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ONE PIECE Ch. 675: And it's Called ' Shi-no-Kuni'

Caesar Clown returns with the children, and we learn that Nami and Usopp survived that explosive peril. As Caesar later gloats over Trafalgar Law's capture, Zoro, Sanji, Brook, and Kinemon are still running from Slimey. That's basically all the happened this week.

The Good

I very much appreciate that we finally get an answer on how Vergo was able to subdue Trafalgar so easily. To stay on Caesar's island, Law made a dangerous pact that lead to him giving up his own heart as insurance against betrayal. Who would have guessed handing over your vital organs in a jar to a raving mad man could turn out against you? I seriously wonder what was so important to him that was worth this risk.

Even while down, Law still gives up our weekly dose of tough-guy dialog by mocking Caesar as he clutches Law's heart in his hands. That and Monet's mocking commentary were the highlights of the chapter for me. Some of the best drama comes has the young girl Mocha struggles against her with drawl to try and do the right thing. It's heartbreaking, and I'm genuinely concerned for her.

The Bad

I get that you need to build up your villains to make them a threat and appear to hold all the cards, but this is dragging on. It's not that this isn't passing on vital exposition. I just get this really bad feeling that we have yet to see the end of this WMD version of the Home Shopping Network. That's just going to mean more of Caesar waxing on about how his monster-weapon Slimey is dangerous to a bunch of shadowy figures that we'll never see again.

Oda's normally a lot better at dropping in some comedy while he feeds us exposition. Not to say there aren't any laughs. Just some rather light moments among a whole lot of bland.

Verdict 2/5

Did we really need a one week break for this? I get this feeling that this chapter was pushed back a week so they could make room for the NARUTO: ROAD TO NINJA chapter. If true, we didn't miss much. We got some more answers, no dramatic reveals, zero in action, and so-so comedy. It's the first dud chapter in what's been a fun story arc, so far. Thank heavens for Law and Monet. They at least give us some chuckles to make this a fun read, but couldn't save this from being at lease a 2 out of 5.

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Slimey is dangerous to a bunch of shadowy figures that we'll never see again.

You know you talking about Oda, who like to bring back people later on (remember Yorki?)

Anyway, I like this chapter. I starting to get CC's gag and I fall in love with Monet

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