On The Night Of The Late Show

On The Night Of The Late Show is an anime episode of Eden of The East that was released on 04/24/2009

On the Night of the Late Show-Episode 3

On the Night of the Late Show (レイトショーの夜に) Reito Shō no Yoru ni

As Akira and Saki find their way to his home, both are shocked to find that what he calls home is not what any normal person would expect. As pieces of Akira's memory slowly comes back to him, what he doesn't know is that Yusei is on his tail in order to take him out of the picture. When the two members of the enigmatic Selecao meet for the first time, Akira will have more questions than answers as to what sort of situation he really is in.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Falling Down by Oasis

As the ferry boat arrives to the other side of the river, Saki notes how the area has become more of a slum since the Careless Monday attacks. Akira tries to take it in as best he can since all of this is still new to him. As they follow the directions to the address on his passport, they realize that his home was outside of the radius of the original missile attack from Careless Monday. However, both are astonished to find that Akira's home is actually a giant shopping mall. Taking out his keys he picked up from Washington, he sees that he does live here since he knows automatically which key unlocks the door and a little dog greets him warmly. Saki is convinced that this is indeed his home as she marvels how he lives in a fully stocked shopping mall. Akira comments how its identical to Dawn of the Dead, but Saki is clueless as to which movie that is.

As the two follow the dog to where Akira lives, he notices a lobby area of the mall that is marked with hate filled graffiti and trash as he remembers the picture from his Washington apartment and how this must be where he lives. The two of them continue where they find that Akira has set up his apartment in a VIP room in a movie theater. Saki marvels at all of this as Akira manages to turn on the security feeds and other things without knowing the area, further proof that he lives here. What he notices though is that a small boat has landed outside the mall as Yusei has followed him to the mall. Yusei breaks in to the mall as he sees the lobby in a deplorable state and a mountain of cell phones. he notes that Akira must have been behind the disappearance of 20,000 NEETs (No Education, Employment, or Training aka shut-ins) a year ago. He continues to make his way in to the mall as Akira obtains a copy of The Big Blue, one of Saki's favorite movies, for them to watch. Meanwhile, Osugi continuously tries to call Saki as Kazuomi, Mikuru, and Yutaka try to eat dinner. They wonder why he is so frantic when Saki went home as Mikuru states how Saki sent her a text message earlier in the evening saying that she should tell anyone that she was at her house tonight. The group wonders why she lied as Mikuru lets it slip to Osugi that something is amiss.

As the movie starts on the big screen, Yusei enters the projection room as Akira reveals that he was watching him from the moment he got there. Akira politely asks for information about what is going on and what is with the cell phones and the Selecao. Yusei is surprised that the memory wipe Akira ordered actually did work as he proceeds to beat up Akira in an attempt to take his phone since he is almost out of money. He informs Akira that they are in a sick and twisted game and eludes to only a few details. Before taking his phone and knocking Akira out, he says that when any Selecao member loses all their money, someone called the Supporter will come to kill him. Akira asks that Yusei leave Saki alone as the detective leaves the same way he came in. Saki watches the rest of the movie and leaves in the morning not before sending a note along with the dog to let Akira know that he a jerk for standing her up.

By the time Akira wakes up, Yusei is in Kabuki and sends a cab for his mistress to skip town. He attempts to use Akira's phone but has no luck with it. He calls Juiz and asks what would happen if a Selecao were to lose their phone. She promptly informs him that all the Selecao phones are fingerprint locked to prevent someone else from stealing it and misusing it. Yusei realizes that he is in serious trouble as Akira calls his own phone, asking Yusei for his phone back. Yusei reluctantly agrees to meet him as he heads to the meeting point. However, as Yusei is waiting, he notices his wife approaching him. She scolds him for being careless as he accidentally sent the message for his mistress to his wife. His wife withdraws a knife from her coat and stabs Yusei, leaving him to bleed out as Akira approaches. He says he'll call an ambulence as Yusei tells him about the Selecao. There are ten other members including themselves and that they can track one another through payment ledgers on their phones. He warns Akira that the other members may not want to meet him though given his reputation as Number IX. Yusei slowly dies as Akira goes off to find out more about himself.

Ending Theme

Futuristic Imagination by School Food Punishment

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kenji Kamiyama Director Series creator and director.
Satoko Morikawa Character Artist/Designer
Chica Umino Character Artist/Designer The pen name of an anonymous Japanese Mangaka. She is most known for being the creator of the Honey and Clover series.
Dai Sato Writer
Kenji Kawai Music A Japanese composer known for his work in Mamoru Oshii's movies.
Satoru Nakamura Animation Director


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